IS IT TRUE August 3, 2012


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IS IT TRUE August 3, 2012

IS IT TRUE that yesterday was a day for the record books in Evansville, IN when it comes to weather?…that the 99 degree temperature was the hottest August 2nd ever by one degree before the storm from came through and dumped enough rain on us to set a precipitation record for the day too?…for native Midwesterners yesterday was the hottest and wettest day in Evansville ever?…this summer has been a doozy?

IS IT TRUE Alan Brill’s legal attempt to stop the auction of the contents of Roberts Stadium did not persuade a judge to disable the hammer?…that the auction will be proceeding as scheduled tomorrow morning?…the judge did seem to leave a small crack of hope for Mr. Brill when it comes to the demolition that is expected to begin sometime in September?…that Brill is representing himself in this action which is admirable from a thrift point of view but that if he really wants to have a chance against a team of attorneys he needs a hired gun himself?

IS IT TRUE Team USA is having many proud moments representing our country at the London Olympics?…from Michael Phelps proving once and for all that hitting the bong won’t keep you from winning gold medals to that radiant young lady Gabby “Flying Squirrel” Douglas who came into her own to become an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics at 16, our team is doing a great job?…the unexpected wins like Gabby’s are the ones that make you feel the most proud?

IS IT TRUE the request by CORE that is legally asking that the referendum on consolidated government be removed from the ballot is bringing out the worst of the supporters on both sides?…that name calling has started and that the people of Vanderburgh County who are most passionate about this issue are practicing the Tonya Harding politics that was a daily occurrence during July in the presidential race?…that for those of you who have forgotten Tonya Harding was the figure skater who had an opponent clubbed in the leg so assure herself of being the most talented skater at the Olympic trials?…that politics and the NFL seems to be the places in this world where Tonya Harding tactics of doing damage to the other side by breaking the rules is just how things are done?…if one has less talent and a poor record clubbing the other side with insults and lies is how things get done in politics?…the names of fools, liars, imbeciles, desperate, and some unprintable things are being tossed at the folks that are legitimately using the legal system to adjudicate their questions?…the best course of action for both sides is to let the court decide these four points which with the exception of the count are for legal minds to decide on?…that as for the count, let them challenge whatever signatures they think are not valid and let an unbiased party verify the count?…that one either makes it or it doesn’t based on numbers?

IS IT TRUE many people are wondering what is going on with the McCurdy Hotel project?…the Vanderburgh County Assessor’s website still reports that the property is owned by City Centre Properties LLC of Carmel, IN and that there is still an outstanding tax bill of $21,525,84 including penalties attached to the property?…the assessed value of this property is only $821,600 and if it were not for the 2% cap on property taxes this one would be looking at a tax bill of $24,224 instead of the $16,743 that it currently is?…if the McCurdy is reassessed someday in the future based on the estimated $13 Million refurbishment cost then the taxes will go up to $260,000 per year?…such levels of taxation reduce the value of the building and are a big deterrent to outside investors?…the CCO hopes that whatever is holding this project up gets out of the way so it can proceed before this building degrades even further?


  1. What’s holding up the project is probably what has always held it up. Converting it to luxury appartments/condos doesn’t make sense in this economy and in this town. The CCO has proven (if you believe their calculations… and they were dead on with the Convention Hotel evaluation) there is no way that the numbers work out that a profit can be made. If no profit then no bank loan and no refurbishment.

  2. The name calling is from one side only. The CORE group found discrepancies in the petition and the number and validity of signatures, and presented a letter to the County Clerk asking that if their findings are verified,remove the referendum from the ballot. This is a nation of laws, and if laws are broken, justice must be served.

    • I agree, Zen. Even if I were for consolidation, the opponents have every right, I’ll stop short of responsibility, to insure the thing is done correctly. However, I am against this measure, so the right thing has been done, and the howler monkeys are slinging poo because someone had the audacity to question them.

      VOTE NO to Consolidation.

  3. Voting NO.
    I don’t trust the horse that’s leading the vote yes wagon.
    If the rich, powerful and “elite” of our community are pushing for this campaign agenda then everyday working class folks like myself don’t stand a chance under Vandygov.

  4. I think Michael Phelps has ensured his name on the High Times Hall of Fame shrine of famous pot smokers who proved you can toke it up now and then and still kick the crap out of everyone else in a physical endurance sport.

    Time to legalize pot, folks. It’s been a long time coming. Let’s free all those innocent, imprisoned pot smokers and dealers and get them training for 2016.

  5. If any one is found to be juggling numbers they need to do some jail time , not a slap on the wrist

  6. On the McCurdy… The Editor makes great points about the future tax liability of the property and the detriment that has in the mind off any potential investors. $260,000 in property taxes alone would require a massive cut off the top of any future hotel business there. I fail to see how $13 million in improvements automatically raises the value of a property by that amount. That assumes developers made a sound investment with each and every dollar.

    On the CORE challenge issue, I think a Mayor who ridicules concerned constituents openly on evening news needs to check himself. The Law is there to be obeyed. If the signatures are improper on the original petition, or if any other legal ducks were not put in a row, CORE has every right to challenge that under the LAW. They are absolutely within their rights here to challenge the petition signatures.

    I can tell you from experience as well that the election office is so far behind in voter registrations, at least as of the time of the primary, that I wouldn’t be surprised if half of the signatures on any petitions were invalidated due to simple addressed being outdated.

    • C/P said the yes folks got a free drink for showing up at their rally. Hope Williams wasn’t there. That is a violation of state law, unless the cp got it wrong. He is sworn to enforse the laws of the state. Excise police should make a visit, any complaints must be investigated, I’ll inquire if artical was correct.

  7. Why can’t Mayor Winnenke just be his own person. Everbody knows that the past Mayor and Winnenke’s wife run this city at this point. Both people enjoy a very low rating with the taxpayers of this area.

    Remember when Russ Lloyd, Jr. was Mayor and seek advice from Carol “the know it all” daily. One termer.

    Her husband is quickly headed in that direction!

    • At first, I was excited about Russ Lloyd getting into the administration. But now I am convinced we have Bevis & Butthead running the city.

      • Is it true that the next mayoral election will feature a Libertarian Primary battle royale? That the Civic Center rumor mill predicts a run-off between Blanger, Brad Linzy and Jordan Baer?

        • I’m a Republican, not a Big L Libertarian…

          That said, if Winnecke doesn’t get his act together on some of these no-brainer issues, I would consider supporting a primary challenger.

          • Let’s start now!

            I’m realy tired of Winnenke’s stupid business decisions.

            Lloyd is making Taxapple look like a genius so far.

            It’s time to take back our city from idiots!

    • Winnecke – Davis……Winnecke – Davis, that’s all our current mayor is/was ever suppose to be…a one term placeholder to keep Rick Davis out of office and hold the fort for Mr Williams, what other reason would career democrats work to put a republican in office? easy answer is keep the skeletons hid and hold the fort….and in reality there is no other reason…is there? ( I don’t want to hear the BS about him being the better candidate we are talking about the democratic party in Evansville, Indiana.)


      • I like Rick Davis, he got hosed by his own party. I predict several independant citizens running for office next election. There is no D or R in this burg, just ‘ole buddies. Dump the batch and start over. And vote NO in NOvember.

        • Rick most definitely got hosed. I just hope he runs again. Outside of him, I just don’t see too many independent citizens running. It will be the usual- political good ole boys.

  8. The taxes on the McCurdy if assessed at the cost to repair ($13 Million) will add nearly $250 to every tenants monthly lease. That is a serious amount of taxes to have hidden in the rent.

    I bet you guys at the CCO $100 that no bank will touch this deal with a 10 foot pole the way it has been proposed.

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