IS IT TRUE? August 6, 2011


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IS IT TRUE? August 6, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the Evansville Redevelopment Commission has advised Mr. Bob Swintz of the London Witte Group and Mr. Rob Hunden of Hunden Strategic partners that the ERC intends to engage their services for the review of the Downtown Convention Hotel proposals?…that this decision is reported to have been driven by ERC Chairman Mr. Bob Goldman and Commissioner Greg Elpers?…that we hope that there the chosen vetters have no political ties to anyone whatsoever that would make them favor one proposal over the other?…that we hope to see a complete documented case made that thinking people with financial knowledge will agree on?…that the vetting should begin within a few weeks?

IS IT TRUE that we do not know what the fee will be to vet these proposals?…that whatever that fee is we can chalk it up to the problem of political appointees either not having adequate knowledge to do their job or being susceptible to political arm twisting when the votes come down?… that this was absolutely necessary to expedite good decision making but was a result of poor operating procedure on the part of the ERC and the Weinzapfel Administration?

IS IT TRUE that Republican candidate for Mayor of Evansville Lloyd Winnecke and his entire campaign staff knows that the demographics of the City of Evansville are tilted against them and that if a substantial number of Democrats do not cross party lines that even their most excellent campaign efforts will not put Winnecke in the Office of the Mayor?…that there is some very strong evidence that a heavy hitter within the Democratic stronghold has already crossed that line?…that 4th Ward Democratic Leader Louise Williams is openly supporting the Republican? …that if you check the picture from Tuesday’s National Night Out at Akin Park you will see Weezy sporting a deep blue Winnecke for Mayor T-shirt?

IS IT TRUE that the split in the Democrat Party is bigger than ever?…that we wonder if the picture of Ms. Williams in the Winnecke T-shirt is an early indication about the preferences for incumbent 4th Ward City Councilwoman Connie Robinson?…that for Williams to cross the line and support Winnecke sends a curious message, but that if Councilwoman Robinson is seen on Team Winnecke that will be a powerful indicator of the way that the 4th Ward will vote?…that if the overwhelmingly Democratic 4th Ward goes for Winnecke that Rick Davis will have a serious uphill battle to become Mayor of Evansville?

IS IT TRUE that the candidates for Mayor of Evansville just do not seem to have any coattails at all this year?…that 4 years ago the coattails of current Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel were long enough that even his opponent David Nixon could have run for any other office as a Democrat and slid home safe under the Team Weinzapfel flag?…that having such long coattails that the feeling of being anointed rather than elected for the man at the top of the ticket is not a good thing?…that with more balance on the City Council that the last term of the Weinzapfel Administration may have been more accountable and thus more effective?…that the current “FREE FOR ALL” for all of the City of Evansville offices is a good thing?…that in this kind of a situation the candidates have a chance to compete for votes rather than simple place their name on a predetermined ballot?


  1. Is it true that Rick Davis has been throwing a weak long temper tantrum over the picture now published in this CCO article? That Mr. Davis has demanded punitive actions against the life long Democrat shown in the photograph? That Mr. Davis’s weak long tantrum can also be characterized as a long, weak, and futile effort?

    Is it true that the apparent split and splinter activities by more than one heavy hitting Democrat are long due and justified considering Mr. Davis’s repeated efforts conducted by him and his fervent and furtive followers? That Mr. Davis has launched several vendettas against fellow Democrats for perceived trangressions against the Great Ricky? That almost to a vendetta, the perceived trangression was not based in fact, but actually a self-manufactured paranoia? Is it true, for example, that the person who in fact initiated the candidacy of Steve Millay for Treasurer in the 2008 Primary against Rick Davis was not any of the several people that Mr. Davis blamed and subsequently launched active vendettas against?

    Is it true that the 4th Ward is not the only traditional Democrat stronghold in which there are active split and splinter activities conducted on behalf of future Mayor Winnecke? That there will be yard signs and other promotional campaign displays seen on properties that historically had Democrat mayoral yard signs and promotional materials?

    Is it true that at a recent meeting of fellow candidates, Mr. Davis stood up, physically pounded his own chest, and shouted demands that everyone fall in line with his directives since, as he loudly proclaimed, he is running “double digits” ahead of Lloyd Winnecke, and will be the next mayor of Evansville?

    Is it true that Mr. Davis should not expect any of the split and splinter Democrats for Winnecke factionalism to come as a surprise, that he should not expect anything different, that you cannot badmouth, backstab, beat up on, beat down, talk down, spread false rumors on, and otherwise attempt to or succeed in defeating fellow Democrats without suffering eventual fallout repercussions? That in politics what goes around comes back around to bite you in the bollocks, and that payback sometime is pure living hell?

  2. When the rubber hits the road, Winnecke will have trouble garnering a respectable Republican vote, he doesn’t have the precinct comitteepeople on his side,—I have listened to some I know, and they support the Republican ticket wholeheartedly, but consider Winnecke remote, to close to “Take their Homestead Tax Weinzapfel”,
    and a Republican in Name Only. True.
    The Independants?–they didn’t like Winnecke’s silence on the Homestead Tax Grab either, and Davis won their Votes in the Primary, helping him to vanquish the Darkside Democrats, and now we see them Freaking over the looming prospect of a Loss of Power after all these years,—-for good reason.

    • When in politics, fact is, dealing with the facts wins over spinning speculative theories. And the fact is, most of what you just spun is wild, unsubstantiated theory.

      • The only real “fact” that he was talking about was Winnecke’s silence on the Homestead Tax grab.

        Winnecke was in the room.

        Do you have other facts to counter this argument? I’m an independent, for what it’s worth. Neither side has my vote yet. Crash pretty much has my thoughts nailed down thus far. Davis is pretty clearly against the current “good ol boy” administration. Winnecke seems to be a part of it. Winnecke is running a hell of a better campaign than Davis has so far.

        • I said most of what he posted was speculative theory. I cannot deny Winnecke being in the room, as were many other people. Winnecke does not deny being in the room either. The people denying knowledge are mostly those who on both the city and county councils, and supportive staff, who had to know the ordinance must be put on the agenda at its regular annual schedule.

          Truth is, Davis’s anti-good-ole-boy activism is nothing more than a cover for his ingrained and misdirected vindictiveness.

  3. The Indianapolis Consulting Train comes through Evansville again ! London Witte, CPA’ s was paid $ 300,000 to verify the three (3) revenue streams for the Arena Project; they were allegedly paid a second time to promote the bonds for the Arena (which, if true, would be a professional ethics conflict)–and until there is a detailed accounting of the $ 2,000,000 of Bond Issue Costs we’ll never know for sure; and now they are back at the trough for a 3rd time. I am certain that London Witte, CPA’s has absolutely no allegiance to anyone involved in this process whatsoever.

  4. If you knew Rick the way I know Rick, he isn’t in this race to play “Political games” he is in it for EVANSVILLE. Some of the comments that people make are people who don’t know him or what he stands for. He is the most honest, loyal, and trustworthy politician that I know. People aren’t use to that kind of politician, so they seem to bash what they are scared of.

    • That’s beautiful and it sounds like my old hunting dog with the loyal, honest etc. Folks, the City is crumbling and Mr. Davis is worried about bike trails? Really??

      • Mr WInneke will also address this group a a later date, so evidently he is worried about bike trails also. I’m glad that Rick is concerned about parks and the greenway, IN ADDITION to public safety, transparency, jobs, and all the other things a good Mayor should be concerned about but seem to have escaped the current administration.

    • 2 weeks or more equals weeks. The deal was done on Friday August 5, 2011. The probability that the conclusion will be reached by August 19, 2011 and be voted on by the ERC is about as high as the proverbial snowball in H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.

      • I don’t doubt that the deal was done on Friday. However, I am of he undering that the rfps’s expire on the 16th? I could be mistaken. I have heard from a couple very VERY reliable sources that it will be done on the 12h and annouced on the 16th. Since vetting seems to be a popular word please share your insight so I can properly vet my source.

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