IS IT TRUE April 9, 2012 Part 2


IS IT TRUE April 9, 2012 Part 2

IS IT TRUE that we are amazed to hear that 2nd Ward City Council women, Missy Mosby and her Maingate Sports Bar drinking Buddies who filed formal complaints against 6th Ward City Councilmen and Evansville Firemen, Al Lindsey for drinking after a City Council meeting before returning back to work aren’t being called to testify against Mr. Lindsey at his Fire Merit Commission hearing this coming Wednesday? …we were hoping to hear Mr. Lindsey attorney question Ms. Mosby and her drinking buddies on how many drinks they consumed during that evening at Maingate Sport Bar during that famous evening? …we always heard that one should be allowed to face his accusers and wonder why Mr. Lindsey accusers aren’t repeating the statements they made against Mr. Lindsey face to face?

IS IT TRUE we wonder why neither the City of Evansville nor Vanderburgh County has announced what they are going to do with the$6.6 million dollar financial tax wind fall from the County Option Income Tax fund in the very near future?

IS IT TRUE that we are profoundly disappointed to be forced to believe that even the most basic of Vetting procedures was not done on the officers of Earthcare Energy before the president of GAGE made an affirmative recommendation to the City Council for providing a $4.8 Million loan to a company with no revenue, no assets, and no history?…that by basic Vetting that we are not talking about a secret clearance that can take months?…that what we are talking about is first a personal credit check, second a personal background check, third to do verifications on past employment and authentication of academic degrees, and finally to do the same on companies that these guys claim to own or have been officers of?

IS IT TRUE that tonight’s City Council meeting may be the last chance for either a member of the City Council to revisit this hasty decision made under duress and add some due diligence to the process?…that we already know that multiple licenses have already been granted by Langson Energy, that the patent that was clearly stated as in the hand of Earthcare Energy is not even issued, and we furthermore know that a last minute threat was made to go elsewhere if the loan was not approved “as is” 2 weeks ago today?…that exposing your belly to people who make threats like that is really not the way to run a city?…that mistakes like the McCurdy, the nothing Hotel, the Homestead Tax Grab, unclean conditions allowed to proliferate, and misguided judgments on programs like Front Door Pride and $240,000 single apartments are the mistakes of dreamers and the inept?…that blinking to a threat is a much weaker and more desperate situation?

IS IT TRUE that we wonder if at tonight’s City Council meeting if there is not one among the residents of Evansville or its City Council that will raise these questions?…that if no one rises to demand some answers to the very basic question posed by Councilman John Friend and the City County Observer that it will tell us something about the makeup of the community that we never wanted to believe?…that the person or people who come forward will have more clout if they are actually residents of the City of Evansville?


  1. you don’t have to wonder what the city or the county will do with windfall tax money, they are gonna spend it as fast as they get it in their hands

  2. I am also quite shocked that Mr. Lindsey’s counsel did not subpena all of those present at the Main Gate, the night in question. Maybe, just maybe Mr. Lindsey’s counsel feels those witnesses would be more damaging to their case. Just a thought.

    • Pete, read this morning’s Courier & Press. Al Lindsey handed out subpoenas to all the City Council members who he shared drinks with on that fateful evening. I guess Lindsey’s attorney was too busy putting up those huge Republican yard signs for one of his lawyer buddy’s wife who’s running for County Clerk. Funny how the same lawyer went running to the state Democrat party last year crying about disloyal local Democrats!

    • My question would be – “Why isn’t Ms. Mosby and Mr. Weaver being called by the city to represent their case”?? Really strange if they don’t!!

  3. Editor,

    Don’t think that your litany list from Earthcare to Front Door Pride is going unnoticed by the community. It appears that Winnecke feels that the citizens of Evansville should be relegated to being trash pickers for the city while he allows their pockets to be picked for payoffs. These un-vetted maggots are going to have to morph into green flies they are for all to see their source of rotting meat of corrupt politics on which they are feeding.

    Perhaps then Indy will take a little interest in the affairs of Southern Indiana.

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