IS IT TRUE? August 1, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? August 1, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the latest spending report for the new Arena has finally gone over the $95 Million figure that we have been assured would not be exceeded by project manager John Kish?…that it is thus far only a 1% overrun of slightly over $900,000?…that this figure includes both change orders and some work that is not yet completed so that it should reflect the expected final cost of the Arena?…that now is the time for the Evansville City Council Finance Committee Chairman John Friend, CPA to sharpen his vision on the day to day commitments that may be made?…that with the soft costs determined that each dollar that the hard costs exceed $95 Million that either the soft costs will have to be reduced or the City of Evansville will have to ask the City Council to raise its “not to exceed” limit for funding?…that the budget is now busted by how ever little amount and that now is the time to hold the spending feet to the fire?

IS IT TRUE that you can now purchase gasoline at the new station located on the Marine Point property? …the reason why is that the new Marine Point gas station is located in Kentucky where the taxes are 5 cents a gallon lower and where gas is typically 10 cents per gallon cheaper? …that because of this reason you don’t have to drive across the money saving bridge in order to pay less for gas?

IS IT TRUE that on this coming Wednesday the Evansville City Council and the Vanderburgh County Council shall be holding a joint Budget hearing?…one should watch for the discussion pertaining to the overall budget and activities of the Vanderburgh/City of Evansville Information Technology Department?…that there is a quiet but strong movement among elected officials to conduct a full financial review of this seemly highly secret Department?

IS IT TRUE that the other significant piece of the budget for the City of Evansville will be in the allocation of funds to do the design of the Combined Sewer Solution for approval by the EPA?…that to ignore this important line item as was done in the 2011 budget will assure that the City of Evansville will not meet the EPA deadline for a solution?…that if this deadline is missed that it will jeopardize the agreement with the EPA that gives us a lot of time to implement the approved solution AND cause the fines to start again for discharges into the Ohio River?…that if this important item is overlooked that the accumulated cash in certain campaign funds should be attached to cover the fines?

IS IT TRUE “CCO MOLE #3” ask our readers to watch and listen to the discussions pertaining to future plans pertaining to the now vacant Vanderburgh County School Administration building located on the Civic Center property? …this is the reason why the Vanderburgh County School Board move quickly and quietly to relocate its operations across the street last week?

IS IT TRUE that the new voting centers shall only be used on Election Day …that General election voters will be allowed to continue to do early voting at area libraries?

IS IT TRUE “CCO Mole #3” is still saying that how the 5th Ward goes so does the Mayor’s race?…that what is not completely clear in the politically balanced 5th Ward is just who goes with who?…that while it is publically clear that Councilman John Friend is on Team Davis and that Brent Grafton is on Team Winnecke, that there are many people who have told the CCO that they will be voting Davis and Grafton and that others have told us they will be voting Winnecke and Friend?…that neither of the candidates for Mayor of Evansville seem to have much in the way of coattails in the City Council contests?…that it may be the coattails of the 5th Ward candidates that determine the next Mayor?…that it is well known that Lloyd Winnecke needs democrat votes to become Mayor?…that it is equally known that John Friend needs republican votes to retain his 5th Ward City Council seat?

IS IT TRUE that it was abundantly clear from conversations held today that a local CCO would not have any trouble finding political stupidity and malfeasance in South San Francisco?…that selective enforcement and SNEGAL kick back schemes are the rule of the day in that locale as well?


  1. you never had to cross the bridge to get Ky prices on gas (and smokes), the trocadero has been in business for quite some time, although their price is usually 3-4 cents higher than the stations along the strip in Henderson. I figure if I save 10c a gallon I save $1.30 if I fill up from empty so if I value my time it’s hardly worth the drive. Back in the day when I was getting a carton or two of cigarettes it was where I filled up, but I quit that 5 years ago.

  2. I suggest using the old shool admin. bldg as:
    The Weinzapfel Libary–Were the “papers” of his reign will be enshrined.
    and Della can give tours/explanations of the Worst mayor in Evansville History, and her insight on the schemes, backroom”deals”,incompetent enablers, cost overrun failures, etc., as well as the oppressive debt load the dwindleing population owes.

  3. Just think. If Evansville would have built the downtown baseball stadium instead of the new “John Kish Arena” they could have saved themselves
    $ 70 million.

  4. Is it true that Hoosiers buying gasoline in Kentucky are shooting Vanderburgh County/City of Evansville roads in the foot? Is it true that it is your Hoosier gasoline tax that is returned to the county and city for road and street improvements?

  5. Is it true that the 5th Ward long has been a swing district? That the residents of the 5th Ward, whether Democrat or Republican, are all very conservative with their own household budgets, a fact you may verify by asking any merchant in the 5th Ward.

    Is it true that many Democrats in the 5th Ward have voted for Republican council members like David Koehler because they share the conservative values of candidates like Mr. Koehler especially regarding city budgetary issues? Is it true that many 5th Ward Republicans have voted for John Friend because they know he shares their conservative values especially regarding city bugetary issues?

    Is it true that such an independent minded, conservative leaning ward will vote for either 5th Ward candidate this year based on the candidate’s appeal to the conservative bend of the 5th Ward voter, regardless of party affiliation?

  6. Is it true that one ward will decide this year’s mayor’s race, and it will not be the 5th Ward that decides?

    Is it true that Democrats cannot depend solely upon the 6th Ward and the 4th Ward to carry their mayoral candidate or any of the three at-large candidates to victory this year? That the 6th Ward Democrat vote may not be up to historical proportions considering the rifts and lingering sore feelings caused by the Democrat mayoral candidate launching vendettas against all things Mosby? That the effects of such vendettas have spilled over into the 2nd Ward and the at-large races?

    Is it true that the Democrat mayoral candidate and his slate of at-large council candidates, since they can anticipate suppressed turnouts of their base voters in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 6th wards, now will have to concentrate their efforts in enemy territory to overcome the negative effects of all the vendettas launched or supported by the Big Yellow Street Machine?

    • That Street called Vendetta is a Two Way Street, and don’t fool yourself thinking it has ever been anything different with the in- bred Democrats who have controled Evansville for years, to the point of being detrimental to it’s existance.

      Was that a “Vendetta” by the voters last election, where the status quo was “told” to pack it up?

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