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Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE that A&E Television that chose to place Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan on indefinite suspension last week over expressing opinions about gay relationships in an interview with GQ magazine that offended the producers has rolled over and will welcome Papa Duck back to the show?…A&E has certainly enjoyed the immense popularity of the show that is essentially a redneck version of the Kardashians should have not been surprised by anything that Robertson said that reflects mainstream Christian beliefs as they have been broadcasting family prayers before meals by the Robertsons for years?…if they were surprised by this they are oblivious to much of the United States?…A&E proved they are left leaning in suspending Robertson but turned around and violated their own principles to keep that money machine called Duck Dynasty on the air?…this proves that the political left of which much media is in to is into the almighty dollar even more than their espoused principles?…the principled group here even though the CCO disagrees with Phil Robertson’s homophobic beliefs is the entire Robertson family who stuck to their beliefs?…A&E on the other hand proved they are just pandering to the left when it seems convenient but to the right when that is needed to ring the cash register?

IS IT TRUE what is astonishing is that the people of America are so distanced and disinterested from reality that so called reality shows like Duck Dynasty, Honey Boo-Boo, and the Kardashians that are ugly stereotypes actually command an audience?…this kind of drivel makes romance novels look like great works of literature?…if you think it is idiotic for ball players and singers to make tens of millions of dollars take a look at these moronic reality shows?…it is no wonder our schools are failing, people feel entitled to free stuff, and the work ethic of the country is heading into the toilet?…as long a liberal media consents to making the actors in staged reality shows like the Robertsons, the Kardashians, and Honey Boo-Boo wealthy for displays of ignorance and everyday people lap it up like manna from Heaven, the good old USA will continue its slide back in time?

IS IT TRUE in a few short weeks the people who are customers of that monopoly known as the Evansville Sewer and Water Department will see their rates increase dramatically for the first of many rate increases needed to meet the EPA requirements to clean up the dilapidated sewers?…we should get used to it because it is going to be a 20+ year ride to $300 plus water bills on a monthly basis?

IS IT TRUE that endless changing morass known as ObamaCare has laid the wood to another group of people because they didn’t think things through before unleashing chaos?…the latest victims of this albatross are people who lost their private policies and complied by buying a new one from the exchanged before the President blinked and allowed catastrophic plans to be purchased without age and hardship qualifications?…one of our readers over 30 who can’t get a subsidy stated that he lost his private catastrophic plan that was costing $185 per month and replaced it with an ObamaCare approved plan for $725 before the President waived that requirement?…this person is healthy and would have preferred a catastrophic plan that he could buy now for $425 if he had procrastinated as most everyone else did?…the $300 per month poke in the eye is something he will not forget and the Democrats can essentially kiss this vote good bye forever?…this reader tells us he feels like a fool for listening to the President?…as Maya Angelou has written “people never forget how one makes them feel?”


  1. I received that same “poke in the eye” with ObamaCare, called my new insurance carrier yesterday to verify coverage and try to change my plan to the catastrophic and was told no can do. Of course you can’t lose a vote you never had.

  2. “The liberal media”???? got together and decided to make make stupid people famous??? Editors: Where exaclty did you get that? Whatever you think of liberal/progressive policies do you REALLY beleive one of the items on the agenda is to promote ignorant reality shows???

    I would venture to say that the vast majority of the Quack Dynasty and Honey Boo Boo audience is rural southern and conservative and the Kardashian main audience is young women who don’t care about politics.


    Re: the anecdote about the Obamacare policy owner. Did the person or editors check to see if the policy could be cancelled and replaced or exchanged? And since when did anecdotal evidence prove ANYTHING except become and opportunity to start an anecdotal spitting contest of postive/negative stories? Less than 2% of the population will be adversly affected by the ACA.

    Why are the editors so keen on presenting negative anecdotes about the ACA?

    And since when were “christian beliefs” EVER consistant and moral? Are the editors unaware of the Crusades, the Spanish Inquistition, Slavery, Native American genocide in both North and South America? And why didn’t Robertson go off on those who committ fornication and adultery it seems that christian folklore guide mentions several warnings and admonishments for those activities.

    Sad the editors feel like there is some sort of liberal conspiracy to dumb down the population and make our schools fail etc. Sounds like psychological projection 101 to me.

    • We don’t think it is a liberal conspiracy to do anything but make money from ignorance much like the right wing that the left denigrates regularly. The dumbing down is an unintended consequence.

      • So when liberals strictly follow the profit motive like the RW preaches they’re unprincipled consipirators who fleece the ignorant? I’m so confused.

        Let’s review:

        Robertson made stupid, ignorant hateful comments that were out of line but within his constituional rights. A&E also decided to exercise their rights and suspended Robertson. The RW pundits and politicians jumped in and showed their ignorance by claiming Robertsons 1st amendment rights were being violated(Because hey they want to reserve the right to bash the gays too) ignorant of the fact that the 1st amendment only protects citizen form censorship from the government and has nothing to do with employee/employer relationships.

        So after the RW freakout, A&E gives in and tries to mollify its stupid, hateful audience that it pursued in the first place and so after attempting to appease the RW, the RW media and the CCO accuses the A&E unprincipled because ahh ummm they met their own request.

        • If they play the game they should not criticize the game. I am good with the profit motive across the board. It is hypocrisy that bugs me whether it is a liberal making money from Duck Dynasty or a right winger making money selling weed. The actions are equivalent on the consistency scale. A&E should have kept their mouth shut about the words uttered by Robertson if they knew he would back them down. He can say what he wants and they can choose to hire him or not. Today A&E management looks like big bluffers. Silence would have served them better.

          • Robertson and A&E were in it together, and free publicity was the point to all of it. I bet GQ was on the “inside” on this, too. If the network hadn’t “fired” him, there wouldn’t have been nearly so much to-do about it. I think the Paula Deen mess probably inspired this publicity stunt.
            I can’t believe you fell for this scam.
            Thanks to the A&E “scandal” my family will have to start our road trips from someplace other than Cracker Barrel now. I am going to miss their little retail area, too. It was always fun to browse, and I usually bought something.

      • Please, don’t talking about the dumbing down of people by shows like DD when you are spending bytes on the issue. You have been suckered into like the rest of us.

        What might be of interest is to consider that gay activist might want to consider if they are pushing to far. While 53% of the people support some sort of same sex union, many do not feel it should be marriage nor do Americans appreciate federal decrees establishing same sex marriage like in New Mexico and Utah.

        Wilton Cruz was on the wrong side of history with this issue and has undeniably been told so by popular opinion. Like the push back Chick-fil-a and Hobby Lobby, GLAAD has created more adversaries than supporters. Homosexual activist might get their way, but they will never gain acceptance through these tactics or calling people who do not buy into their agenda homophobes and bigots.

    • There are lots of things forbidden in the bible that Christian whackos still do. They just single out being gay for some reason.

    • You will not be able to cancel and switch to a catastrophic plan once you have paid for a policy purchased through an exchange. The ACA, as it now stands, will fail because of the demographics of the particpants. The only way the insurance companies will profit is when they get the get their bailout from the government that was writen into ACA. Allowing people to buy catastrophic coverage that previously had it, is a zero sum game, and is a repeal of the ACA on a small scale. Just wait until those who have insurance via their employer start getting cancelled next year after the elections. Then the real fun will start.

  3. I’m a liberal. I hate reality tv. Thanks. Oh, and as to what party might have incentive to dumb down society, do a quick google search about Rick Santorum and education comments. Did you think their war on education was just for fun?

  4. The best educated children are those in public schools with a string union and in municipalities with generations of Democrat control. Children are coming out of Chicago publics well ahead of their peers. This should be what Pence models Indiana after.

    • You are delusional. The big cities have strong unions and the schools are failing so bad they make the EVSC look like a bastion of excellence. These rubber room numbskulls graduate well under 50% of the students from HS and you say they are great. You must be kidding.

  5. Editor: Your equating Duck Dynasty to the other two shows only proves that you have probably not watched it. I admit to never having watched the other ones, but seeing the advertisements for them is enough to cause me to avoid them.

    I watch tv for entertainment, while one must surmise you watch tv for intellectual stimulation. Your remark about Mr. Robertson’s “homophobic beliefs” is in keeping with the other Christianity bashing on this thread.

    • I have watched all of the shows mentioned in today’s IIT once or twice each. I can’t tolerate them with or without the advertisements. My TV watching is mostly sports for entertainment or documentaries. Reality is funny for a few minutes to get the theme of the latest show but I will never be a regular viewer of any of them.

  6. The mention of Duck Dynasty with the Kardashians is fitting. It fits as well as Phil’s new face graft. If that mug now looks a little like a massive Rice Krispie reject the rumor among the Republican Hollywood elite that the tissue was donated by a Kardashian might be true. Apparently one of ’em just couldn’t bear to sit on, clothe or lug around that misshapen pillow any longer.

    Phil’s dandy new vertical smile isn’t all caused by the spate of free publicity he’s been receiving.

    • I pasted Phil’s wonderful face to my box of Wheaties, but I had to duct-tape over it because looking at him caused me to have feelings I did not understand.

      • Duct tape has many uses, shutting people up, etc. but hiding Phil’s hideous countenance on your cereal box was was clearly a job for pink Duck tape.

  7. Calling someone who disagrees with a homosexual lifestyle a “homophobe” simply because they have a different set of values is rediculous. Was there anything in his statements that said he hated gay people or would not interact with them? You are no different than the other media. When a person is gay, they call it their preference. When a straight person says they prefer the opposite sex, they have a phobia? Get real.

    • Come on. The guy is a homophobe, period. And a racist. However, I don’t know why this was a surprise to anyone. The ignorant teabillies spouting off about the first amendment is just further evidence of how dumb they are. A & E caved because in America nothing is more imprortant than the dirty dollar, sadly. Let’s put this to bed.

    • You should probably brush up on your spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. You might “get it” if you do.

      • -1

        Sure, take the low road and attack the person’s intellect with scholastic snobbery.

        What doesn’t he get LKB? That Phil does not think homosexuality makes sense but does not want homosexuals harmed? Is it that Phil, while not denying blacks were abused, said he never saw a black person abused, worked side by side with them in the fields, was on the some social economic level as they were, and found blacks to be generally happy and good to be around?

        Please, correct my spelling, grammar, and vocabulary so we, the prose challenged who opine, can be enlightened and think like you.

        • The comment wasn’t aimed at you, IE. It’s your logic and critical thinking skills that can use work. Phil is a phony whose only interest is money. If you don’t see that, I’m really sorry for you.

          • What’s wrong with wanting massive amounts of money. I advise everyone to work hard and get as much of it as possible. Probably 95% of all the problems you will face in life can be made to go away if you throw the right amount of money at them. There are some things having money won’t help, such as health issues and some degree of happiness but it is impossible to be happy and dead broke. They say it won’t but love but at least it will rent it for awhile.

          • I didn’t say it was aimed at me LKB, but mine was aimed at you for choosing to grade papers but ignore the points. Of course I should have expected you to miss that point on your way to demean my logic and critical thinking.

            I also notice that in your tongue in cheek insult of faux sympathy you failed to answer the glaring failure of your logic and critical thinking skills, was Wilton Cruz and GLAAD part of this great A&E/DD conspiracy or were they the victims of it? And how much money did this great conspiracy net Robertson who already had the number one show? Did Robertson the dullard play Cruz, one of the best and brightest, for the fool?

            No, I don’t expect a response from you, but you can grade my paper if the logic and critical thinking is to difficult for you.

      • + 1 original comment. How someone can call Robertson a racist is difficult to appreciate. If that could have been done, it would have been done already. Why has it not happened? Take a look at where he lives. He probably has black friends that would come to his defense if that accusation was attached to him.

  8. I never watch reality shows because they’re intellectually insulting and not very entertaining. But all of this hullaballoo has been fun to watch and has made me wonder who created this manipulation to make all of us “ducks quack”?

    Here’s why I ask:

    1. Phil voices his politically incorrect statements in an interview.

    2. Activist group GLAAD has a knee jerk reaction and calls for Phil’s head. BTW: Many activists groups call for ones head if his or her statements don’t carry praise of that group’s cause. We’ve seen it time and again through the years.

    3. A&E punishes Phil and talks of ending the show. On the surface, isn’t that like killing the duck that keeps laying those golden eggs?

    4. This causes a s#^t storm that divides the nation. Walmart and others sell out of DD gear. A lot of us who never watch DD tune in to see what it’s about (frankly, I thought Duck Dynasty was about ZZ Top in the 80s).

    5. Forget about what Washington DC, our state and local governments are doing to block our prosperity, also forget our daily responsibilities, FIGHT FOR PHIL or SHUT DD DOWN are the battle cries.

    6. A very-very short time later, A&E caves, GLAAD is mad, and the Phil Fighters rejoice…Woo-Woo! Oh yeah, tons of money was made by DD, the retailers, and A&E. Also, GLADD got a lot of free publicity (I never knew who they were either until

    So once again, we all have been played like the those good folks who regularly go the professional wrestling (pronounced wrasslin’) match and actually believe in their heroes and villains as they tumble in the ring.

    Incidentally, I have no issue with those who make money. In fact, if this was a manipulation, the plan was genius.

    Tune in for the next drama folks!

      • No dissing of wrestling was intended. I occasionally go to them they’re a hoot!

        • I know dissing wasn’t intended, just having a moment to poke at its fakery while they pretend to put on some level of realism.

    • Don’t forget the recent inspiration for this little “prank” on their viewers. the Paula Deen mess! She didn’t get rehired or her name put back up in Vegas, but that is because it was a real incident, not a planned publicity stunt. Paula also had a very different audience from the DD family.

      • i do not believe this was a prank…. this was the majority of Americans telling the small minority to mind their own business…..and if it was a prank like you believe it was not on the viewers but on the radical liberal loud mouth perverts……..

          • It’s best to ignore him. The worst of his comments will be taken down when the editor sees them.

          • I wouldn’t hold your breath. They seem to leave most comments, and I don’t disagree with them for that. The only situation I agree with taking them down is just downright vile language and very extreme cases of racism involving the n word and so on. This idiot is entitled to his opinion, but it is the CCO who gets to decide what kind of site they want.

      • Was Wilton Cruz and GLAAD in on this prank, or are they unwittingly victims of it?

        • ATTENTION ENOCH: You should read before you rant. At 10:26 am, I said very clearly that I think Cruz was taken in by the stunt. I’m not sure why you think that is such a big deal and I have no idea what you’re babbling about with the “faux sympathy….” .
          Do you?
          You need to get over the past, and quit with the personal attacks. You are no “grand inquisitor” regardless of your self-delusion.
          Apparently you fail to understand that publicity IS money for someone in Robertson’s position.

  9. the best part of the duck dynasty up roar is that as soon as liberal racist jesse jackson demanded a meeting with a&e a&e turned right around and welcomed phil with open arms…….i believe jesse might want to worry more about jr. not dropping a bar of soap…. considering what jr. living arrangements are……..

    • Word on the street has it tommi that Phil is going to get rid of his black lab and have Jesse Jr fetch his ducks for him when he gets out of the pokey to help him get back on his feet.

      Phil is going to do this to prove he has no racist bone in his body.

      Phil’s only stipulation to Jr is that he doesn’t pawn his decoys while he’s not lookin.

  10. Hey Wayne have you checked the latest CCO poll results concerning your Mayor.

    Looks like the pollsters didn’t call any of the CCO readers. Happy New Year.

    • It looks about 50/50 to me. The libertarians have probably done a massive telephone recall and had all their members vote. Sometimes I think the libertarians are an arm of the democrat party used to do mischief on the republicans. My plan for the next election is to write in Rick Davis.

        • +1
          Mr. Davis scared the beejees out of the Elitist Thugs of Evansville.
          –and that’s why he was cut to pieces by their Concubines.

      • What usually takes place is that the third party under-performs and the major parties split the difference. I don’t know if that is the case here, but it usually works out that way.

  11. Has anyone heard from Wayne? Guess he is to busy producing the Mayor’s “Chicken Fat” video.

    • Taxpayer, I think we need to make sure someone has heard from Tim Ethridge today as well. The C&P made article after article about why fans should go to UE bball games at the FC and the fans turned around and only 3,712 showed up. This drops ACES season attendance (not counting exhibition which would be lower) to roughly 4,222 fans a game- Nearly 700 fans LESS than Roberts Stadium’s lowest attended season.

      I sure hope they don’t have plans for the “great lawn”. My crystal ball says they are going to need that lot to fix this mess they’ve created.

      • Well the Ford center is definitely nicer and it’s a lot easier to leave when the game’s over. However, it’s the same fan base. I was there yesterday and thought about checking some pulses. The place sounded like a funeral.

      • All the space the C&P gave this non-issue leads me to think the death throes are taking them. They fail to cover “real news” like what is going on in Utah and the Notre Dame loss in court. I don’t think they even covered the latest ruling on NSA. They aren’t able to cover interactivity on their letters to the editor either. There are two great ones on the DD scam today, but nobody can comment.
        It’s kind of like watching a goldfish swimming on its side, just before it goes belly-up. CCO has them beaten on every front.

        • The numbers of comments on their articles is extremely telling. The couple times I’ve been over there lately it’s been 0-1-0-0-0-3-0-2-12-or maybe up to 20 comments at most. Then flip back to this site and it looks lively – lots of good debate, lengthy, thoughtful comments that are often themselves newsworthy, and routinely articles which exceed 50 or 80 comments.

          • While there may be 50-80 comments, there is not 50-80 different commenters. It is the same 8-10 posters on every story. Hell, you have submitted stories on here and been the first commenter on your own story several times.
            I believe it was Terrell Owens who once said “I love me some me”. That applies to this site and several regular commenters.

    • Yes, I think it is. This guy has the added handicap of an education that makes him over-qualified, and thus, suspect by possible employers.
      My youngest is a lawyer, but she didn’t expect to get big money for it, even when she graduated first in her class. She is an advocate for abused women and children. She’d probably even advocate for that man in S.C. whose wife cut him up for not buying beer for Christmas.
      I’m taking my retirement income and leaving the US while the getting out is good. Mid 2015 was my target, but after reading this, it’s January, 2015.

    • I’m not sure if this gentleman understands the purpose of a cover letter. Still, it’s at least properly punctuated for the most part. Calling a prospective employer a “cocksucker” may cause his job hunt to become even more protracted.

      • It all depends on who the prospective employer is and what skills are needed for the job, Brad.

    • The Craigslist poster professional attitude (or lack of) makes him unemployable. He or she is an ugly lawsuit waiting to happen. However, the post does bring up the point that I’ve been stating for years, but more eloquently: There is little prospect for a high paying career in Evansville. Our leaders have made sure of that by running them out over the years and doing nothing to attract new ones. 40 years ago, a guy could graduate high school, go to work in a factory and live a good middle class life. The last nail in Evansville’s coffin was when Weinzaphel said “Good Riddance” to Whirlpool and Winneke slammed the door.

      Oh yeah, there are plenty of openings at restaurants, retail and low wage mom & pop shops to work at here

      For the last 7 years, I’ve advised young people who wanted to achieve prosperity to GET OUT OF EVANSVILLE!

      And to that Craigslist poster I would also tell him or her to quit complaining and GET OUT OF EVANSVILLE!

        • LKB–a life-long resident of Evansville. I was able to escape about a year ago to eastern Warrick County. To each his own, and for me
          My next planned move (2015) is to the coast near Charleston SC, it’s 71F there today. I’m curious, and pose this question with nothing but benevolent intent. What spot have you settled on that takes you outside of the US, and Why?

          • It looks like the mountains of Panama, but Belize is still in the running. I have a decent, but not huge, retirement income and I love to travel, which is part of the reason I want out of the country. The main reason I want the hell out of here is that I am beginning to believe that the far right will start an armed insurrection when they keep failing to shove their views on everyone else. Just for things I have written locally, I have been physically threatened and my car has been vandalized. I want to get settled in a situation that would give my family safety from such a thing if it did happen.
            Prices are going up everywhere, but Panama has a “pencianado” program that offers great financial breaks for expats that live on pensions.
            I have and always will love this country, but it is sort of like loving an addict. Sometimes you need to walk away and let things happen.
            The short answer to your question is that I am one-part adventurer and one-part left-wing “Doomsday Prepper.”

          • In the same spirit, I was wondering why S.C. is your choice and why you want to stay in the US?

          • LKB,–A lot of things draw me to the Charleston region, a few of them are: Adventure, Climate in Winter months, (I can endure the Summer humidity as it’s close to what we have here), The Clean Air is terrific, the Lifestyle is laid back, History is everywhere, the Mountains are a close get away, and beautiful, as are the Beaches, The foliage is beautiful, a 12hr drive and I can visit family and friends on occasion and it’s not too far for anyone to visit My wife and I. Culture abounds in Charleston and Savannah if you want a bit of entertainment, I could go on, but suggest you explore what that region offers. It will sell it’s self.

          • Never heard of a “left-wing doomsday prepper” before, but I like it. I would have thought to be a prepper, one must have an individualist spirit which negates being left-wing. Aren’t you concerned that if you leave you aren’t going to be able to ‘fix’ collective society through government force? Where will the American people be without your input and intellect? 😉

          • “left-wing “Doomsday Prepper.”

            Don’t that just take the cake, absolutely bizarre.

            The hypocrisy boggles the mind.

        • Been there done that. Life outside of the USA is not good unless you are extremely wealthy, in which case every place is good. Retirement in other countries without the Good Old USA life support system is not so sweet.

          • I always read the negatives before the positives on such a move, and talk to people who have done it. Did you have a bad experience in Panama or Belize?

          • No bad experience in either of those countries. Had an opportunity to travel and live in a few countries and after about a year it gets pretty boring. Europe is great but way over my budget. I seriously doubt the right will cause any major problems with their views, I think the problem will a partial financial collapse that will greatly effect the left and their pursuit of soft money. The problem I see is in 2016 when Obama refuses to give up his office. Democracy is more fragile than most think.

          • POV you are crazy if you think Obama will somehow try to stay is president. Just delusional. You have no credibility with that comment. Everything he’s even mentioned has been met with huge opposition, and you think he can somehow waltz into a 3rd term? You should be committed.

    • No kidding LKB. I mean, Ted Cruz and Aqua Buddha will fillibuster over petty nominal shit to make a name for themselves but somehow Obama will survive all that and overcome all checks and balances and achieve supreme world authority? I’d say it’s time to break out the tin foil hat for this idiot POV. Any comment from him henceforth should be disregarded.

      • I worked in the mental health field for 20 years, and I know sick when I see sick. That was sick. I guess “Obama 2016” made a real impression on pov.

        • LKB “The main reason I want the hell out of here is that I am beginning to believe that the far right will start an armed insurrection when they keep failing to shove their views on everyone else. Just for things I have written locally, I have been physically threatened and my car has been vandalized. I want to get settled in a situation that would give my family safety from such a thing if it did happen.”

          LKB, How do you diagnose POV’s mental illness and miss your own paranoia?

          I really can like you and have often considered sending you a friend request, but sometimes I just don’t find you reasonable.

          I have had a letter sent to my house by PAX telling me that his views will prevail and I am not fit to live in his new world order. I have had a lawyer use his position to search my records, which I wonder if that is even legal. I had my identity revealed to a poster who called the church I attend to tattle on me. I had some fool steal my CP identity to mock me, and you and Sarah G fired up Josh’s phone to get me banned. You yourself for some reason decided to go and gawk at a tea party protest.

          What happened to you is wrong just like it was when it happened to me, but it comes with having an opinion. Yet I have never thought of leaving the country because there are OWS idiots and far left radicals who want to take over the world.

          So please, enjoy your new home and do good for the people. Sounds to me like you earned it, and I think you have a good heart. But try not to make enemies while your waving good by, and don’t sit on your mountain rolling stones down on the little people.

          • You are really not able to get over it, are you? I’ll be around for awhile, so don’t get too happy.
            I really don’t think anybody who fears for the next generation because of John Krull’s “twisting” should be calling anybody else paranoid.

          • While we are clarifying, let me make it clear that YOU got Sarah banned for trying to defend me from shameful attacks you made on me. I blew up no one’s phone. I called Josh once and asked for an explanation of why he banned Sarah, but not you. He reviewed your comments and banned you. You then came back as “Illegal Jesus” and some other incarnation, and both were promptly banned. You made a public fool of yourself by establishing that you are a liar, while identifying yourself as a member of the clergy.
            While you are playing the “paranoia” card, why are you so afraid of having your identity revealed? If you hold strong to your beliefs, why the anonimity?

          • Get over what LKB? I am not the one leaving the country because of far right buggy men.

            As far as you leaving making me happy, I can deal with us having different opinions and I find a lot to like about you in spite of our past behaviors. Your LKB came up in a conversation with a friend, and I told him that you are spirited but not a bad person. So lighten up, I am excited for you to live your dream.

            I am not paranoid of Krull. I fear that he is training journalist who instead of being taught critical thinking will have his mind transplanted into them. Are you honestly going to tell me that journalism is alive and well today?

          • No LKB, Sarah was banned for her own bad behavior. I tried to stop her when they announced the big crack down, but no one was going to tell Sarah what to do.

            It was her second name that got banned because she joined with you in your attack on the size of my church and my qualifications as a minister. You ran off to your ignore corner, but she kept up the attack even after a warning.

            When she came back under multiple names I was in a dispute with Josh for allowing multiple accounts and the reincarnation of posters under different names who went right back to the same behavior. After I was banned, not because I violated their policy but was close to the line, I wrote Josh and asked if I should just create a new name like others and listed the names of those banned but posting under new names. He banned her again, but I told Josh that I didn’t think she should have been banned. That was not my point. I still have that e-mail. She created another name and I asked Josh why she can post and even keep digging me while I am banned. He ignored my question, so I created the Illegal Jesus (because I was posting illegally)to drive home my point.

            Well that got a response from him! But I didn’t know his mother was dying or I wouldn’t have pressed the issue.

            So sorry, I knew someone had called him, and I thought it was you and Sarah. I know she said she was going to. I did not create another name and declined paying my “indulgence.” I had enough of the CP forums. It was perhaps the worst moderated forums I have ever seen.

            So please, draw back the claws and quit judging me because you don’t know the full story. I am not a fool and have told no lies.

            Oh, and I guess in your rush to demean me as clergy again you missed my well wishes to you. You’re welcome none the less.

          • Sorry there was one more name I had created before I was banned when bill hijacked my Enoch name. I sacrificed it to get the moderator’s attention.

            Now can you enjoy your move and we both be happy for you?

  12. “I am not the one leaving the country because of far right buggy men.”

    buggy men are Amish.

    boogie men follow Michele Bachmann around.

  13. dams ifs nots for me and brothers free obama phones i believes i would leave this liberal partys but that frees stuffs sure is powerfuls so i says down with ducks rednecks

  14. Countryboy: Were you born without a sense of humor, or did you purposely kill it? I was poking fun at myself, and get called a “hypocrite”!
    Brad: Thanks to the wonders of high-speed internet, I can “fix” the right-wing silliness from anywhere in the world.

  15. Anybody heard from Wayne Parke concerning present results of the CCO Readers Polls?

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