We hope that todays “IS IT TRUE” will provoke “…honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?”

IS IT TRUE that the City County Observer would like to congratulate the Evansville Courier and Press for picking up on the IS IT TRUE post that was published earlier this week about the Evansville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau Holiday Gluttony Feast Part 2? …after CVB being outed 7 years ago for spending over $3,000 for a dinner event held at Biaggi’s Ristorante, the CVB may have done it again with purchasing a $1,100 roasted whole pig from Dewig’s Market in Haubstadt?  …if Evansville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau CEO would had purchased this roasted pig from local vendors he may have paid a lot less for this dish?  …we thought that theme for the Evansville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau was to buy local? … word in the street is that the Evansville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau also had a roasted “The Pig Fest” in 2016?  …it has been reported that the total bill for the 2017 “The Pig Feast” exceeded well over $2,000, excluding any alcohol?

 IS IT TRUE that Bob Warren has headed the CVB for 8 years will announced his retirement around this coming May, 2018?  …since Mr. Warren is in charge of bringing new visitors and investors to Evansville, we hope that were no Muslims or Jewish people that didn’t get offended by this event and stayed away because of this big fat roasted pig had its picture plastered all over Facebook?  …offering mutton alongside “The Pig” may have suited those (and there are many) who do not eat pork?

IS IT TRUE that its been a very long time since someone has channeled Johnny Carson in doing a “Carnak the Magnificent” imitation in making some unrealistic predictions?  ….it looks like the prediction what would happen to downtown Evansville if a new convention hotel was built downtown may be some what off?…we wonder if this is the same “Carnak the Magnificent” who predicted an occupancy rate that would exceed the local averages for the downtown Doubletree? …Mole #21 tells the CCO that the occupancy rate the downtown Doubletree Hotel for the first year may be coming in below 40% which is lower than average for the Tri-State motels?…we wonder if this is the same “Carnak The Magnificent” that agreed with the power that be that the Ford Center and the Doubletree Hotel together would successfully bring lots of conventions and of big acts to town and it would pay for the Ford Center bond debt?  …the reality is that there has literally hasn’t been a single act that has come to the Ford Center that Roberts Stadium couldn’t have handled?…the real miscalculation statement made by the CVB leadership was if the city would bring a big time NCAA Division II sporting event to Evansville it would fill the Ford Center and area hotels never happening?

IS IT TRUE we read that Mr. Warren will announce his retirement in May, 2018 and we wish him well? all fairness Mr. Warren has done a okay job with what he has to work with?…its looks like that all of subsidized fun and games nonsense will not turn Evansville into a major tourist attraction any more than a fancy bike path on North Main Street will turn it into a desirable neighborhood or the Evansville Thunderbolts will make the Ford Center profitable?

Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel when CVB served a roasted pig at their holiday event it attracted new businesses to locate in Evansville?
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  1. Move along Cheryl, there’s nothing to see here.
    Editor, you need to go to the Courier & Pravda on-line site or Facebook page and read the comments regarding the CVB Christmas get-together. Only one person responding had a problem with it. Multitudes of people thought it was sour grapes from Cheryl.
    And it was suggested the C&P (and I might add the CCO should consider too) write an article about Cheryl’s Christmas party at RiRa where local Engineering firms (Bernardin-Lochmueller?, Hafer?, Morley?, Skanska-PCI?, who knows?) were invited for a $1000 contribution.
    I like Cheryl, but this time she slipped in the hog sauce.
    And I’ll bet there were some Jews at the CVB party.

    • There’s a damn difference between a fundraising event and a Christmas party at taxpayer expense, and your sour grapes exposes your hypocrisy. The CVB gathering and what Cheryl hosted at RiRa’s are not REMOTELY the same

      Move along, horseman

  2. Over the past several years I have started more than a dozen businesses. My kids as many. We had lived in Evansville for many years. Interestingly, we were never approached by any of the CVB, Economic Development, University or GAGE entities. These were not small enterprises and already amount to about a quarter billion. One is well on its way to scaling to two billion. It would be one thing if this were an isolated situation. But if you trace the careers of probably a dozen or more people I know personally, they have Evansville history but moved elsewhere to build successful firms. Evansville politic hacks are such a disservice to the community. All they do is fund their own salaries, throw parties, and take tax dollars from the very people who could easily actually build a brighter economic future.

  3. Is it true Evansville already has its first Bitcoin millionaire? What kind of impact would this kind of new money have on the tri-state area?

  4. Well, over $2000.00 tax payer funds for the CVB hog roast. The IIT today just helps expose more of the folly that Whiney’s Minions all across the government are doing to the people. Yes, Ford Center was Taxapple, but the underperforming hotel and other flops are strictly on Whiney. Please, someone, find out when the administration’s knowledge of the exclusion of Ivy Tech first reared it’s ugly head. We have paid for a hotel and now a partial med center with our taxes and have squat to show for it!!! Of course, we have not touched on the negative balance for the city’s insurance fund for employees. Watching the Grinch is right on for this city.

  5. I’m not sure how essential these events are, who should pay for them, or whether the costs are too high, or whether the accomplishments they are said to celebrate are really that ‘splendid’, but I have pondered the following with millions spent and massive indebtedness that has occurred over recent years:

    1)Shouldn’t the primary focus of local government have been to replace the long-term trend of living wage paying jobs leaving the Evansville area ? Could the exodus of these jobs be significant contributor to Evansville’s status as a city with a large low-wage paid redneck labor force with a high suicide and drug overdose rate where the prosecutor charges people for rudeness or saying they wish someone was dead, and the police seem to be able to get away with anything, while the newspaper and local websites have to practice facist-like censorship to keep people from expressing how they feel about the area, and, people can be harassed through their employers if they do ? Civil rights and freedom of speech are not a strength of Evansville life. The low-wage paid workforce are reminded that their dismal pay is worth it to avoid ‘dem gangs in dem big cities’, but really just supports a snotty, snobbish upper class who in actuality live off local middle and lower income backs and the tax dollars they pay. To a large degree, white eating white.

    2)If the purpose of focusing so much money on the downtown areas is not to attract living wage paying jobs, what is its purpose ? Why would a large corporation paying living-wage paying jobs be that interested in the downtown area ? Hs this been necessary for other communities to draw large employers paying living wage jobs ? I predict the medical school will eventually be absorbed out of the downtown area and into local college and university campuses, and the millions spent will have been for naught. Much of what has been done there defies sound business principles which discourages a ‘build it and they will come’ approach which seems to support local business with connections to local government which are paid with mid and lower income tax dollars but for which sound consumer demand does not exist and may never exist. When are these multi-million dollar ventures going to start cost-justifying themselves and when are they going to attract higher paying jobs ? Has SS&C Technologiesand or Haier, Inc parking lots started filling with new hires as promised?

    The newspaper gets best-in-state awards while printing lies about Picasso artwork? Attacks people for not demolishing their properites when the truth may be that some are too poor to be able to afford to have them demolished ? This makes a real statement about the lack of class in local journalism.

    Russ Lloyd Jr.(aks. The man who likes to call other people ‘Sicko’s when he himself is a liar not fit to call anyone anything.) Evansville is a corrupt lie, and this reputation extends far beyond the city limits. This website, in editing some posts as being ‘mean spirited’ actually defends some scurrilous individuals, while allowing the posting of lies to make people criticizing local business that they can be charged with ‘tampering with the business model’, B.S. What kind of dogma is created with these things ? Can this create a reputation for a city which could harm their prospects of attracting and retaining business and professionals ? Evansville has a laughable superiority complex which has unjustifiably destroyed many lives.

  6. I liked it. Might have been lengthy but explains why the city is known as the arm pit of Indiana. Don’t believe, ask anybody N of US40 what they think of Evanstucky. I am a life long citizen of our city, but it is the laughing stock of the state.

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