IS IT TRUE December 17, 2014


IS IT TRUE we hear that the Mayor is getting a lot of political heat from his union buddies and business leaders to veto the newly passed “Home Rule” ordinance by the City Council?  … they feel that the Mayors veto will give them  time to put political pressure on select City Council members to change their first vote when it comes to a second vote to override the Mayors veto?  …we can’t wait  to see how the Mayor will decide to resolve this issue?

IS IT TRUE after further reflection on Evansville City Councilman Jonathan Weaver’s proposed amendment to make it illegal to serve on the City Council unless one owns a home with a HOMESTEAD TAX EXEMPTION in the City of Evansville, it is more disturbing than it seemed when it was directed at his fellow democrat Councilman Al Lindsey?…Councilman Weaver showed a glimpse of some true colors Monday night with his swipe at Councilman Lindsey?…to meet Councilman Weaver’s criteria one would HAVE to be a landowner to hold office?…such rules that benefitted the Gentry were once common in European nations where one’s bloodline meant more than one’s intelligence or motive?…Weaver’s personal tirade at Lindsey exposed a fundamental preference for landowners over renters which would further erode the pool of candidates to hold office in Evansville to those who are property owners?…perhaps a title will be his next demand?…if it is title that Weaver wants, it is title that we shall give him?…from this day forward, for his zeal to create a class of landowning rulers in Evansville, Councilman Weaver shall be dubbed Sir Jonathan the Second the Grand Duke of the Gentry?

IS IT TRUE it seems as though the “We are Evansville” shirts that put some smiles on some faces a couple of summers ago have worn out?…the shirts were of course a subliminal part of the effort to form a county wide government that eventually was trounced at the ballot box by a 2 to 1 margin?…the unification effort failed because the pitch was hollow and condescending?…pretty T Shirts were not enough to hide that fact and did nothing to bring the city and county closer together?…the City Council’s decision is just the latest response to the rejection of unification?…for many years (even though some served illegally), people from outside the city were routinely recruited to serve on boards and commissions appointed by the Mayor and the City Council?…the governing body of Evansville has spoken and the “We are Evansville” mantra will now recognize political boundaries when it comes to voluntary service?…we wish them well but will keep a close eye out for patronage appointments who will vote as they are told?…that has really been the problem all along?

IS IT TRUE the City Council should extend this new “home rule” movement to include political donations?…it is only right that the greenbacks of people from outside the political boundaries should be banned from contaminating the 2015 City elections?…the people of this fair city would have been served better in the past if the political contributions from Indianapolis, Washington, and Daylight had been banned from peddling their influence into lucrative projects like the Ford Center and the McCurdy Hotel?…if the Council is genuine in their thirst for “home rule”, they need to ban outside contributions right now before the taint of foreign money corrupts the 2015 elections?

IS IT TRUE the other area that needs to be banned is paying any kind of incentive to businesses that are not owned by people who live in the City of Evansville?…that should apply to facade grants, cash subsidies, and tax phase ins?…the only logical conclusion to extending “home rule” to its altruistic limit is to exclude outsiders from eligibility for incentives?…these outsider owned job creators like Berry Plastics, Mead Johnson, SS&C, and a boatload of businesses owned by people who grew up in Evansville but now live in the county should never see a dime of incentives that should be preserved for real Evansvillians?…if we are all in for home rule, let’s not pick and choose, let’s get busy with a Great Wall of Evansville to make it real and lasting?

IS IT TRUE seeing a crowd marching in the streets of New York chanting “what do we want, Dead Cops–when do we want it Now!”, is an example of our rights to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly, but has the potential to ignite a firestorm should this crowd inspire someone to give them what they say they want?…the irony is that it was “live cops” who were protecting the crowd as they chanted for blood?…New York City has in many ways been a model for street protests as no property has been torched and no other violence aside from words has been reported?…what the crowd does not seem to understand is just how rapidly chaos and anarchy would take over New York if all the police vacated the place?…we had a glimpse of an unpoliced New York back in the 1970’s when it was all quite dangerous under Mayor Ed Koch with Central Park being a clearing house of drug dealers, prostitutes, and gang violence?…if the current rift between the Mayor and the police continues we may just get to witness a digression into the “good old days” that were not really good at all?

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  1. A veto would not help. Those votes are rock solid and will not change. The ordinance was debated and the margin of 6-3 was proof that its a sound, just and supported measure. If it were a 5-4 vote with hesitancy among the 5 then I could see Winnecke perhaps thinking about it. But with 6 solid and unwavering votes is political idiocy if he does.

    • Prepare for un-vetted chaos. Appointing 60+ people in this short of a time with the jackals making the appointments will guarantee A dozen or so Jay Carter type encores in the near future.

      Me thinkum, home rule is self serving move by the former president of the city council. Corruption breedum corruption.

        • Again, why should Newburgh and McCutchanville snobs have a say in matters that don’t affect them? The peasants don’t know how to govern themselves I guess so we need to pledge to a lord or lady that surely must know better. What a crock of shit!

          • Ghost, don’t be cross. I wonder if people with less money that you think you are a snob simply because you’ve made more money than they have. It’s called class envy and it’s not useful. It’s another wedge used by the left to divide us as Americans…class, gender, race, any thing to create chasms.

            • Good observation Ghost. I didn’t think you had it in you. There will always be rich, poor, and middle class and as long as one person has a dollar more than another person, there will be wailing of unfairness and inequity. Look up the definition of social justice. I think you may be surprised. It is literally equal protection under the law. It has nothing at all to do with redistribution of wealth. It seems as though our constitution provides for the perfect ruling document for social justice. Now if we could just get that simple law to be implemented correctly the wailing over economic inequality will be known by its real name. That name is envy.

          • You are right about that Ghost, but we do have to remember who our true enemies are.

          • Citadel, you’re not necessarily wrong, but the republicans sure have hurt that cause. I draw your attention to the citizens united decision among many other things. There are different laws for the rich. The ferguson protests have more to do with social injustice than they do race.

            • What different laws? I do not believe we have a crisis of law, our laws are fine. Our problems are in enforcement. Ferguson is being used by race hustlers to sow the seeds of hate between whites and blacks. I believe that the perception of unfair opportunity and inequality are the drivers behind the frustrations that erupted in those streets. Seriously, even the dumbest of the dumb knows that burning down buildings is illegal and solves not problems. The damn media just egged those people on. The reality is that any of the people who have been raising hell in the streets could apply for and get a free education through the FAFSA program, get a decent business suit from Goodwill, and go out and find work. The work is there for those who want it. What frustrates me the most is not that America is an inherently unfair nation. We are not. I am frustrated by the millions of people who choose to do things that keep them in poverty and use this whole myth of “there ain’t no chance for me” as an excuse to fail. Is it tougher for you or I to rise in society than it was for the Bush boys or than it will be for the Obama girls? Hell yes it is, but it can be done and is done all day every day by people in worse straights than the rabble in the streets of Ferguson.

          • Citadel,
            You nailed it. Personal choices – personal responsibility. It’s not easy but it’s simple.

  2. While the proposals go so far, include a set formula for tax abatements granted. A set amount for each job, amount of investment, and time period for that abatement to last. Finally an iron-clad claw back for any incentives given that are not fulfilled. The givaways have been abused by the in-crowd and political donation leaches. Don’t fulfill the promised job increase and you owe all the back taxes.

  3. An overridden veto of this law would put an end to the Poop’s political “career”, and his donations from the outside interests that he relies on. I think Weaver’s proposal should also be the end of him. It is unconstitutional to require property ownership to hold office. That, along with his constant selling-out of his constituency should put an end to him. I sincerely hope there is a primary that eliminates him from holding on to his seat on City Council. He and his pal, Missy, need to have more time to pursue their “day jobs.”

  4. Let’s use the money losing Centre as part of the IU Med School. Kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

    • According to the committee that chose the site, existing construction is not going to be considered. Besides, it belongs near Gateway.

    • 100 or so, medical studies students flopping around in the old downtowns rotten utilities infrastructures daily isn’t going to improve anything there one iota. Just adds more cost to absorb.

      We’re beginning to observe some growing discontent at the way that downtown realtors puff fluff is starting to align itself to your cities and counties accountabilities. Logistical analysis of common daily activities scored the proposed locations per the cost versus the other RFP’s ,clearly identifies the disadvantages to the local revenue base using the old downtowns crumbling infrastructure. When compared to brand new in from start. And, moving out with utilities structuring built open ended for predictable expansion. The outlaying sites are more affordable to the students daily needs for housing and travel, the logistical throughput value when looked at as a modern value per carbon footprint and daily activity blows the downtowns location cleanly of the map as a science based value.
      The overall communities public health drivers indicate the same conclusions. Its not really a very good representation of resilience by build per overall infrastructures. “Less community bang for the buck”.
      Which as predicted , is occurring in this century as the planet and society progresses through the planets observed time spans as presented, Take that, versus, the migrations in climate, and geophysical location driven valuation per site balance. The standing utility balance to meet, versus built resilient for expansion from new base start points.
      Common community and metro assets as core value shared through logistical improvements with resilience from start up. “Cross functional improvements” could be why some have chosen “cross point” in their logo presentation. Metro intersection commerce drives community valuation in every surrounding county. (Forecasted)
      Best use per resilience is the most effective logistical value, that would be either USI campus , or Vanderburgh near gateway, along with the Warrick siting as an state facilitated regional metro Medical studies learning center. (Smart metro logistics)
      Ahem, both sides of The I-69 gateway, as southwestern Indiana does include both of those counties, and both need the improved logistical carbon footprint improvements moving into this century.

      Boink! We could’a had a balanced metro campus……………… Preferably one that doesn’t need a V8 to stay healthy. (predictable)

      “Primum non nocere”

      “Ædificate climate mutation” *

  5. I think they should review all these boards and commissions and determine how many are really serving a purpose. Over the years these things keep expanding and no one really checks to see if some of these are still needed.

    • Good idea. It would be interesting, and maybe surprising, to see them all listed at the same place.

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    • Totally agree. A good example is the HRC=Human Relations Commission, has a budget of close to $400,000 a year. The HRC duplicates work performed by the state, sucks money out of the city and county. They haven’t had enough genuine cases in the past 10 years to justify their existents. Of course, the commissions full time paid employees and the board looks like a whose who of the African American community. Just chicken feed in the scheme of things but it buys those votes.

  6. Just had a good chuckle with some retired folks at the Donut Bank. Weaver and Mosby were apparently doing their smug routine at Coffee with a Cop. Those folks are hoping for and voting those two off council. The main question was which ballot are they going to file on in the Primary…Democrat (which they are not) or Republican?

    • If I have to choose between Weaver and Jack Schriber, Jack gets my vote. Of course, so would a striped jackass, so it is no compliment to Jack S.
      I don’t have to make a choice in Missy’s case, but I’m willing to help Steve Davis any way I can.

      • Steve Davis is very well liked across the entire city. He coached for Reitz Youth Wrestling for 5-10 years but never had a single coach, parent or official have anything but compliments for him. He is very popular and well liked at Mater Dei, Harrison, Bosse, Central and Memorial because he would help all Evansville kids when they needed help at out of town tournaments. He is a great guy. He has a positive attitude all the time which is sorely needed in the 2nd Ward.

  7. 1st paragraph re: Mayor getting “political heat from Union buddies” re: residency requirement.

    GOOD ! Always illuminating to watch the response to new rules. Are these union guys distraught because they no longer can do their Civic Duty by serving on boards ? Or is it the opposite, by serving on boards these Union Hogs could dine at the trough which is City of Evansville at their whim ?

    News flash for the Union Hogs: Imagine an existence where you actually do work for private companies, and not suckling at the perky titties of public projects.

  8. For those of you looking for a little entertainment, the recently announced Styx concert tickets are already available at a discount on Groupon. By the way, this incarnation if Styx does have Tommy Shaw but not Dennis deYoung.

  9. I figured they would do the Groupon offer, just like Judas Priest. There’s a “presale” tomorrow, with tickets ranging from $50 to $110. I bet the Groupon offer is $30 for the $50 seats, like it was for Judas Priest. You can see how many tickets are bought on Groupon, as they tell how many “deals” have been sold. It’s kind of funny.

  10. And, does anyone know why ling time and respected Edward Jones Investments rep Tom Ruder suddenly shuttered his office and walked out the door (Morgan Ave in Evansville) last week?

    • Dr. WU. The key to the dilemma is to find enough real power in a project that serves the needs of the citizens revenue base forward, that’s easy, its in your face right there right now.
      So, to accomplish the completion and maintenance of such a value, lets ask, who’s work force does that require? No guess there ,we all know the answer. The problem there is how to cut through those downtown realtors archaic bullshit, and move the solutions forward.
      We’re going to do that, and we know and appreciate the skilled trades availabilities that solution is going to require to complete and maintain such a focused change. That’s the skinny, and the thick of it.

      Its not the workforces balance to find a worthy project, its they’re job to complete and maintain the value of the said project as specified by design, per contract. There you have it folks, the downtown boardroom clubs realtors bull crap fluff isn’t going to maintain those balances, for the skilled trades, never could, never will. Only real innovation, the mechanical sciences, and confirmed needs of the community will. Proven fact, anytime that’s been pushed to reality on planet earth.

      We can confirm your halls there have the balances, and exceed the skill requirements to move that community forward and maintain a pace with any region on the planet. What you need is a project that demands those skills front and center, that’s all. That bullshit downtown stuff needs taken down for awhile, until you build the advanced innovatively designed infrastructure required to actively grow it, and then, and only then, continue to excel in maintaining it by its designed and innovatively applied benefits forward, for the whole regional metro. Tipping points, for work, and sustained balance.

      You see, what you have been given so far, its still squat, we’d really like to put your halls to work. That’s no problem for them or the plan designs, Those stinking local sectioned nonelected politicos are. So, its simple, change that at the polls “when your allowed”.

      • Unfortunately in todays world (planet), when a given or elected social unit prejudices location, over true proven balances, as chosen and applied by special interest site prejudice verses true environmental science, without the true scientific balanced values brought forward. ( That appears as, Suppression by locally bought mainstream media ) It rapidly becomes, and is totally health related for those locked down socially and economically to the only available infrastructure by location, as offered , Laura.
        Like most available public housing in Evansville Indiana, most are now squarely situated in that’s toxic CSO event historical sectioned balance, that by available present infrastructures as given.
        So, kick in the endocrine medicine, and let fly with the proven science. Its a health related issue, and its a standing economically driven social political imbalance.
        Ought to be fixed, Evansville Indiana, is supposed to be part of the United States of America, isn’t it?

        So, go ahead live in and, eat shit , but, don’t ever bitch, after all we gave it to you………

        When we’ve observed a couple of actual doctors (MD’s) who have supposedly earned the and retained the knowledge of human genealogical science go forward “against actual recovered science” to bring in a socially classified political aspect in range of their monetary sponsorship under oath, we are certainly sickened and repulsed by the stupidity that continues to sustain those false values.

        The population of concern bears the suffering, those creeps don’t, and they won’t ever. “Everybody knows that,” But did you know? Even if they are soundly defeated at the polls, they are guaranteed a consistent value until the cosmos claims their repulsive souls.
        Stinking political creeps, that’s all one who takes the time to inform themselves can see.

        And for those whom are regulated to pursue life forward in those observed environmental conditions there, damned right and unfortunately, Yep! Its health related.

  11. The C&P is now trying to blame Old National for the current delay on the hotel. There is some question about the real value of the naming rights. The $14,000,000 number was apparently a myth .

    • The City County Observer in the IS IT TRUE column has been telling everyone for over a year that the naming rights for the Centre was not worth $14 Million and that the deal would fall apart due to the fact that ONB has shareholders to answer to. This is not rocket science folks. This is sophomore level business school analysis at best. If the Ford Center rights are worth $400,000 per year, then the Centre is no more than half of that making a 20 year deal worth $4 Million. Even that is dubious with the statements from the County Commissioners that the naming rights have been shopped out for 10 years with no interest.

  12. I’m still trying to figure out how this branch med school will have over 1000 students. If so it will make it one of the nations largest. More Evansville fuzzy math.

    • The bulk of the students are nursing students. Ivy Tech and U of E classes will be discontinued in their current locations and combined on the new campus. USI will only relocate a part of its medical classes to the new campus. The best estimates are that close to 900 the “new” students are already here and are simply going to be moved to the new campus. I think they are hoping to turn out about 40 to 50 MDs each year, once the thing is up and running. The rest will be nurses, X-ray Techs, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Lab Techs, etc… . The impressive numbers are not so impressive when you realize there will probably only be 300 or so new students, staff, and faculty. We already have the rest of them.

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