IS IT TRUE August 17, 2012


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE August 17, 2012

IS IT TRUE that a couple of CCO Moles have received messages and emails were sent out today announcing a fund raiser for Republican candidate for the Indiana Senate, Vanetta Becker at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW)?…the pledge of the new head of the Vanderburgh County Democrat Party Chairman Jack McNeely to put a stop to this sort of stuff seems to have worked for a month or two and now the local Democrats are at each other’s throats and living in a most un-Democrat way once again?…that even the United Mine Workers Union (UMWA) whose very existence has been threatened by the Obama Administration has stopped short of having a fund raiser for Mitt Romney in a union headquarters?…that the Democrats of SW Indiana have devolved into the most devolved in-fighting group in the entire country?…in spite of that the CCO will go out on a limb and predict that the UMWA will be forced by its membership to endorse the Romney campaign for president of the United States?

IS IT TRUE that the outstanding employees of the EVSC will not be getting a pay raise for 2013?…that the reason is because school board members spent hundreds of millions of dollars on capital projects over the last several years and now there is nothing left in the till to give raises to the employees?

IS IT TRUE we know the fate of Roberts Stadium but are wondering what plans the EVSC School Board has for the now vacant old North High School complex located on Diamond Avenue? …we wonder how much it cost the EVSC system per month to secure this multi-million dollar piece of property?

IS IT TRUE that the commercial customers of the monopoly known as the Evansville Water and Sewer Department generates about 70% to 75% of total income for the Evansville Utilities Department?

IS IT TRUE that Mayor Winnecke is recruiting for Saturday’s Fitness in the Park at Garvin Park from 8-10 am?…this will be the fourth month for Fitness in the Park?…Amy Lutzel will be leading a group from the bandstand near the Garvin Park fountain on a walk along the Pigeon Creek Greenway?…the walk is for people of all fitness levels?… this is mentioned this because it is not on the flyers sent out today by the Mayor’s office?…there will also be a healthy foods cooking demonstration by personal chef Cheryl Mochau?…other activities will include a KidFit Program, plus Zumba and advanced Zumba classes?

IS IT TRUE the pictures of the advances dilapidation taking place at the abandoned McCurdy Hotel has elicited more calls and emails of disgust by the readers of the CCO that nearly anything that has ever been published by this website?…there were also many calls and emails of disgust over the salary adjustments recommended by the Winnecke Administration for a group of only 8 people relative to the entire non union staff of the City of Evansville?…the Golden 10 is now the Golden 8?…the most expressed opinion is that the City of Evansville is low on money, has squandered the future, and that most of the people of Evansville have not seen a 3% raise in years and that there is no reason for a broke city to be handing out 3% across the board increases at all?…the consensus of the people of Evansville on this issue is that the most appropriate raise is a big fat ZERO?

IS IT TRUE that a City of Evansville department head tendered his resignation yesterday at the demand of Mayor Winnecke?…that Brad Mills has served many years in two positions and now he will be seeking employment elsewhere?…the word on the street is that he is alleged to have balked at some back door deals put forward by both of the most recent administrations?…the CCO wishes Mr. Mills well as he will eventually come to appreciate the day he made the decision to leave the employment of a ship that appears to be sinking?

IS IT TRUE that one of the large sources of revenue from the TIF District that was budgeted to pay the note on the Ford Center was the invisible downtown Convention Hotel?…we are safe to assume that there will be no incremental funds coming from the invisible hotel?…we would like to know just how many alternative sourced dollars will be needed in 2013 to make the payments on the Ford Center?


  1. Thanks CCO for finally turning your attention to the mis-management situation at the EVSC.

    It’s been known that for years that the media really never forced them to be finanically responsbile.

    It’s time the media take on the “good ole boys and girls club” at the EVSC.

  2. Well-well-well the CCO has finally question the wastefull busineess decision made by the brain trust at EVSC concerning the old North High school building complex.

    Thanks CCO for turning your attention from city and county government management practices to EVSC bad business decisions.

    Unite voters and let’s join an efort to unseat every presently serving school board member running for re-election this year. Out with the old and in with the new!

    • The plan has been in place for a long time. Build new NHS, button up old NHS, after new NHS is up and running announce new plan for the old building. This will be an alternative high school for those that cannot get along with others. It will then be a jewel in their tarnished crown for doing something special for the kids who choose or don’t try to get along or do their best in school. This plan should set up the other high schools to raise their overall performance as it will remove the “problem” kids. Which is not that bad an idea. It will be how it is “sold” to the public by craming it down our throats with no vetting and higher taxes(much like robert’s stadium and the ford center).

      The real question that should have made the CCO IIT storyline for today is how the New North High School can have a Football Game or any Sporting event without a SECOND exit for the school grounds. I believe the games were not held their last year for this reason and their is still no SECOND exit. Thus I have no doubt it is a SAFETY situation and more than likely a FIRE CODE violation. But, This is the EVSC, they have no rules except those that are convenient for them.

      • Considering that the roof, HVAC, and electrical at Old NHS are completely shot, this is not a likely option. Something that should be considered though is preserving North Gym (by far the finest of any our city school gyms) and keeping it as a community center of some sort, maybe under the auspices of the Y. If something similiar could be done with the Performing Arts Center (civic theatre or any of our other groups come to mind) it would be advantageous as well. Tearing down the connecting structures would allow for ample parking and considering the newness of the North PAC a great reuse of the facility. Funny how the Save Roberts crowd arent pushing this which is much more viable and useful.

        • I don’t doubt your knowledge…but, money is not a problem with the EVSC and the Vanderburgh tax base.

          Smith told the Rotarians that the old North High School on Stringtown Road will be a part of the EVSC’s new alternative education framework. Details are still being finalized, but Smith said the new program will focus on both academics and life skills.

          The school district had previously planned on finding a new owner or occupant for the old North building to trim the expense of operating it.

    • The School Board let spending get away from them……sounds like the U.S.Congress….who we should VOTE all the way OUT on Nov 6,2012

  3. Brad Mills has indeed served the public well and shall be missed.

    Wish I could say the same about the Mayor and Marsha Abell.

  4. Who sent out the email on the Becker event.Is Jack McNeely now the head of IBEW. Many of the unions have always supported Becker so this shouldn’t be a shock.
    Jack Waldroup

    • If this is true McNeely should resign immediately. McNeely wearing two hats, one as union boss and the other as party chairman has no business advocating for the defeat of one of his own candidates. Didn’t the Dems just go through this and saw the foreced retirements of Owen and Robinson for doing the same thing, though not nearly as public as what you claim McNeely has done!

      • Allow me to venture a correction to waitamin’s post by inserting question marks.

        “Who sent out the email on the Becker event? Is Jack McNeely now the head of the IBEW?” Etc.

        I think waitamin is asking CCO to prove their allegations because McNeely is not the head of IBEW and most likely had no hand in sending out the Becker event invitations.

        • Thanks for the corrections. If you help out with all post that need corrections, your going to be busy.

          • AH. Thank you for clarifying that! As written it sounded very different. My apologies are in order.

          • Jack, some folks don’t warrant clarification because their intent always is uber-negative. You’re different because you’ve proven to be willing to work with all sorts of folks to move S.W. Indiana forward economically and politically – a chip off the old block!

  5. Wonder why the local Indiana Historic Landmark Director (Mr. Stewart Sebree) hasn’t taken a public stance on the McCurdy issue? Oh,I gress he been to busy worrying about fixing up his new office in the Greyhound bus station building.

    Also why hasn’t the “KEEP or Make Evansville Nice” group taken a public stance about the McCurdy situation? Oh, they have been to busy talking with Deig Bros trying to encourage them to take down an awning in front of their building.

    • Your questions are valid, pointed, topical, and should be answered.

      KEB currently is concentrating on gateway thoroughfares to Evansville through which pass 20K or greater vehicles a day. State Road 57, U.S. 41, the Lloyd Expressway, are among the major gateways targetted for blight removal.

      In that regard, the Building Commissioner is taking steps through code enforcement to improve Evansville’s image as presented to visitors, residents, and prospective job locators. Complications include ownership of several parcels by the State of Indiana which is exempt from enforcement, and the fact that other parcels are scheduled for acquisition by the State, so owners are hesitant to make costly upgrade to properties that ultimately will go to the State.

      But the McCurdy indeed faces a major gateway to Evansville … THE OHIO RIVER! And by virtue of its prominent location on the riverfront, the broken windows, flapping awnings, graffiti, vermin infestation, weed violations, and structural deterioration indeed should be addressed on a level playing field by the same code enforcement protecol.

      Only problem is, after expending all the effort and expense to write up the violatons and send out the enforcement notices, if the property goes to tax sale, depending on the particular process through which the property goes, sometimes the penalties are never collected to reimburse the cost of enforcement.

  6. Anybody know if the City of Evansville Preservation Officer Dennis Au has spoken out on the McCurdy situation? Wonder if the new DMD Director and or the City Of Evansville Codes Enforcement Director has yet taken as public stance about this issue? Anybody heard the Mayor speaking out on this issue? If not, he must be to busy filming his next “GO CHICKEN FAT” video.

    Why are we supporting the above groups and individual with our hard earned tax dollars? It’s time for local taxpayers make them accountable!

  7. Why hasn’t “Old Evansville Historic District” group taken a public stance about the blighted conditions of the McCurdy?

  8. Yes it is TRUE that the commercial customers of the monopoly known as the Evansville Water and Sewer Department generates about 70% to 75% of total income for the Evansville Utilities Department? Those very important 2000 accounts were merged with the 50,000 residential accounts back in the nintys as a cost cutting measure. IMHO a lot of accountability was lost at that time.

  9. the real conflict will occur if the AFL/CIO board decices to endorse Becker over White. McNeeley is the chairman of this board.

    • I’m embarassed to be a 35 year union member and to learn that Stan Wheeler frmr bigwig of MY union was attending the fundraiser of a Rethuglican. Doesn’t matter to me if your a liberal Rethug or a conservative Rethug, at some point the all must toe their parties line and their party doesnt care about anyone but the rich. For a Democrat candidate to be in bed with a Rethug is bad enough, but for a UNION head to be in bed with one makes me ill. Stan,you just lost my vote and I am glad that you retired if this is how your going to act!

  10. Also who is sponsoring this fundraiser, Local 16’s hall is for rent so it could concievably even be Wayne Park. We need more info before condemning Mr McNeeley, although I’m stilll waiting for some of the Democrats to learn the words to Kumbaya

    • From stories I headd this issue doesn’t involve McNeely. A democratic candidate was openly at a republican fundraiser and commented either on his Facebook or twitter account. Only blame you can place on McNeely is failure to keep his people inline, a consistent problem for Democrat chairman lately. Wheeler is the one who has isolated party rules and ethics I believe, not the party chair.

    • You are coming down to hard on Jack McNeeley before all facts are out………My Vote is for Terry White

      • but is Jack McNeeley’s? he has lead the endorsement and supported Vanetta Becker several times over the years.

  11. Really! Then why didn’t the Democratic Party Chairmen ask 2nd Ward Chaireman, Chris Cooke and 6th Ward Committee Officer, Dave Mosby to resign for openley working for Winneneke?

    No he didn’t, but he did go after the black women (Robinson and Williams) of the Democratic of the party to force them to resign for working for Winneneke!

    Please don’t give me a speech on how “Snowey White” Jack McNeeley is.

    • Connie and Weezy were asked to leave (or fired) by Tony Long, McNeeley was elected along with Mary Hart as replacements for Mark Owen and Ms Robinson. Both Long and McNeeley were, in my opinion, neglegent in not removing Mr Cooke and Mr Mosby. It seems that Mr Cooke has finally removed himself.

      • Brief analysis – Rick Davis was the sole Democrat to lose in the 2011 City Election. Davis did not have the Democrat base backing in the 4th Ward, and the base support was severely lacking in the 2nd Ward and 6th Ward.

        Cut to 2012 – 3rd most important local Democrat party in the state is in shambles compared to years past. Major fundraisers gone or AWOL. Relationship between state party and major factions of local party remain sketchy. Many former party activists and donors alienated from both local party and state party.

        Outcome of statewide Democrat races usually depends on 8th District, with Evansville its most important anchor. Popular Republican candidate with national name recognition running for governor.

        Who’s going to Get Out The Vote in the traditional base neighborhoods? Ask around. Report back.

  12. You guys ought to run the WSJ article “Why mega-events may not mean mega-bucks” in today.

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