IS IT TRUE December 1, 2014


IS IT TRUE E-cigarettes contain 10 times the level of cancer-causing agents as regular tobacco, Japanese scientists said Thursday, the latest blow to an invention once heralded as less harmful than smoking?…the electronic devices — increasingly popular around the world, particularly among young people — function by heating flavoured liquid, which often contains nicotine, into a vapour that is inhaled, much like traditional cigarettes but without the smoke?…Researchers commissioned by Japan’s Health Ministry found carcinogens such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde in vapour produced by several types of e-cigarette liquid, a health ministry official told AFP?…we are sure that this will not get the attention of the Evansville City Council which has not yet joined the decade known as the 1990’s when it comes to protecting the public from the health issues associated with public smoking?

IS IT TRUE the City County Observer is sad to learn that one of the most honest, transparent, courageous and brilliant City Council members in recent history has announced she will not be seeking a second term?…this is of course Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley who has exhibited analytical ability beyond most elected officials nationwide in exposing the Earthcare Energy LLC debacle?…she also pulled the mask off the bad guys in a public way during the prolonged 2012 City of Evansville Audit joke?…there are very few people who cannot be replaced and we are certain that replacing the pragmatic, selfless, public servant who is not interested in a second term will be a formidable task?

IS IT TRUE several members of the Mole Nation have advised us that the old Victorian house at 1112 Parrett sold for $15,000 or nearly $200,000 less than the dunderheads at Evansville Brownfields paid for it?…we also hear that there are other undisclosed concessions that may make the effective selling price less than ZERO?…with leaders that make deals like this, it is no wonder the City of Evansville’s bond rating is trending negative jeopardizing affordable critical infrastructure projects of the future?

IS IT TRUE tomorrow is the day that some construction equipment is supposed to be placed on the empty lot that should have been a hotel 5 years ago if our former Mayor had spoken the truth?…we repeat that the people of Evansville as donors to this effort have a right to all of the financial information associated with this project?…as enthusiastic as the Winnecke Administration has been to send out a press release every time any remote positive thing happens, one would think that full financial disclosure of a fully funded project would merit some PR?…until we see a press release announcing the sale of $20 million in bonds, a deposit of $14 million from Old National Bank, for the naming rights deal of the Centre and the details of the balance from HCW, we will not believe this is real?…anyone can park a backhoe on a lot and proclaim it to be under construction?…until the financial details are released and verified we will assume all actions to be unfounded fluff?

IS IT TRUE we have been advised by several moles that they have seen an iPhone video and heard an audio of one City Council member trashing several other City Council members including Connie Robinson?…we humbly request that the person who has this video please send it to us so we can expose this rift in the Council?…until we see it,  we shall not disclose who is allegedly on camera trashing their fellow council members?

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  1. Is it true todays editor on the e-cigarettes topic used the yahoo news source?
    Is it true that “red orbit” news source that appears geared more towards medical issues, comes with a different twist to the news released? While a popular brand and some other brand, (no name brand or country origin of either product) did reveal higher formaldehyde readings then regular cigarettes, the other chemicals in cigarettes are greatly reduced or non existent. It was said just because one or two chemicals are elevated, it does not condemn the product.

    Could it be true that if the formaldehyde is as high as claimed, we should have some “well preserved” citizens among us?

    • When I was a child every smoker I knew said they wish they had never started, so I decided it might be a good idea to never start. Am I ever glad.

      • I recall my father going outside coughing and gaging that mucous, and then sitting down at the kitchen table and burning one or two before going back to bed. That was what kept me from ever thinking about smoking! His other vice which were the hops, and myself “was” a different matter!

        • I’ve never been a smoker, but I sat for months by my father’s bed, while he died by inches from cancer that began in his lungs.
          The truism about “if a thing seems to be too good to be true, it probably is” appears to apply to “vaping”, like it does most things. We need a smoking ban, period.

    • Those airborne levels are no where near the concentration that can preserve a organic body. But those levels can seriously disrupt the normal operation of the cells in the human body and lead to death. You would have to collect the fumes from thousands of those e Cigarettes and concentrate the formaldehyde out of the fumes into a liquid form and soak the dead bodies thoroughly in order to preserve them. We use liquid formaldehyde in High School Biology Class and even in my Grade School science class to preserve earth worms and frogs that we have to dissect and learn the anatomy of the worm and frog. At Harrison High School they got to dissect baby pigs and young sharks. My old grade school science teacher was transferred to Harrison High School after I graduated from Grade School many many years ago. He was one of my best and favorite teachers in school. He didn’t put up with any BS either. Everyone in his class behaved or they got into a very embarrassing situation in the back of the room. 🙂 Anyone that’s ever had to sit in the “Golden Chair” for 10 to 15 minutes knows how painful that can be and how embarrassed it can make one feel.

      After I graduated from High School I guess the medical community figured out that formaldehyde was a carcinogen and banned it’s used in the schools. We should also ban the fumes that are emitted from these Electric Burning Cigarettes. Burning Nicotine is not very smart either.

      People on the city council need to think about this before they vote next time. Several people that I warned about environmental dangers are not DEAD. I know several of them who use to laugh when I warned them about the dangers of toxic chemicals. But they are both dead from cancer now. I’m still here. Some times it pays to listen to others.

  2. Is it true we had another accident, this one with death, on our state highway out here in Armstrong township? This involved a motorcycle this time on a curve. Today we are suppose to receive the results of the probe of this. High winds have been mention, but this poster feels otherwise? The state “super elevated” the road profile back ten years ago, the roadway itself is a nice natural flowing travel. The problem are the shoulders, especially the curves. These had been raised on the outside curve upwards of 21-24 inches to match the pavement. This creates steep drop-offs to the ditch. These shoulders were built with loose rock material which if one would drop a wheel onto this, it draws one into the steep ditch. We have had numerous accidents on these loose shoulders!

    • A PDF of the study is $35 or you can rent it for $6. One would think a public institution with such valuable information would make it available to the public for free.

      • We’re tickled somewhat: Could be more blow than flow, considering where the IU Medical studies center is being sported . On that block the blow and the flow is more CSO related than anything else. The construction site might even get a taste of some freezing rain today from its planetary location provisional, the migrating climates, “lil stinkers.” Probably be sloppy stuff while they provide the free storage to who ever might own some equipment to be parked or stored there.

        The related links at the bottom of the page, caught our Analytical consortiums attention, so.

        “Ædificate, quia climate migration” *

        • Our beltway people say they’ve seen that as well. Issue’s facing the required infrastructure improvements nationwide could be where that starts. The planets populations are going to have to start real adaptation soon. What we see for Indiana and that metro balance we also see for the country as a whole. The very things we are modeling address these issues with balanced science. Making that into a sustainable program or application in America should require fair timing for every region for the whole affects due the solutions.
          The way those empowered apply what little revenue is generated there to such a history of lacking and predictable project focus failures is absurd at best case.

          We’ll keep working our models, and hope somewhere the balance for the sustainable infrastructures needed to support entire communities, finds some sustainable leadership to apply the solutions.

          So far Evansville has shown one failure after another with the sectioned balances.

          You all best keep the Casino content and provided with operational logistic value. Looks like its about all that’s clearing the bilge or sustaining floatation lately.

          Btw: The last time one of our local people there drove through the Riverside passage it was noted that the logistical accesses to the Tropicana’s facility were seemingly as rough as any wash boarded beat down country road.
          Yet in other areas in the near downtown where revenues are “never balanced” by intake, the passages have fresh pavement and better lane applications. What the hell are those nut-cake’s thinking?
          We’ve also noticed the local EPD tazer tag team had another knock down tag out with the marathon four team, at the towns Hwy. 41 gateway location nearest all the fizzled redevelopment projects and historical flapping .
          The “furrier & suppressed” said they tagged into the other revenue income feature you might still have. Its even been mentioned by the mainstreams lately that one is a tad overcrowded for its sustainable environmental profile, as well.

          • Holy washboards, Robin !

            Has anyone noticed Petersburg Road just as it ends in front of the Airport ?

            Wow, waste all that money on the ‘City of Evansville’ illuminated sign . . . and the road just behind it is in ruins. I’m guessing both things (nice sign, crappy road) leave an impression on visitors.

          • Batman, the money spent for that corner was all donated through the “Keep Evansville Beautiful” organization. I have not seen that corner since I had a hand in that multi- radius serpentine concrete wall installation last fall(2013). Looks good then?

        • Thanks for the link, Bandana.

          A scholarly article, took a while to read, but the results seem to be:

          For the 10 most corrupt states, if they would only have committed corruption at the AVERAGE rate, vs. being one of the most corrupt, then those citizens in those states would have saved $ 1,308 per capita !

          Wow, next time you talk to an elected official, just ask them to keep their fraud to an AVERAGE level, and save us each big money ?? It is appalling to know that corruption is so insidious.

          • Until I read the whole thing I was wondering how they’d control for the probable underprosecution of corruption. They did a good job of it, likely the best available anyway. Those in the top ten, 6 southern states with a sprinkling of others, have it down to a science and won’t be changing their way of doing business anytime soon.

    • Is it true that ten of the most corrupt states, six were right to work states?

      Is it true that ten of the least corrupt states, only four were RTW?

      Is it true then that RTW states are most likely to be corrupt?

      Could it be true chamber of commerce may be a ingredient to the corruption?

      • IS IT TRUE that the RTW states have had the greatest increase in Investment, Jobs, balanced budgets, an increases in household incomes?….Corruption maybe an issue, but, the average job seeker, generally, doesn’t give a crap about the issue…if that were so, every politician in DC would now be looking for employment opportunities…

        • Benefit, you have really rationalized corruption . . . perhaps you are a City Council member who looked the other way on the SBOA audit ??

          Thanks Fiend, keep up the work (not good work).

        • I know that is a favorite argument of yours, but maybe you should realize that you are making a false comparison. There is no REASONABLE LOGIC to tie rain to Tuesdays. There is REASONABLE LOGIC to tie many of the things you make this argument against together. It may not, in the end, be proven to have a cause-and-effect relationship, but there is a logical trail to follow.

      • I use to sit in on some of the Evansville Chamber of Commerce meetings when I worked for the city. You would not believe some of the things I heard in those meetings. It’s too bad we didn’t have smart phones with video and audio recording capabilities back in those days. These days it would be pretty dangerous to do some of the things they did or to say some of the things they said and have it played back to the general public via the online media. I love that we can by pass the biased media like the Courier and Press and Channel 14 and talk directly to the people these days via social media and the internet web sites like the CCO and many others. People still have to separate the fluff from the wheat but they have to do that when they watch Fox News too.

    • This reminds me of former Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel writing a Letter to the Editor of the C&P stating that the City Council should NOT proceed with an independent forensic audit of the Ford Center, but instead should rely on the professionalism of the Indiana State Board of Accounts to detect fraud !

      • Gag! It’s a disgrace that they call themselves Professionals. They are professional only in the sense that they get Paid Money for their services. But to say that they actually doing a good job of overseeing the accounts of the city is hard to swallow.

  3. This stuff is worth heeding. The IU SPEA program is highly thought of and their conclusions and recommendations are likely credible.

    Maybe the fees for the PDF only apply to Evansville, since they have our nose already open and may very well view us as suckers.

  4. Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley’s place in history has been assured. By taking it upon herself to expose to all the citizens of this community the fact that the State of Indiana Board of Accounts cities and towns audit process is not immune to political manipulation.

    She did this in a manner where the evidence was unassailable, and she did this knowing that she would be attacked for her actions by those who wished to keep this information from the public.

    This is the very definition of a PUBLIC SERVANT. Every citizen owes her a great debt.

    There will be those voices who will continue their assault on this lady, citing what they believe to be her shortcomings. Those people will never match her selfless action of informing the public of a corruption in, and an indelible stain on the Indiana State Board of Accounts. A corruption that has yet to be addressed by the Governor of this State.

    • I will proclaim this govenor CORRUPT until he does address this situation. 50 years ago my mother fretted for weeks over the upcomming audit of the townships books. Every penny had to balance on every account, times and morals have changed 180 degrees, thank the machine and who drives it.

      • Our(any) township government are/has always scrutinized to the “t”. Remember the push on township government and the “patronage” family jobs, and along with fire fighter/police being eligible to hold political positions?

        Then look at city, county, and state government and that same scrutinized mentality is non existence!

        Your “non township government” is more likely to be corrupt because of the “power and money” then our “mom/pop run township government”.

        onemeover, we still had our township school and the responsibility to operate it at that time. So much more involvement by all of our citizens back then as we have now which has distance the citizen/politician connection which allows corruption unchecked!

        • Well said They operate in the shadows out of sight of the General Public and they like it that way. Why else is the Civic Center a well guarded bastion these days. Any one could walk into the civic center back in the day I worked there. It was open to the public. The news media would routinely sit in on our board meetings and report on what was said in those meetings. Herb and Rod were good reporters that listened to what was going on with interest and reported on the meetings routinely.

    • C&P had a article Sunday on higher audit fee proposal. Paul Joyce told a key legislative panel that his agency lacks sufficient staffing and is not meeting it’s responsibilities under state law. He is still crying about the legal loophole that SBR used to exposed him and his staff!

    • I agree 100%. We’re losing one of our last great assets by her choice to not seek re-election.

    • If we have four more years of what we have now, there won’t be a city left to lead. Do the math on the depletion of public funds.

      • it’s going to be 4 more years that will be worse than what we have now. The city has already started to decline and all our leaders want is to grab what’s left for themselves. Connie had a good idea to only have city residents on city boards, they will probably go after her next

        • I do hope her ordinance passes. It is so ridiculous to think that there are not enough capable people to fill boards and commissions who live within the City Limits. It’s just more of the elitist drivel that is going to flush Evansville down the drain if we let it continue.

          • I pulled some census data that may be of relevance to help with what you refer to as “elitist drivel”. The City of Evansville has 120,310 people of which 17.9% (21,535) have a BS degree or higher. When you add in the county which has 22% or 39,908 people who have a BS degree which includes the City folk. That increases the pool of the educated by 85% in the county is included. Backing the city out leaves an unincorporated county that has 30% of its population that has a college education. A college education is not the ticket to stardom, but keep in mind that you are hoping to attract people that have solid analytical skills. I did not have any data on what kinds of degrees these folks have, but there should be a premium on math, science, and engineering.

            All that said, with over 20,000 degreed people in the City of Evansville, if a couple of hundred with the intelligence and willingness to serve can’t be found, there is truly a bigger problem facing Evanspatch.

  5. formaldehyde and acetaldehyde are nothing to sneeze at. They are both able to mutate human cells and create a cancer in the human body. Cancer is nothing to ignore.

    When people like Ms Mosby think that a bar’s business is more important that banning cancer causing agents in the bar then I’ll continue to call here unwise and unworthy of a spot on the city council IMHO.

    The city council needs to bit the bullet and ban smoking though out the entire city.

    There are still some areas in the Tri State that are a safe haven for smokers. Even when I’m around people who are smoking OUTSIDE their stupid damn smoke still gets in my nose and face. I something wish I had a canister of Pure Oxygen that I could blow towards their face to make their burning cigarette explode into flame while it’s hanging out of their mouth. A few burns on the lips and nose might make them regret lighting up in my area and blowing their stupid toxic smoke in my face. These people literally smell (stink) of cigarette smoke and it makes me sick.

    Oxygen does not burn but it does rapidly oxidize fuel that’s combustible such as tobacco leaves and organic paper. So the Cigarette would just burn more rapidly in the presence of pure oxygen. But the ambient air would quickly dilute the pure oxygen and negate the effect I’m looking for.

    Maybe I can carry a can of compressed butane and spray that at the smokers cigarette? Then I can ask him for a light? 🙁 Have you ever taken a spray can of hair spray and held a lighter out in front of the can before spraying the hair spray though the flame? That creates a nice small flame thrower. Kids don’t try this one at home as it’s very dangerous. The aerosol can may explode and do great damage to anyone near by.

  6. “Oxygen does not burn but it does rapidly oxidize fuel that’s combustible ” Know what your saying but think that through. The element increases combustive ratio per temperature pressure relationships. Lower the temperature of the Oxygen, the lower the ambient combustibility of the given elements ambient ignition point. Thermodynamic entropy fella watch out. You squirt LOX on a oily rock at 70 f ambient the ambient combustion will burst to ignition value during the rapid thermodynamic conversion.
    “Flash temperature values”. “Poof, you can burn dirt without a spark if one has the right stuff.”

    • Oxygen level of over 20.9% is never a good thing while working in “confined space”!

      • Element conversion, truisms “stuff ” some, need to know. Something for the Armstrong farmers we’ve recovered lately with the climate migration modeling. “Freebe so too speak”
        Watch your “hydroscopic desiccant value” per element balances while you experience the climate migrations induced rapid change in thermodynamic values at surface elevations. Such as the last and next 24hrs. Grain bins storage, or logistical transfer trailering. What people invest with thermodynamic stabilization conditioning can be lost completely in minutes when the conditions change with such planetary timing in temperature pressure oriented migration. “Blow in LP for month” to hit a sell value% and then desiccant value goes straight to the elevator when hit with the stick.” Solution, treat that like a medical operating room, let the balance inside the storage or transfer mechanism create its positive pressures by standing ambient. “Shut the induction damned fans off! when the atmospheric is indicated as saturated per local sea level temperature pressures saturation values. One of our southern state rice farmers just got whacked big time by this while in transfer.
        We’ve contacted our Agra-business seed companies and management suppliers with a easy fix. Mean time. Keep your eyes on the Paducah NWS site watch that’s value and transfer, and store accordingly. “Buck” the trending by site management.

        Adage = What does a good farmers wife put in a salt shaker to keep the salt a shaking? and why?

        “Tip of the day so to speak”, More bucks for the bushel. The equipment is already on the way from the historical providers.

        A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that induces or sustains a state of dryness (desiccation) in its vicinity. Commonly encountered pre-packaged desiccants are solids that adsorb water or fractional moisture percentages.

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