IS IT TRUE August 9, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE August 9, 2013

IS IT TRUE the civic center moles tell us that the Mayor wants to call a meeting of the SAC committee (Salary Advisory Committee) next week?…this is the same committee that approved the “Golden 11” big salaries increase last year?…we can’t wait to see who the Mayor wants to give big raises to this coming year?…Evansville “King of Political Patronage” just can’t stop giving our tax dollars to his political buddies.

IS IT TRUE we hear from reliable sources within city government that the Mayor is planning to hold public hearings on the new proposed downtown convention hotel in all 6 political wards of the city?… he is doing this to give the appearance that he wants to get public opinions and input concerning the multi-million dollar hotel project from the citizens of Evansville? …we wonder why he wants to hold public hearings on this subject because he has already announced that he is supporting this project without reservations?…that we guess this is yet another public move on the Mayor part to help his re-election bid?…what these meetings are really about is for Mayor Winnecke to TELL those who have the gumption to get off the couch and attend WHAT HE IS GOING TO DO as opposed to seeking the approval or input of anyone outside of a very small circle of elites?…it is also expected that the Mayor will have the rooms packed with supporters and will have friendly questions and comments pre-loaded into the minds of these supporters?…these six meetings will be the only chance for the general public to speak out on the City of Evansville’s intention to hand out $37.5 Million like it was a Halloween treat?

IS IT TRUE that the published interchange between Councilman Conor O’Daniel and Parks Department Director Denise Johnson sort of took on the aura of a prize fight yesterday?…the topic of the discussion was the early closing of some public pools that according to Ms. Johnson was a budget issue that she could save $72,000 by doing?…Ms. Johnson who is a political patronage appointee who had no background at all in running a municipal parks department prior to her appointment by Mayor Winnecke was pretty short with Councilman O’Daniel who is an elected official but also has no management of a municipal parks department on his resume’?…Councilman O’Daniel as is his nature was respectful in his demeanor but ran into a sharp rebuttal?…this interchange was symptomatic of how Evansville has been run recently?…to have an elected official arguing with a political appointee over something very important that neither have any experience with is just how it goes here in River City?…this is a pathetic way to run anything?

IS IT TRUE the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the recent moves by the caretaker of the City of Detroit to alter the terms of the water and sewer bonds previously issued by the City is having a bad effect on municipal bond markets across the country?…the precedent that will in all likelihood be set by Detroit and other bankrupt cities to alter or default on municipal bonds is making the issuance of new bonds more difficult and more expensive?…this is going to have a material financial effect on all American cities and it will hit Evansville particularly hard when the EPA mandated sewer fix is financed?…if the interest rate ticks up only one percent the additional interest cost that will be borne by the ratepayers of Evansville will increase by between $5.5 Million and $10 Million per year?

IS IT TRUE with uncertainty in the bond markets, no answer on what the City request to do an abbreviated $545 Million repair (the 75% solution), and repairs looming with calcified water pipes, and non-walkable sidewalks of perhaps another Billion dollars, the City of Evansville is being frivolous and irresponsible by pursuing a strategy of maxing out the credit card for fun and games project that have nothing whatsoever to do with local government responsibilities?…it is just another day in the TWILIGHT ZONE?


  1. I read yesterday where Tropicana’s revenue dropped. I wonder who is going to take up the shortfall when the Golden Goose quits laying? I think I know the answer to that. The good old taxpayer.

    • County Option Income Tax. Debt service on the bonds for Mr. Weinzapfel’s arena must be met per state statute.

  2. The parks department was given additional money to operate pools in the 2013 budget. They were given extra money last year to keep a couple pools open on weekends through Labor Day.

    Closing all the pools this year before school starts or before Labor Day was not a financial decision. It was not a decision based on providing outdoor swimming to the public through the hot summer. It was an apathetic decision made by someone who does not possess the level of skill required to confront a challenge.

    Odds are the swimming season will be extended come election year.

  3. Any projections at all on expected tax revenue from all these conventions? I’d like to see you show that it for sure will be pissing money away not just taking a blankry opposition approach. If it has a good ROI, then let’s back off. It’s not like 37.5 million will fix our dilapidated sewers and sidewalks all at once. I’m not saying it isn’t, but please show numbers that project a loss.

  4. A member of the Scott Township fire dept. explained to me that their medical, dental and vision insurance for last year and the first six months of this year was an atrociously large sum. The group asked the fire chief if other options should be investigated but the chief told them not to bother. They researched on their own anyway and now have contracted their own insurance coverage independent of the other fire depts thus saving about 72%. I always have admired independent thinkers and those who act on those independent thoughts.

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