IS IT TRUE? December 10, 2010


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? December 10, 2010

IS IT TRUE that an internal financial review of the contract between the Vanderburgh County Commissioners and SMG turned up some correctable errors?…that there was an error of $338,000 in Vanderburgh County’s favor and another error of $36,000 in SMG’s favor?….that the period of time over which these errors occurred was from 2006 to 2009?….that as both of these entities are known for professionalism and honesty that the City County Observer is certain that this so called “scandal” is not a scandal at all and will be worked out in a fair and just manner?

IS IT TRUE that outgoing County Commissioner Troy Tornatta made a suggestion last week to offer SMG a “deal” to pay $150,000 of the $302,000 shortage and call it a day?…that Vanderburgh County Commissioners Lloyd Winnecke and Stephen Melcher both thought it through and determined that justice should be done and fairness should prevail?… that Commissioners Winnecke and Melcher by not rushing to judgment showed good stewardship of the public’s money and professional respect for the business integrity of SMG?…that professional courtesy, honesty, and respect are needed to professionally manage all of Vanderburgh County’s entertainment venues?…. that Commissioners Winnecke, Melcher and Abell may just be the right team to pair with SMG to elevate the performance of all of our entertainment venues?

IS IT TRUE that it has now been 1,308 days since the announcement was made on May 14, 2007 that the McCurdy Hotel was to be refurbished into luxury apartments?…that it has now been 1,163 days since the Evansville Redevelopment Commission at the request of Mayor Weinzapfel approved the spending of $603,000 to purchase the parking lot.

IS IT TRUE that there are now 702 days remaining in the two years that the EPA had given the City of Evansville to present an acceptable solution to the Combined Sewer Overflow problem?…..that this plan is an expensive and complex endeavor that needs immediate attention to avoid the embarrassment and expense of another round of fines?

IS IT TRUE that our friends at Vecten have still not contacted the City County Observer to state their case for having residential rates that are triple the Winter residential rates for electricity across that money saving bridge in Henderson, Kentucky?…that we do not have smart grid technology available to homeowners in SW Indiana?…that if any on us generate electricity for personal use and generate more than we use that there is no way to sell our electricity to the grid at any price?….that the monopoly on electricity in SW Indiana even applies to personal windmills and solar collectors?….that residential rates for electricity in Vanderburgh County do not even have midnight discounts that promote battery storage and enable power to be purchased at a discount during off peak hours?….that many of the GREEN JOB friendly parts of America have had these things for many years?


  1. Has anyone thought about the cost of electricity to recharge the batteries of the new electric cars? Some places put in a special meter at your home so you can see how much it takes to recharge your car. That will probably involve an additional monthly meter fee.

    Why is Vectren planning to build a 25 mile transmission line into Kentucky, if their power is so cheap and Henderson is looking into selling power to other companies. What is Vectren thinking? Where is their profit coming from?

    Is the cost of building the 13 miles of transmission line in Indiana, along the Ohio, before crossing into Kentucky to build another 12 miles of line, the reason they are asking for decoupling and electric rate increases? Why should we pay to send power to Kentucky, anyway? Why don’t they take construction costs out of their capital projects account?

    In the spirit of the season, “Bah! Humbug!!”

    • We did bring up the fact that BEV’s (battery electric vehicles) will be cost prohibitive in Evansville with Vectren’s rates being nearly triple the rates in Henderson.
      in IS IT TRUE. We extended our comparison and will be doing a more through report soon. The corner of SW Indiana served by Vectren is literally a mesa of very expensive electric power. We are surrounded by places that we have to compete with that have substantially less expensive electricity. Vectren’s residential rates are 139% higher than Terre Haute’s and 72% higher than Jasper’s based on residential use and rates. Couple that with the 200% premium that we pay over Henderson and we are simply unable to compete for jobs where electricity is important.

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