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    IS IT TRUE are wondering why is the Vanderburgh County/Evansville Building Corporation are receiving lease payments from EWSU because it is the bond holder?
    IS IT TRUE several people are wondering if the City stop building the waterfront Skate Park because of money issues?
    IS IT TRUE that a past Harvard Business School study that assesses the competitiveness of the United States of America?…in this study, it states that in 1964 a full 77% of the population trusted the federal government to do the right things to make progress happen and that today around 17% of Americans trust the federal government?…that has increased from a low of 15% in 2009?…one could almost surmise that with that low of a number trusting the federal government that it can’t go much lower since roughly 15% believe silly things like Elvis is alive and well and Hitler is living in Argentina plotting a return to power?
    IS IT TRUE that one of the most important missions of the mainstream Media is to call out the failure of our elected officials for choosing fun and games over substance, exposed idiocy, and self-serving squandering of taxpayer dollars in search of votes?  …the Media should be willing to take the powerful and connected to task every time they do something underhanded to pick the taxpayer’s pockets?


    IS IT TRUE, that in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industrial Regulatory Authority (Finra) mandate cities and towns with populations of greater than 100,000 will be required to report their financial status by using the accrual method of accounting for the end of each year? …that Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, and South Bend have been using the accrual accounting method for many years? …over the years Evansville has been receiving adverse opinions from the SBOA in regards to overdrawn accounts? …that past financial reports by the City weren’t compiled by using the accrual method of accounting?  …we hope that the Winnecke Administration is complying with the Indiana State Board Of Accounts request to report all their unrecorded liabilities including leases that the Bond rating of the City will be greatly affected?
    IS IT TRUE that GuideStar is a publication that collects legal information on all of the non-profit organizations in the United States?…GuideStar collects financial, organizational, performance, and management information on all of the non-profits nationwide?…based on the information that is public plus information that is voluntarily submitted to GuideStar by the non-profits, each organization is assigned a transparency grade from Nothing to Bronze, to Silver, to Gold, and only the best of the best or 0.5% of the non-profits nationwide get the coveted Platinum rating?of the 345 non-profits registered in Evansville, Indiana only 1 has been awarded a Platinum ranking for transparency? ...most have no rating at all which means they are not submitting information to the GuideStar public database?  …if you find an active non-profit organization with NO Rating all we can say is beware?
    IS IT TRUE when small-town politicians that preside over an increasing crime rate and a mediocre economy that gets national attention, every pissant politician who rides in parades hearing “Hail to the Chief” in their own mind catches “Buttigieg Derangement Syndrome”?…we hope that this political disorder won’t be contagious enough to infect the thinking of a few current elected officials?