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IS IT TRUE that a late great professor from the University of Evansville once said, “Come to the revolution all of this $%#! will cease?”…the obsession with fun and game spending is what has led the sheep to this unsustainable abyss?
IS IT TRUE we just received the following email from third-party Mayoral candidate Michael Daugherty?  …that Mr. Daugherty made the following statement: I wanted to provide an update.  I received a personal phone call from Tara Barney, CEO of EREP, in regards to my not receiving an invitation to the Mayoral candidate forum to be held at Bally’s.  I have accepted her apology for the invitation error concerning this event and I am ready to move forward.
I am excited to speak in front of an audience in regard to improving our wonderful city and sharing my vision for a better Evansville.
IS IT TRUE that the City Of Evansville doesn’t have the money to make 9 million dollars worth of repairs on the FORD CENTER?  …that we are told that City leadership has come up with an abstract way of raising funds to renovate the FORD CENTER?  …that in today’s CCO we have posted an article concerning this extremely controversial way of raising 9 million dollars to renovate the Ford Center?
IS IT TRUE that fiscal conservative and former Evansville City Councilmen Justin Elpers said: “that the Evansville health insurance plan is supposed to be self-funded by employee copays and deductibles, but what we have seen over the last five years is that the self-funded plan is not self-funded,”  …that now Vanderburgh County Commissioner Elpers also commented, “That’s why we see the imbalance in the City’s employee Insurance Plan”? …that the CCO feels that now Vanderburgh County Commissioner Elpers’s comments concerning the above Evansville Employee Healthcare plan are spot on?
IS IT TRUE that we are told that the EVSC officials have authority under the “Temporary Loan Resolution” to draw down millions of dollars in low-interest loans to help defray current operating expenses?  that we are now told that the practice of EVSC Administration applying for and receiving a “Temporary Loan Warrant” may have been going on for many years?
IS IT TRUE when well-credentialed scientists cannot make prediction better than a dart-flinging monkey, what is an intellectually challenged elected official to do?…the answer is to panic and makes edicts that are then overturned time and again because most politicians are literally in way over their heads?… the official position of seemly of some government officials has gone from “Corona will never come to so please come visit us for a virus-safe holiday” to “wear a mask but we are not going to do anything about it if you don’t”? …the litany of inconsistencies has shaken people’s faith in the ability of government to know right from left or up from down?
IS IT TRUE that one of the most serious impending health crises facing America today is the possibility of the reinsurance of the COVID-19 virus?  …that we hope that the majority of our elected officials and medical experts are prepared for a possible impending health crisis?
IS IT TRUE that we are proud of the success of the Ivy Tech LPN Nursing students because every year they achieve an extremely high pass rate for their LPN State tests? …that we would like to congratulate Ivy Tech-Evansville Administration, faculty, and staff for preparing the LPN student to pass these extremely challenging test?
IS IT TRUE when small-town politicians who preside over an increasing crime rate and a mediocre economy that gets national attention, every politician who rides in parades hearing “Hail to the Chief” in their mind catches “Buttigieg Derangement Syndrome”?…we hope that this political disorder won’t be contagious enough to infect the thinking of a few current local elected officials?
IS IT TRUE that the CCO gives five (5) cheers to the Teamsters  Local 215 for establishing the Taft-Hartley Scholarship Fund?  ..that since 1998 the fund has awarded many millions of dollars in Scholarships to deserving students?
IS IT TRUE that we wonder what the Board Of Directors of the Evansville Museum has done with the multi-million dollar “PICASSO On Glass” painting?
IS IT TRUE that our “Readers Poll” is non-scientific but trendy?  …our current “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that EREP leadership not allowing Libertarian Michael Daugherty to participate in their upcoming Mayoral debates is unacceptable?
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