IS IT TRUE: Breaking News! Democrats Amend Campaign Finance Report


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that on Tuesday November 1, 2011 that the City County Observer learned of and posted a lawsuit filed by the Bauerhaus seeking payment of a debt that the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party incurred and then never paid for their Awards Banquet held last summer?…that the CCO then cross referenced the official October 21, 2011 “Reciepts and Expenditures of a Political Committee” filed with the Vanderburgh County Clerk with the Bauerhaus debt and found that the Vanderburgh County Democrats reported ZERO DEBT on this official and required report?…that later that day it was learned and reported by the City County Observer that the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party owed other debts including one to THE CENTRE that is owned by the taxpayers of Vanderburgh County?…that much howling and denial followed these revelations and then today within 24 hours of being called out by the CCO something happened?

IS IT TRUE that the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party on Wednesday November 2, 2011 FILED AN AMENDMENT TO THEIR RECEIPTS AND EXPENDITURES OF A POLITICAL COMMITTEE that included those two debts and others?…that the CCO shall be getting our hands on this AMENDMENT as soon as possible tomorrow and will post it promptly for all to see just what we are certain will be called an OVERSIGHT contains?…that no matter how this gets spun by the Democrat spin doctors that this was NO OVERSIGHT?…that we have confirmed with MULTIPLE DEMOCRAT ELECTED OFFICIALS that these debts were COMMON KNOWLEDGE?…that this appears to be INTENTIONAL on the part of the VANDERBURGH COUNTY DEMOCRAT PARTY?…that the CCO does believe that it is possible that many people in the party were tricked and were unaware but that it was common knowledge none the less?

IS IT TRUE that the CCO does take pride in being first to break this sort of thing?…that yesterday’s catch was not a result of a MOLE ALERT?…that yesterday’s discovery was simply reading two documents and connecting the dots on the part of the CCO?…that what not only mystifies but in many ways offends us is that none of the mainstream media in Evansville has even reported on this?…that when mainstream media fails to report on something that is as relevant as KNOWINGLY FILING AN INCORRECT CAMPAIGN FINANCE REPORT that it is a sad day in River City?

IS IT TRUE that if one really wants to know why so many things are just dealt with in a cavalier “LET IT SLIDE” or LET IT RIDE” manner in Evansville we need look no further than things like this?


    • Da good ship of the Vandy Dems is a rudderless Pirate Ship! Ever body riding on dat ship and saluting da Jolly Roger needs to be forced to WALK DA PLANK. Dis ship don’t need no new captain it needs to be burned at sea. Leave none in office and leave no piece of da ship in decent enough shape to ever be used again.

      No lifeboats and no life lines. Anyone still on da ship gotta go down with it. Never ever let dat ship in our waters again.

      • RevJW, it’s more like a rudderless version of the old Monkey Ship at the zoo. Also it not fair to compare Democratic Central Committee party leaders to pirates, because pirates had a code of honor they actually followed. However, the disloyal Democratic leaders who oppose the will of their own primary voters should go down with their corrupt rudderless Monkey Ship.

  1. If they’re lying about paying for chicken, WHAT ELSE are they lying about? This just proves the very point that Rick Davis has been making for a very long time –it is time to give the government BACK to the people. A Davis administration will be one that provides transparency and accountability to us, the tax payers. What a refreshing change!

    Go vote, Evansville. We need Rick Davis to clean it up.

    • It ain’t no IF pardner. Deh is LYING their AZZ OFF? Deh was dumb enough to file it in a court record too. ALL of dem 23 are unfit for office. BANISH DA 23 AND THEIR LITTLE DOGS TOO.

  2. I believe the state party needs to move up their timetable and step in today rather than after the election. Somehow I think the last two grand may disappear.

  3. Cut it out! The CCO is the most trusted news source in the Tri-State! There is no equal to the CCO. I may not always agree with you, but the CCO is the best!

  4. No way to spin this as a Rick Davis plot. This is just the tip of the iceberg boys and girls.

  5. And if the crooks get their puppet Winnecke in there, they will continue with the status quo.

  6. All existing campaign funds in the coffers of Dem. candidates who signed the “my pal Connie” document need to be pulled and used toward paying off this debt.

    • The Central Committee party leadership could have paid their bills, instead of paying operative “bench warrant” Jarvis while donating to the self-titled Mainstream Democrats PAC. Amazing arrogance to stiff the Center, owned by the taxpayers. Is it true that “dine and dash” Democrat County Chairman Owen AND Weinzapfel for Mayor Campaign Chairman Owen, may have a conflict of interest?

  7. Would someone like to say a big “Thank You” to the honorable and ethical members of both parties who keep their heads above the muck and give us clean choices for whom to vote? There are many. Dan Adams comes to mind. How about Pete Swaim. Dan McGinn. Rick Davis. Please think of others that are not listed here. It is good that this junk is coming out now so that by Nov 8, we the people can clearly see where we stand. My thanks to the CCO and to all the work that has been done by Joe and the Moles. Here’s hoping that the Courier will follow so that more folks can be made aware and the slate can be cleaned. And thanks to all the comment writers who keep things interesting. Right or wrong, you are fun to read.

  8. Pretty clear NOW why nobody wanted Rick Davis to open the closet, and all I can hear are bones rattling-God knows how many skeletons are going to come jumping out-alas, too late for Halloween!

    CCO, THANK YOU for making a lot of people’s actions crystal clear.

    And Rick Davis was shunned because he doesn’t want to be a backscratching Democrat-
    Democrat’s NOT a dirty word, it was just time for someone with cojones to put a stop to power greedy folk who forgot who this is REALLY ALL ABOUT-public service isn’t for serving yourself, it is for serving THE PEOPLE. Much like UNION isnt a dirty word-it’s BROTHERHOOD, until you get self serving people who get inside and stink it up, and don’t want the closets opened, too many skeletons in there.

    PLEASE Vote for Rick Davis, he’s scratched his way uphill every inch of this with all of the so-called “Good Democrats” stomping his fingers, spitting on his head, and just downright lying about him, and then lining up behind the Republican candidate so the backscratching could continue-

    • Thank you for your post. You summarized it well for all of us.

      Rick has worked tirelessly for 55+ weeks to get a shot at moving this community forward. He has worked on the campaigns of all of those office holders who are now “stomping on his fingers,” as you put it. Despite what they want you to believe, he IS a team player.

      We volunteers in the yellow shirts have been called everything under the sun, when all we’re trying to do is give our government back to the people. Rick Davis is the man to do that, despite what members of the status quo are telling you.

      The status quo must go. Pick Rick to clean out the closets.

  9. IS IT TRUE that if one really wants to know why so many things are just dealt with in a cavalier “LET IT SLIDE” or LET IT RIDE” manner in Evansville we need look no further than things like this?

    Should change “THINGS to THUGS”. These are the real “THUGS” and now they are scattering like “BUGS”. Can’t wait until Mayor Davis takes over! What will these “THUGBUGS” do when the lights come on clear and bright?

    “THUGBUGS” = the king himself (Johnny), and can’t tell which party he is heading here. Owen and the girl that won’t let nobody tell her nothing, especially the people she is suppose to serve (Connie). Is it true vice-chair Robinson and her sidekick “worthless Weezy” are telling the people of the 4th Ward “that she don’t need no votes this year so don’t even worry about going to the polls”. And we can’t forget the guy that thinks he’s above the rest of us, and he doesn’t have to pay his tickets Alex Jarvis! Have you got your drivers license yet Alex?

    Maybe this is the reason that these people are backing Winnecke! I bet Winnecke has promised them if he is elected mayor he’ll get Carol to pay the bill! This shows how stupid these people are! Because everyone knows CAROL TELLS LLOYD WHAT TO DO!!!

    The only answer to end all this madness is RICK DAVIS!

  10. Isn’t it the treasurer’s job to make sure these debts are paid? He is currently running for city council at-large.

    • Well actually, he is running for mayor. The Treasurer’s job is to ensure that debts to the county are paid. Unfortunately our Treasurer spends the majority of his day out campaigning for mayor, racking up a delinquency load in the hundreds of thousands (possibly millions) of dollars. I sure hope that after the election, Rick concentrates on getting the money owed to the county and making better investments than leaving $3 million of the taxpayers’ money in a failing bank.

      • LOL….nice spin on the question, unfortunately you are wrong, smalltown was referring to the dems treasurer which I believe is John Friend CPA and to answer smalltown’s question the answer is YES to both questions.

        The fact that Mr Davis is the county treasurer has nothing even remotely close to the correct answer but it did give you a opening to spew a few lies.

        Does anyone believe for a minuet that Mr Davis is campaigning while he’s suppose to be at work? WOW if he is the Winnecke team has missed a golden opportunity to burn him…which means it’s another lie.


        • Are you kidding me? It is widely known that Rick is rarely in the office. For whatever reason, the Winnecke camp has stayed away from this. If you doubt that Rick has been campaigning on county time, just look at the times of his policy releases and press conferences. All during the afternoon…all on weekdays. Call any news station or Arek at the paper. They will let you know when those events were held. I’d also suggest calling the Treasurer’s office and asking for Rick. There will be a good chance he isn’t there. I guess that is why you have a deputy.

          • I wonder how often Winnecke is in his plush bankers office or his county commissioner office.

          • Vonkayel….Winnecke took a leave of absents from his job at 5th3rd.

            LD….(man you got that name right) do you not realize that this has been planned for over a year, sick days, vacation time, personal days, all the perks of a county job are being used so Davis can do both, to say he is campaigning on the taxpayers dime is just a flat out lie.

            I do not believe that the Winnecke crew would turn a blind eye to this topic if there was any substance to it.


          • It’s actually “Id.” It’s a song from the EP “Mirken Ball” by Pearl Jam, which was a supplemental album to Neil Young’s “Mirrorball.” They couldn’t say “sh#t” in the title, so they changed it to Id. It’s a great song. Also, I know government employees get a lot of sick days, personal days and vacation time, but there is no way Rick had that much time. Zach H. is a great treasurer. Thanks for all the hard work, Zach.

          • I left this out the first time because I was trying to be nice, but you’re a freakin’ jackass for calling me learning disabled. As the son and brother of Special Education teachers, I find that highly offensive and would hope the editors take down your comment.

          • LD=Learning Disabled? I had a boss once that we called LD. It did not stand for Learning Disabled but rather “Little D..k”. But now that I see what you saw I understand why you took offense, if that’s really what he meant.

          • Been down that road myself…put my first wife through school as a special ed teacher, she taught autistic children..sorry if I offended you but when you distort facts, or make statements with out facts, or totally misrepresent a answer to a posters questions it’s bound to happen.

            Again sorry to have offend you.

          • Considering I saw several of the emails disclosing place and time for press conferences, I was not, nor am I now, distorting the facts. Also, I have friends that work in the Civic Center who can attest to Rick’s poor attendance record lately. Thanks for the apology, though. That is a true sign of class.

  11. Vonkayel,Winnecke is on leave of absence from the bank because he knew he would be unable to effectively do both, work and campaign. Since he is a commissioner (part-time employee), I would imagine he is the office part-time. I love how you have no response other than to attack Winnecke. That says a lot.

  12. blanger
    Conor O’Daniel is Democrat Party treasure, not John Friend.
    Jack Waldroup

      • No need to stand in corner. My guess is over half of the committeeman don’t know who the officers are on the central committee and no I don’t think your a committeeman.
        Jack waldroup

        • LOL….nope, thanks Jack that’s one ship of fools I’d be happy to give a wide berth to.

          I’ll remove my dunce cap and continue on my merry way.

          Thanks again.


  13. IGOT,

    Get a grip.

    1) It is a common practice for politicians seeking a higher office be out of the office frequently. It is practiced by both R’s and D’s.

    2) Has anything gone awry in the County Treasurer’s office in the last year while Rick has been campaigning? NO. In fact Rick has been in the office during critical times, like during the printing and mailing of the annual tax bills

    3) Press Releases can be written at night on a home computer and released the next day, DUH!

    4) Rick has been working and campaigning for the last year, putting in 10-12 hr days as a norm, and I would expect he would give the same effort to being a great mayor. The fire in his belly is one of the reasons I strongly support him.

    5) When the County Treasurer purchases a large CD he is required by state law to bid out the CD and take one of the highest of the top two bids. Would you rather taxpayers get a lower rate? At the time of purchase of the Integra CD there might have been indications of trouble at Integra but nothing firm, so why not take the higher rate? If there were no losses to taxpayers what’s your beef?

    You’re either here demogoguing or extremely politically naive, which is it??

  14. If only Winnecke and Weinzapfel had spent more time out of their office meeting regular people, maybe they wouldn’t have had the time to try to steal the homestead tax credit.

    Just a thought.

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