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IS IT TRUE August 30, 2013

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE August 30, 2013

IS IT TRUE this writer has been in the high Sierras at a hydroelectric power complex for the last three days where there is no internet connection?…while this was enjoyable and a great learning experience it is also the answer to the questions being asked about why certain things that became news after the Monday night meeting of the City Council were not addressed in IS IT TRUE?…it seems as though every time one goes offline for a few days interesting stuff happens?

IS IT TRUE that the battle between the hotel supporters has nearly turned into the battle of Republican precinct committee people?…Vanderburgh County Republican Party Chairman Wayne Parke sent out an email to the precinct committee people yesterday urging the ones who are on board with him in support of the hotel to show up at last night’s town hall meeting and show support?…the trouble with this position is that Chairman Parke is representing his support of this giveaway as though it is an official republican position when it is really just his own way of showing support for a republican mayor who was elected by democrats?…when one examines the economic principles espoused by the republican party at the state and national levels that supporting gifting public money to private enterprise would never pass muster?…precinct committeeman Sean Shelby has joined the growing number of PCs who oppose Chairman Parke’s strange position on handing out corporate welfare to a private business?

IS IT TRUE last night’s final town hall style meeting at the CK Newsome Center was well attended and the supporting and opposing groups were in balance?…the supporting group continues to consist of the same group of speakers (literally the same faces) that have filled the podium at all of the meetings and some very nasty people in the peanut gallery who boo, hiss, sign, and even on occasion put an elbow to someone’s ribs?…the childish war of words has continued on Facebook as well with reasoned questions and analysis presented by the those who support the hotel but are skeptical about public funds being stung with claims based on nothing but emotion?…even if it is said 1,000 times mindless platitudes like “we need it”, “we deserve it”, or “quality of life” still would not pass muster to a competent financial analyst?…the alpha financial analyst on the Evansville City Council despite all of the antics of the last week is John Friend who has gone from demanding a financial package and a business plan to threatening to keep the vote in committee as long as he possibly can in the absence of what amounts to a “grant application”?…Councilman Friend is right to do this because there has not been sufficient information provided to make a competent decision?…even if some council members are card carrying members of the ”we deserve it” club, this hotel has not been VETTED?

IS IT TRUE that the Fraternal Order of Police have made it known that they are calling for Reverend Adrian Brooks to resign from the Police Merit Commission and for City Council President Connie Robinson (elected not appointed) to step down as President?…this is all about the emotional moments at the Monday night meeting of the Evansville City Council?…we stand by our assertion made in Tuesday’s IS IT TRUE that while seeing Monday night’s meeting was uncomfortable, it is a golden opportunity to improve relations between the EPD and the African American community?…all positive change starts with negative feedback and the negative feedback Monday night was not sugar coated as it often is?…calling for resignations is not the best way to move toward improvement?

IS IT TRUE the issue is so hot that Mayor Winnecke himself is inserting himself into the process to promote a “civil” discussion?…while the Mayor has not proven to be very adept at VETTING and seems to jump at shiny objects without much analysis, this task of promoting civil discussion between contentious groups is an area that plays right into his biggest strength?…communication is Mayor Winnecke’s highest and best talent and that is what has to happen first in taking the EPD and the African American community’s relationship to a higher and better level?…this will also test his commitment to collaboration as there will be more emotional moments on this path to two way respect?…Mayor Winnecke and that classy man the Reverend Brooks together are probably the most qualified and capable leaders of Evansville to reach a plateau of success in repairing the contentious relationship between the EPD and the African American community?…the CCO commends them both for stepping up to own this problem and wish them all of the success in the world?


  1. I thought his best talent was giving away stuff. You know: toasters for opening a new bank account, $200,000 to EarthCare, $37.5M for a hotel that will only be worth $20M after it’s built, etc…

  2. Mayor Winnecke says DERP let’s spend it like we stole it DERP! Mosby and Weaver wag their tails and say which way did he go!!!!!!

      • 1. derp
        A simple, undefined reply when an ignorant comment or action is made. Brought to life in the South Park series, when Mr. Derp made a guest appearance at South Park Elementary as the chef for a day, followed by hitting himself in the head with a hammer and exclaiming “Derp!

        2. DeRp

        The contemporary DNC and GOP parties are one party. the DeRps.

        Ignore what they say, watch what they do!

        Your common DeRp wants government spending and lots of it. DeRps don’t care if they have to borrow it’s only important that all of their choice interest groups (hobbies) are fed at the end of the day. The only difference between the DNC and the GOP is what the spending goes toward. They’re consumers just like generation x women and no one takes their men seriously. The generation x women wear the pants in the DeRp house and they represent the marginal power of the DeRp vote.

  3. I agree about repairing relations with the black community of Evansville. The FOP should not be demanding resignations. It should be asking itself, “how can we repair what is an obviously bad image, whether we feel it’s deserved or not.”

    Fighting back and saying “you’re wrong” against what is essentially your CUSTOMER in the “protect and serve” business is an unacceptable way to move forward.

    Do I think some of the allegations of racism are a bit overblown, yes. Considering the racial makeup of many of the past complainants spanned racial divides, I still maintain that the overall problem of the EPD right now is one of public relations, good soft skills, good internal policies, and responsive leadership.

    As the Editor says: “…all positive change starts with negative feedback”.

    • I guess the next time the “ministers” and Queen Connie decide to stage a “negative feedback” session, they should make sure they are in control of all of the speakers. Not just the first 3. Brooks had to step and in and disown the rest of them. After hearing wild tails
      of electric handcuffs, rubber bullets, and the worn out crap about I got stopped for no reason, most people dismissed this circus as the usual race pimps making sure their people were reminded of how bad their lives are. These “leaders” make a very nice living leading
      a bunch of professional victims. The problem is, after a while, they have to be reminded of how much they need their leaders. Brooks can’t drive the Jag or wear expensive suits if the victims don’t drop their money in the church plate.
      Brooks and Robinson played to the crowd.

  4. Mz. Robinson said she looks at Bolin and sees white, while, she said, Bolin looks at her and sees black. This shows how bigoted Robinson is.

    When I see a police officer, I do not see black or white, I see blue. When I look at the firemen, I see gray.

    Come on, Connie, admit your bigotry and get over it.

    Remember the words of Rev. Martin Luther King when he said “…the content of their character…”

    • Mz. Robinson’s lifestyle depends on people looking at her and seeing black. If not for programs to give incentives to minority and female businesses she would not be a business owner or a member of the city council.

  5. Has anyone looked to see if “FireBillyBolin.com” has been reserved yet? How much does it cost to start such a web site? Can someone get started on that? It’s a web site that is way overdue.

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