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IS IT TRUE that is no greater ambassador of goodwill than a homegrown non-partisan community newspaper?  …that local newspapers can serve as a “Community Watchdog” by sounding the alarm when the citizen’s rights are being violated? …we realize that a community can have no greater ambassador of goodwill than one which keeps its citizens informed about their accomplishments, failure, and triumphs?

IS IT TRUE that some of our elected officials seemly have forgotten that the first amendment to the U. S. Constitution states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the rights of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievance”?

IS IT TRUE that inflated egos, know-it-all attitudes, self-serving demeanors, and inflated opinions about one’s leadership skills have created many delusional political leaders?

IS IT TRUE that we have been told when Mayor Winnecke announced that he wasn’t running for re-election right after his announcement some misinformed people considered him to be a political lame duck?  …we feel it would be a mistake to classify the Mayor as a Lame Duck?  …we considering him just retiring from politics?

IS IT TRUE that the Evansville Chief of Police and his Assistant Chief stunned many members of the community, members of the Evansville Police Department, and some members of the Republican Party of Vanderburgh County, when they publicly, announced that they are supporting Democrat Stephanie Terry for Mayor of Evansville?   …we are told we can expect to hear that several other well-known city employees will follow suit and suit by endorsing either the Democratic or the Libritaiarn candidate for Mayor?

IS IT TRUE that “political patronage” came about at about the same time that the Tammany Hall shakedown tactics in New York City were being used to drain the public coffers to enrich the politically connected?…the one thing that “political patronage staffing never seems to require is any expertise at concerning to the job that one is being appointed to

IS IT TRUE we wonder who is in charge of putting up last year’s holiday displays in the North Main Street areas of Evansville last Christmas?  …we know that the movers and shakers of this area can do a better job in the promotion of the upcoming Holiday season if only they would talk to the merchants on West Franklin Street?

IS IT TRUE we are extremely pleased with the way that State Senator Vaneta Becker is representing the people of her District?

IS IT TRUE that the most difficult word for a politician to say is the word “NO”

IS IT TRUE  that back in 2019 members of the Evansville City Council voted to take money from the Local Income Tax account so they could transfer money from one account to another in an attempt to balance the 2019 City budget? …that there are several ways to balance a budget? …that they are to spend within their means and say “NO” to unneeded capital projects?

IS IT TRUE we have been told by reliable sources that Lousiville, Kentucky business tycoon Ron Geary will be in town in a couple of weeks to meet with a group of local well-heeled business people to discuss a possible big-ticket venture in Evansville proper?

IS IT TRUE that the Evansville DMD also has given many hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars of “Facade Grants” to local businesses over the last 12 years?  …that government shouldn’t do for businesses what they should do for themselves?

IS IT TRUE when a Chairman of a political party sweeps an election he takes total credit for this accomplishment?  …when a Chairman of a political party loses he blames everyone else for the loss?

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  1. .
    My goodness. A wonderful IIT today….on point, across the board! Well done!
    Leadership in Editorial from the City County Observer!!

    What is the role of the Republican Party?
    This is a common theme throughout this IIT today? The CCO is right to assail those “who call themselves Republicans” when in fact they have nothing to do with core Republican principles:
    – promoting to abide by, and enforce the Rule of Law & Law Enforcement officials
    – promoting and easing the ability of the private sectore to enjoy business, industry and job growth
    – smaller government, with lower taxes
    – respect the private nature of people’s lives, stay out of their Parental decisions
    – strong, national defense against dictators, communism and anthing that threatens the greatest democracy in the world: the United States of America.

    Today’s GOP?
    It only talks about Trump.
    It only talks about how Trump is being mistreated. “Oh. The poor guy.”
    It forgot about low taxes, pro-business, small government and protecting law enforcement.

    But the GOP?
    It is heading for a TRAIN WRECK in the 2024 election, BIG LOSSES because Trump is at the top of the ticket.

    Loser. Loser. Loser. Trump on the ticket? It means YOU will be a loser, loser, loser too.

    With a “Trump only losing GOP” like that?
    It’s no wonder the Evansville Chief of Police is being driven into the hands of the Democrats.
    THAT is only gonna get worse, we all know, with today’s “Trump only losing GOP.”

  2. Now that the administration seems to be putting a halt to Hartke Pool repairs, will its share of the $10.5 million in bond dollars go toward “Pickleball Courts “costs in Wesselman Park. The over inflated slab of concrete so many did not want in our park?

  3. Spot on. In 2019, the City Administration and City Council changed the rules on the LIT account, so transfers were able to occur. No accountability for their actions. Now the City is broke and still no accountability. At what point, do we as citizens say enough is enough. They issue a bond for new projects. While what we already is beyond repair. Revoke the bond, demand accountability. No more smoke and mirrors.

  4. Now that we know who the Police Chief and Assistant Chief have endorsed for Mayor, how about we ask the Deputy Mayor/Interim Parks Director who he is endorsing. Might be interesting to know and why

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