IS IT TRUE August 30, 2012


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IS IT TRUE August 30, 2012

IS IT TRUE the Vanderburgh County Commissioners last night voted to cut their funding to the Human Relations Commission by 20% for 2013 to a level of $37,940 per year?…the County Commissioners were recently asking questions about some actions taken by the Human Relations Commission and were flat out told that the HRC reports to the mayor and not to the commissioners?…this came as a surprise to the Commissioners who have been in the habit of rubber stamping funding for the HRC as a consent item for years?…that part of the recent controversy about the actions of the HRC revolve around a lawsuit brought by the HRC against the Evansville Rescue Mission?…the HRC has been reported to have refused to even speak with the County Commissioners about the lawsuit against the Evansville Rescue Mission?…that Commissioner Marsha Abell is on record as stating that if it were her decision alone that she would have eliminated the funding of the HRC in its entirety?

IS IT TRUE the HRC seems to have bitten one of the hands that feeds them by refusing to speak with one of their funding agencies regarding a lawsuit they brought against another humanitarian non-profit organization?…it will be interesting to see the lawsuit that the HRC has launched against the Evansville Rescue Mission plays out?…the HRC investigates discrimination allegations in the areas of employment, education, credit, and housing?…that maybe the motives and methods behind the suit against the Evansville Rescue Mission should be completely examined to see of the HRC was wasting taxpayer dollars in pursuit of a settlement that would have to be paid in part from taxpayer dollars and charitable contributions?…if there was ever a lawsuit designed to take food from the mouths of the poor and shelter from the homeless that a discrimination lawsuit against any rescue mission is exactly that?…the CCO would appreciate any information available on this particular lawsuit and will publish such information deemed to be public domain without edit, opinion, or bias?

IS IT TRUE that sometimes defunding of government handouts is indeed the right thing to do?…that in reality a country without any need for any Human Relations Commissions, food stamps, welfare, government housing, and other such programs would be seen as the biggest political success in history?…we are certainly not there in this prolonged recession as competition for the few jobs there are make discrimination more likely and humanitarian assistance more necessary?…that the CCO hopes that the United States of America musters the political intelligence and courage to someday achieve a society where full employment is typical and handouts are no longer necessary?…we dream of a day when our success as a nation is measured by how few people are on food stamps as opposed to measuring success by how many are receiving public assistance?…we can and should do better than we are doing in Evansville, in Vanderburgh County, in Indiana, and in the United States of America?

IS IT TRUE that closing on a lighter note it has been refreshing to see Evansville’s own and friend to the CCO Casey Stegall standing in the rain down in New Orleans reporting on Hurricane Issac?…that we are also sort of mystified that one of the Navy Seals who raided the Bin Laden compound published a book under the pseudonym of Mark Owen who we know as the former Chairman of the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party?…we hope Mark makes lots of money off of this book and takes out an ad in the CCO with his profits?


  1. I’m not sure exactly how the local Human Relations Commission is directly involved with policy regarding food stamps, welfare, or other programs that the editor categorizes as “handouts.” It’s my impression, and correct me if I’m wrong, that the local Human Relations Commission deals with fairness and non-descrimination in employment and workplace environment, etc.; and serves an essential function in those regards.

    The current spat between the County Commission president and the Human Relations Commission director seems to be more of a political “spitting” match over a proposed amendment to the county’s fair employment policies, an amendment that would expanded the county’s discrimination code to include language on sexual orientation, gender identity and age, and change the word “handicap” to “disability.” Again, that is what I’ve observed at the County Commissioners meetings and behind the scenes chatter at the Civic Center; and if I’m mistaken, the editor can correct me.

    I don’t know anything about HRC’s reported lawsuit against the Evansville Rescue Mission, so in your reply, if any, please don’t concentrate on that rather than address what appears to be the most obvious clash between the County Commissioners president and the HRC’s director. I say that because more than one gay rights advocate has appeared at Commissioners meetings, or advocated backstage, for the County Commissioners to take up the amendment to the county’s discrimination code in a public meeting … to no avail.

    I’m posting this because I’d rather see an open and honest discussion of the real reasons behind the political squabble that now has spilled over into HRC funding withdrawals rather than a conversation that uses race baiting dog whistles such as “food stamps, welfare, handouts,” blah, blah, blah.

    • It is beginings of our” U.S. CONGRESS “………………………… open and honest dicussions……………..only blah……..blah……………………….blah on both sides. I don’t know about the Ev Rescue Mission lawsuit,but that should be the LAST THING the BIG GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE SHUTTING DOWN. I am currently [for 6 years ]on the Ev / Vand HOMELESS COMMISSION——————–EV RESCUE MISSION IS THE ONLY HOPE FOR THE POOR AND HOMELESS. The issue should have been handled in a much differert way.

  2. On another issue that was discussed in an earlier edition of CCO: Today wholesale gasoline is $3.10 per gallon, a penny cheaper than Monday and Tuesday’s wholesale index when the refinery closings were announced, and 6 cents lower than last Friday’s wholesale price.

    Remember, 3.10 + .62 (for federal and Indiana state taxes) = $3.72 above which all retail price for gasoline is gross profit. Remember also that local retailers generally price gasoline at .03 to .05 above wholesale, and live with that margin generally all thru the year.

    What is retail this morning on your way to work? What will it be for the Labor Day weekend? Why? Is demand really up with a hurricane coursing up the Mississippi River, Ohio River valley’s bringing torrential rain? Are people really planning all that much outdoor travel and activities for the projected rainy weekend? Or are the local retailers just gouging us?

  3. I would like someone to explain just what the HRC in Evansville does for the citizens of this community especially in light of them having a $350,000+ per year budget (figure based on the county’s 13% amount being 47K per year). Mrs. Clements main point supporting the “service” was quoted as being important because those wishing to file a complaint having to go all the way to Indy would be a tremendous burden. However a quick trip to the ICRC page of provided the following on How to file a complaint –

    How – Complaints may be filed by either personal delivery, mail, or fax. If needed, the ICRC staff will provide assistance in drafting and filing the complaint. The complaint must be in a writing and signed under penalties of perjury.

    So it seems there is no need for traveling to Indy to file a complaint. What else does the HRC do?

      • Sorry, that was just the first version of the rule change the Romney people wanted to ram through. Apparently they settled for a slightly less Orwellian compromise of taking only the grassroots’ left testicle.

        Did anyone else see the part where the teleprompter from which John Boehner was reading actually said “the ayes have it”?

        The Convention was a scripted farce.

      • But for the record, the rule that was rammed through – without a real vote by the way – will prevent any future Convention from having any substance by assuring delegates have to vote according to the results of the statewide straw poll beauty contests and will prevent any future insurgent candidates like Reagan in ’76 or Paul in ’12 from coming in and signaling a sea change in the Party. It is a blatant blow to the average Republican and a cause for celebration at the Country Club, I’m sure. I am absolutely livid and ashamed. Anyone who thinks I have no cause to be, or should just shut up because I am a PC needs to watch the video of the teleprompter Boehner was reading from at the Convention and listen to the volume of the “ayes” and “nays” again.

    • Great letter. Sounds like a case of highjackson. Sincerely hope the ERM stands tall and firm.

    • Thanks for posting the link….while one sided it does paint a clear picture of the allegations…enough to draw a conclusion.


    • Everyone should read the letter…………….I now belive the Vanderburgh Co Commissioners should DE-FUND THE ENTIRE BUDGET oF the HRC………………………..THAT KIND OF Hearing Officer for the HRC is completely out of line with how we should operate ….FIRE HIM AT ONCE or I will start a motion to fire him at the next EVANSVILLE/VANDERBURG HOMELESS COMMISSION AND WITH THE MAYOR WHO APPOINTS HIM.———POOR POOR GOVERNMENT

  4. One thing I do know from having looked up the Evansville Rescue Mission’s Form 990 filings and from observing the Rescue Mission in action for the last 60+ years is that there really is no comparison between their value to this community and the value of the City of Evansville Human Relations Commission. The Rescue Mission wins hands down.

    It is truly unfortunate that the HRC has initiated a legal action against the ERM, and I would like to know more about this suit.


  5. Take a look at the “informative brochure” on the HRC home page ( Note that the brochure puts Weinzapfel’s name front and center as the mayor. I guess we know who is still calling the shots. The county’s executives?…send out a search party, the HRC can’t seem to find them to put on the page.

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