IS IT TRUE August 14, 2013 Part 2

Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics
Mole #3 Nostradamus of Local Politics

IS IT TRUE August 14, 2013 Part 2

IS IT TRUE an unannounced meeting of the Salary Advisory Committee 10:00 am this morning in the Mayor’s office was called by the Mayor to discuss about 5 to 8 new positions within the Evansville Water and Sewer Department?… that one of the new position requests may  a $20,000 raise to new city Water and Sewer employee Mike Duckworth?…we shall keep you posted on the happenings of this non announced meeting?

IS IT TRUE the speakers from last night’s meeting at the library regarding the proposed downtown hotel were in near unanimous agreement that the empty lot where the Executive Inn was once is a great place for a hotel and parking garage?…there was even near unanimous approval that these things will help with conventions?…when the discussion moved to how the hotel and its accessories should be paid for the agreement ended?…there were the starry eyed dreamers who really seem to believe that just another $37.5 Million gift to land a hotel and parking lot will instantly transform downtown Evansville into a sparkling vibrant city and that this needs to be supported at all cost?…there were many such people in the room as they had been recruited by the Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Winnecke, and others who have an agenda to move this project forward the way it is right now?…there were an equivalent number of people with a more realistic view of economics that ranged from free market people who think subsidies are just wrong to others who think some subsidy like a traditional tax abatement would be okay but handing out cash like Halloween candy is stupid and counter competitive?

IS IT TRUE that one attendee asked the attorney for the group of hoteliers why this hotel is not being undertaken by some local company?…the answer was for the record that they would if the project was capable of turning a profit as they have all proven by investing in hotels in the suburbs?…it was touched on last night and we do not think it has been touched on before that roughly $10 Million of the deal for the hotel alone are developer fees that will go straight into the pockets of the developer from the pockets of the people of Evansville?…the developer is free to sell the property after 5 years and keep ALL OF THE PROCEEDS?…it would not be the first time that such a stunt has been pulled?

IS IT TRUE that while the City of Evansville has been busily laying the groundwork to follow the mistakes of many other Midwestern cities by betting the last of the discretionary money on hotels, dog parks, and other assorted brick and mortar temples to fun and games the Obama Administration has been running up more white flags of surrender in the implementation of ObamaCare?…first came the delay of ObamaCare’s Medicare cuts until after the election?… then there was the delay of the law’s employer mandate?… then there was the announcement, buried in the Federal Register, that the administration would delay enforcement of a number of key eligibility requirements for the law’s health insurance subsidies, relying on the “honor system” instead?… now comes word that another costly provision of the health law—its caps on out-of-pocket insurance costs—will be delayed for one more year?…according to the Congressional Research Service, as of November 2011, the Obama administration had missed as many as one-third of the deadlines, specified by law, under the Affordable Care Act?…it seems as though there is not a governing body left in this country that can actually put together a cogent plan for anything at all and follow it up with even a half assed implementation?…ObamaCare is the proof that the Evansville City Council needs to VET the hotel proposal completely and take as long as it takes to come up with a contract that is acceptable to the people of Evansville?…it will be interesting to see if 5 members of the City Council will have the courage to step forth and insist that this is VETTED as it should be prior to humoring Mayor Winnecke with a vote?


  1. The City of Evansville does not need to handing out $37,500,000.00 dollars to fund a hotel! If this was a real moneymaker private investors would be jumping on this project! Heck are we flushing money down the sewer? Which of course has to repaired be federal mandate. Would not fixing the sewers be a better mandate of city monies?

  2. Why is the Mayor now holding public meeting in each of the political wards since he already made up his mind on this issue? Looks like another horse before the cart decision. He must really think the people of this community believe their opinions will be considered when it comes to making the final decision on this government this welfare gave away program. Hey, Mayor we get it, these meetings are just another public relations move on your part. Now I know why people are calling you a one termer.

    Get ready for another Earthcare deal in the making. When in the heck is this guy going to stop spending our tax money like a dunking sailor?

  3. I hear from a good source that the Mayor didn’t do a Dunn And Bradstreet credit check on the proposed builder of the new downtown convention hotel.

    If this is true I wonder why the Mayor by passed this extremely important vetting process in order to see if these guys are financially sound.

    • Yes but with a 50% down payment from the city all HCW needs is a pulse to get a loan. Hell even Kunkel could have gotten a loan if the city put half the cost in up front. Kunkel’s deal was only $30 Million. If the city would have given Kunkel $20 Million they could easily have gotten the other $10 Million. Even your editor Mr. Wallace knows the hotel will be worth more than $10 Million.

    • Dunn (John) and Brad (Linzy) have already rated this project a big fat ZERO. Who needs Dunn & Bradstreet when we have Dunn & Brad?

      • For the record, I don’t oppose a convention hotel. I oppose gifting half the money upfront to a developer who, in five short years, can sell and make off with the money Joe Walsh style.

        I am not convinced a hotel could thrive in that location. If one could, a local developer would have surely shown interest by now. Good businessmen know a good opportunity when they see it. If it was there, it would have been lept upon without kicking in $37.5 million in government debt.

          • Joe Walsh would work too. “I go to taxpayer funded hotels, tear out the walls. I have Russ Lloyd pay for it all.”

            • I have a condo
              Forget the price
              Kunkel built it
              I wish it was nice

              I want a hotel
              but it can’t be small
              I’ll use your tax money
              Cause I got the balls

              They say I’m lazy but I know chicken dance
              I’ll use your money on games of chance
              Being Mayor’s been good to me so far

              My town hall meeting’s
              at a quarter to five
              I set the time so
              You can’t arrive

              I have a armored car
              Ride in the back
              We bombed an old lady
              Hope I’m not attacked

              I’m making dance videos
              My cronies they can’t wait
              They speak at town halls and
              Tell me I’m great

              So I got me an office
              Steve Schaefer’s behind the wall
              Just leave a message
              Maybe I’ll call

              Lucky I’m sane after all I’ve been through
              (Everybody sing) I’m cool (He’s cool)
              I can’t complain but sometimes I still do
              Being Mayor’s been good to me so far

              I go to parties
              We drink Opus One
              Ride in private airplanes
              to Branson for fun

              It’s tough to handle
              This fortune and fame
              Other towns are different
              Evansville hasn’t changed

              They say I’m lazy but it takes all my time
              (Everybody sing) Oh yeah (Oh yeah)
              Japan and Amsterdam were fun on your dime
              Being Mayor’s been good to me so far

  4. Why hasn’t the Utility CFO Jenny Collins been fired yet? She’s a one-woman wrecking crew. She’s also like King Midas but the opposite. Whatever she touches turns into poop. SMG, the Controller’s Office, and now the Utilities!

    • It is my understanding that she has not been fired because she has to work through the end of December 2013 for her to qualify for a pension.

      You do know that politicians look out for one another, regardless of party.

      Why would government create a position (CFO of the Water and Sewer Dept.) at $80,000, despite the fact that she was not competent enough as Weinzapfel’s city controller.

      And Winnecke does not have the stones to fire her.

      What does she have on which city officials?

  5. What position is Mr. Duckworth taking? Was it posted?
    Also “$10 Million of the deal for the hotel alone are developer fees” What are developer fees? Thanks to anyone who can answer these questions.

  6. It’s not about a hotel. It is about funneling campaign money and simualur personal perks to a few politicians. No different than Weinzapfel.

  7. A “Crooked little town”? This Scheme “plucks the Chickens” of Evansville, and without a doubt will reinforce Evansville’s reputation as a “Henhouse” controlled by foxes with dubious Ethical conscience.

  8. Have the results of the secret meeting of the Salary and Admin Committee been released yet?

    I urge the Evansville City Council reject their recommendation out of hand.

    It is obvious that Winnecke and his cohorts are interested in giving Duckworth a pay increase.

    The last time we had a Republican mayor, Rusty gave Ducky the choice between a city job or his remaining on the EVSC board. Does any one else have the guts to do that?

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