IS IT TRUE? August 3, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? August 3, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the new format of the CCO must be pleasing to our readers?…that yesterday was the highest traffic day we have ever had by 18% over the previous high set last week?…that the highest traffic in any given hour was established two times yesterday?…that our investment in dedicated servers seems to be paying off?

IS IT TRUE that there were a couple of revelations that came to a head at the meeting of the Evansville Redevelopment Commission yesterday?…that one of those was with regard to the anticipated forthcoming contract between VenuWorks and the Evansville Icemen?…that the other was with the silent punting of any discussion regarding the breached contract down at the McCurdy Hotel?…that both of these situations just underline the ineptness of the negotiating capacity of John Kish and the Evansville Redevelopment Commission?

IS IT TRUE that the whole Arena was sold (or forced down the throats) of the people of Evansville on the premise that semi-professional ice hockey was the wave of the entertainment future?…that the published pro-forma for the cash flow of the Arena includes just over 30 hockey games per year with an attendance of 3,500 people per game?…that at a conservative average price of $15 per ticket that the revenue from the chosen Evansville Icemen is projected is between $1.5 Million and $2 Million per year?…that the Icemen have been one of the main reasons to have even designed the Arena the way it was designed?…that now project manager John Kish is quoted as saying “LOSING THE ICEMEN WILL NOT HURT THE SOON-TO-OPEN FACILITY”?…that we are once again shocked and amazed at the inconsistency of the statements that come out of Mr. Kish’s mouth?…that it is a good thing that there is an audit trail of public statements to refute this nonsense because no one could ever make this stuff up?

IS IT TRUE that you all heard the term Louisville Icemen right here in the City County Observer first back in the spring?…that this statement was dismissed by Mr. Kish and others who are paid to cheerlead for the Weinzapfel Administration?…that it was even stated by administration surrogates that there could be no VenuWorks contract without the Icemen?…that at this stage of the game that the Arena needs the Icemen more than the Icemen need the Arena?…that even if the Icemen are given free use of the Arena for the first couple of years that the Arena will be better off for it?…that we are all seeing the unraveling of another ill thought out scheme that seems to change every month or so with the temperature and humidity?

IS IT TRUE that the ERC has kicked any action regarding the McCurdy Hotel down the road to September 7th?…that when this whole mess is exposed that this could be a career ending debacle that will make the attempt by the Weinzapfel Administration to sneakily revoke the Homestead Tax Credit look like good judgment?…that the financial mess down at the McCurdy may take years to work out?…that when this truth comes out and you can bet that it will that the Executive Inn Dilemma will seem like a walk in the park?…that the City County Observer is on this story like the Watergate reporting crew was on President Nixon in his last days in the White House?…that we are solidly in the fact checking stages and will release purely factual information within the next week that will make even the most financially challenged among us shake their head in disbelief?

IS IT TRUE that Evansville Icemen owner Ron Geary is quoted as saying that “it is almost like the City of Evansville does not even want us in the new Arena” when he was asked about the state of the negotiations?…that if there is no hockey that we wonder what the purchasers of the premium seats, that bought them from VenuWorks before VenuWorks was authorized to sell them, at prices not yet disclosed to the public will think of their blind call options now?…that thanks for the $55k, the contract is voided, and there is no hockey anyway may just make a few people angry?


  1. Very vice job of summarizing the serial failures of the City, ERC and Kish. This level of sustained incompetence is stunning, even for governmental entities. Keep of the good work CCO.

  2. It might be interesting to know what each has offered before we judge as to who is being unreasonable.

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