IS IT TRUE August 3, 2013: Special Saturday Edition

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE August 3, 2013

IS IT TRUE that there is a most wonderful establishment on the island of Maui called Java Jazz?…Java Jazz is owned by a gentleman (loosely speaking) named Farzad who has been a friend of this writer for over 10 years?…that of all the things in this world that Farzad who is an entrepreneur, an artist, and a politically incorrect philosopher loves, his most treasured thing is the United States of America?…Farzad is of course a citizen who came to America from Persia but his love of this country exceeds that of most native born citizens?…Farzad is so passionate about American service people that every month he uses some of the profits from his business to bring people who have earned a purple heart in battle to Maui for rest and relaxation?…Farzad is starting a radio show soon from Java Jazz and there is a very high probability that someone from the CCO will be a guest on a regular basis?…when it comes to politics, Farzad agrees with the CCO that both major parties could use some serious improvement and that Libertarian principles may just be the salvation of either the Democrats or Republicans who have strayed so far from Jeffersonian realism that they have a long journey back to be sustainable?

IS IT TRUE that of the 953,000 jobs created in the United States during the first 7 months of 2013 that 731,000 of them were part time jobs and only 222,000 are full time jobs?…our government counts them anyway toward determining the unemployment rate?…all one has to do to be regarded as employed by the federal government for the latest weeks data is work one hour as a babysitter or a manual laborer for a paltry amount of money?…all of the part time jobs created this year (77% of all jobs) count toward employment whether these people work 1 hour or 29 hours per week?…a full time job for government calculation purposes constitutes working 30 hours or more per week?…this migration to a part time job society is a direct result of the half witted law formally known as the Affordable Care Act but informally referred to as ObamaCare?…this is just one more reason to force congress to hold a bill for 3 months before passing it and requiring each member to sign an affidavit stating that they have read every bill at least a week before being allowed to vote on it?

IS IT TRUE that New York Congressman Charles (Charlie) Rangle who was caught up getting free and reduced accommodations a couple of years ago was quoted by the Daily Beast in an interview last week as saying that “the Tea Party is the same group of White Crackers who fought against civil rights”?…while the City County Observer supports civil rights and admires the team of people who fought, bled, and died for civil rights, we really wish that the use of terms like “white crackers” would be met with the same level of disgust as other racially insensitive words?…in this arena there is no such thing as equal protection in the court of public judgment and media frenzy?…all racial slurs are bad and some are meant to demean?…the way that Congressman Rangle used the term “white crackers” was not only meant to demean people of the present for the sins of people of the past, but it was used in a media forum that does nothing but inflame hatred and promote distrust?…unless Congressman Rangle was referring to saltines or soda crackers as opposed to using that term as a racial slur then he should be tossed into the same media meat grinder that Paula Deen was?…it would be justice for Congressman Rangle and Paula Deen to be sentenced to eat a few meals together to think about the words they have chosen to use?…they may just learn to like each other?


  1. “this migration to a part time job society is a direct result of the half witted law formally known as the Affordable Care Act but informally referred to as ObamaCare?”

    Everything wrong in the world today is a direct result of the Affordable Care Act. Just like Social Security and Medicare destroyed everything positive back when they were enacted.

    It has nothing to do with a Party who votes against eliminating tax subsidies for companies moving their operations overseas and votes against rewarding companies with tax incentives for moving their operations back to the good ole part time USA.

    It’s all about ObamaCare. The law that is trying to get these deadbeat non-health care insurance lackeys sitting around in their gold plated wheelchairs in emergency rooms out of there.

    Yeah buddy

  2. “[Is it true that] this migration to a part time job society is a direct result of the half witted law formally known as the Affordable Care Act but informally referred to as ObamaCare?”

    Do you have proof or even solid evidence of that declaration? Or is it just another of your unsupported editorial comments? Or maybe rather than engaging in an in-depth analysis of your purported “migration to a part time job society,” you find it easier to repeat pseudo-conservative talking points ad nauseum.

    • The statistics on the 2013 hiring came directly from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. The editorial words were collected from various CEO’s who now openly discuss their strategy to maximize part time workers to avoid the costs associated with ACA. The words were actually toned down quite a bit from what the CEO’s have been saying.

      • Corporations have employed part time scheduling and 1099-contractors for many years and long before 2013 to avoid paying health care and other employee benefits. It’s just become “fashionable” to blame everything on Obama and Obamacare. Not that I agree with the Affordable Care Act, etc. As you know, I have long advocated for single payer, universal health care paid for by a fully employed, well paid American workforce.

        • I agree with you Bill. If 3% – 5% would cover this, which it should if hospitals did not look like the Ritz-Carleton and basic maintenance was doled out in a less opulent way it would be a bargain. Heck, it would be a big cut in the overall cost to provide healthcare. We probably should have just hired Canada to do it. It is clear by now that no American congress comprised of any mixture of the two parties we have now will ever take on the healthcare machine to do this in a sane way. As for avoiding coverage by doing part timers and 1099 contractors, sure it has always gone on but not like it is now. Such practices have gone from fattening up the bottom line to survival of the business. I don’t know where Papa John came up with his 7 cents a pizza number but it has to be bullcrap. Even at 7 cents a meal across the board it would be a bargain. Who wouldn’t pay 21 cents a day for healthcare?

            • Yes, I know that John Schnatter said that. I just think he is full of bullcrap. 5 cents a pizza is one half of one percent of revenue. If Papa John is correct we should be able to fund healthcare with a 0.5% sales tax. Sorry Papa but there is no way this is sufficient. By the way if anyone comes forward with a pro-forma to fund universal healthcare with a 0.5% sales tax I think it will pass congress with close to 100% of the vote. Papa John did not think it through any better than Nancy Pelosi did.

          • Can’t get my links to pull up for some reason but probably because I over-in-dulged last night and not yet capable of doing it right.

            Google the Forbes link if interested.

          • Mr. Ed., the blame for a lot of this whole political culture of can’t-get-anything-done can be laid at the feet of the constant drum beaters of negativity and hyper-criticism for the sake of … well, I really can’t put my finger on exactly why the drummers of negativity are so hyper-critical. Maybe you can help me out there. WHY?

            But the effect of it all is gridlock not only at the national level of politics, but now has filtered down to the local level.

            Used to be, at least in Evansville, after an election was over, we all got together and worked to improve our city, our county, to the benefit of our constituencies. Now, no matter who tries what to make Evansville more attractive to business, conventions, entertainers, artists, agro-tourism, whatever, it seems all we hear out of a certain cadre of negativity is more negativity and hyper-criticism.


            • On a local level it is because people disagree on what constitutes improvement and what limited resources should or should not be used for. On a national level it is more frustrating. It seems as though since roughly 2001 that it does not matter which party is in control, and both have been, that little gets done. The things that do manage to get done are so poorly implemented that they lose all support before they go into effect. ACA is the current example but there are plenty of others that are less visible. The vision seems to be there but the ability or even patience to design and implement is not.

              Back to the local level. Evansville does not have a clear vision as to what it wants to be and recent administrations are anything but transparent. At any rate, there is a feeling of skepticism and distrust in government coast to coast on a very high level. It is not just an Evansville thing. When government can’t do its jobs the natives get restless. We as a country have been restless since 9/11 and with the exception of the 2008 Obama campaign hope has had no belief supporting it.

              Reagan was elected with a slogan “are you better off than you were 4 years ago”. The reality for a vast majority of Americans is that today’s question would have to be “are you better off than you were 10, 15, or 20 years ago” and often the answer is “no and we never will be”. That my friend is the source of the negativity.

    • I know for a fact Bill that companies are doing what the editor states. I also know this is a hard subject to argue because employers never should have been involved in their employees health care insurance to begin with.

      There has been a vote in Congress each year since 2003 to adopt a single payer Medicare for all type system somewhat like Canada has but has been voted down each time by a wide margin, so that is OUT.

      So now we need to decide if forcing Papa John’s pizza to raise its’ price on a pizza by the tune of 7 cents in order to provide its’ employees health insurance is the answer, or is it better for their employees to resort to food stamps (because of part time crap), medical bankruptcies (which we all pay for) and people like myself who pay their own insurance to have to subsidize them paying an extra $600 to $1,000 dollars a year in insurance premiums.

      I’d rather pay the extra 7 cents. The editor probably wouldn’t.

      That’s what makes the world go around.

      • I would gladly pay 7 cents extra per pizza to provide universal healthcare. The trouble is that would not even come close to paying even a single day of coverage. In my case that would cost $3.64 per year.

      • I agree 100% that employers shouldn’t be involved in employees’ health care, except regarding the withholding of about 3 – 5% to pay for universal, single payer Medicare for all working Americans. Maybe then the major corporations and small business could invest in job expansion, thus eventually reducing unemployment to record low levels. And with all or most able bodied Americans under retirement age working for a living, the Medicare withholding would support universal health care.

        As far as Congress failing to come up with a suitable health care act to vote on, who’s surprised about that? This do-nothing Congress is satisfied to sit on their hands, drawing Cadillac health care coverage for themselves at the expense of the People, and sucking up to special interests and major donors, and reducing their sessions to less than part time hours themselves. Congress has set the model for a part time, do nothing, money sucking, lame ass culture. Both parties!

          • Short Memory! To imply that Republicans screw-up medical care is ridiculous. You want to thank Obama, Reid and Pelosi for our current mess. I hope she has finally read it to see where Obamacare is taking us—down the tube.

          • And buy the way, when it comes to a short memory Wayne, do you remember the year 2000 when they didn’t know what we were going to do with the $5.6 trillion dollar surplus that was on it’s way?

            Short memories seem to represent people in their sexual lives also Wayne.

            You have my sympathy

          • We all disagree and almost hate the people we disagree with on this forum, but the people on this forum, conservative, liberal, libertarian or whatever, are the only people who matter and make the world go around because they are engaged and willing to pay attention to what’s controlling their lives.

            To the people who are dis-engaged, grow up fast before it is TOO late!

  3. Thanks for calling out Rangle for being a loud mouthed racist. You ought to bust on Jackson and Sharpton too. Those three race baiting dirt bags make Paula Deen look like an angel of mercy. It is time for this one sided BS to end. Hold racist blacks to the same standards that racist whites are held to. I don’t like being called a cracker any more than they like being called the n word. Can’t we all just shut the hell up with the name calling?

  4. Chicago is the next Detroit. Its Moody’s bond rating was dropped 3 points in July and now stands at A3. I doubt that President Obama can print enough money to bail out democrat central of the Midwest.

    There will be a steady succession of major cities, that have spent and hired their way into their current predicaments, following in Detroit’s footsteps.

    Good people, who never had a voice at city hall, will be suffering the loss of all they have.

    Some have said that Affordable Care Act was designed to fail. That it will implode and force congress to accept single payer national health care.

    One shudders to think what is in store for this Country if a succession of major cities go under. Welcome to the Socialist Republic of The United Stated of America.

    Apologizes in advance to Bill Jeffers for letting my mind stray into such a dark scenario.


    • Several major Cities are in financial trouble and not just known poor ones. The Cities cannot print money like the Federal Government does.

      • We, you and I, are the federal government! Those people in Washington are the temporary caretakers. An ill informed electorate is in jeopardy of taking down this rather young experiment in self government.

        I doubt that it will be handed over as easily as some people envision. Those who understand what they have will not go gently into the night.


        • The lack of real involvement of most people–regardless of party affiliation— in the political process to make sure elected officials are looking after the best interest of the people is frightening.

          Wayne Parke
          Chairman VCRP

          • This I absolutely agree with.

            Anyone who isn’t informed about what their local or national government is doing is not a citizen, but more like a possum eating out of a dumpster.

            Their breath and intelligence, AND PATRIOTISM all suck.

      • What is absolutely amazing to me is you can say something like this, with which I wholeheartedly agree, but then I’m reminded you have been instrumental in supporting the spending of our current administration in Evansville at nearly every turn, including cheerleading a $10 MILLION DOG PARK!

        Mr. Parke, I’m having the darndest trouble figuring out whether you’re just hitting the crack pipe especially hard these days or going senile. Your political philosophy is about as consistent as baby poo – that is, consistently runny and smelly.

        • Please get your facts correct regarding my support on the City’s spending. While I agree with most things the Mayor has done–but not all.
          Example: Johnson Control Project.

  5. Thanks for the patience editor, but I’ll be moving on.

    You won’t have ReggieRomo to push around anymore.


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