IS IT TRUE April 4, 2012


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE April 4, 2012

IS IT TRUE that when Evansville makes the national news it is rarely something to be proud of?…that when The Daily Show came to town and christened us to be the “poop in the street” capital of America it was embarrassing?…that then some fool got caught in a chimney in August, got beaten up by his ugly girlfriend for not bringing presents and it was humorous by humiliating?…that yesterday’s caper of a drunkard breaking into a former Commissioner’s dog pen and trying to entice the dog to lick his rear end just takes the cake (or whatever)?…that MSNBC picked it up and ran it too?…that the only explanation for this stunt is that a sequel to Jackass must have been in town filming an upcoming movie?

IS IT TRUE that Mayor Dave Bing of the City of Detroit is a man of accomplishment and class?…that Mayor Bing has found success in every endeavor that he has ever taken on from professional sports to private business?…that by success when it comes to Dave Bing outside of the political world we mean the kind of success that business books and legends about heart are made of?…that on the heels of the corrupt previous City of Detroit administration that was essentially a playground for elected Mayor Kwame Kirkpatrick and ruinous for Detroit that Mayor Bing heard the call from the city that he loves and left his life of accomplishment to lend his considerable expertise to the 50 years rescue effort of the City of Detroit?…that Mayor Bing’s winning streak is about to come to an end on Thursday when the State of Michigan will be taking over the City of Detroit and stripping the City Council and Mayor Bing of their authority?…that will happen unless the City Council votes to move boldly toward a solution to the fiscal crisis today?…that would be a first?…that it is a sin and a shame that a great man like Dave Bing has been broken on the legacy of corruption, kickbacks, shrinking population, urban violence, and government malfeasance that Detroit has come to exemplify?…that some jobs are too big and some problems are so magnanimous that the home team has no chance of righting the ship?

that is has now been 3 days since a complete technology study in real conditions of the Earthcare Energy concept was supposed to be finished?…that we encourage the members of the Evansville City Council who have been skeptical about this deal to invite Ms. Dewey to come before the council at its next meeting to address the technology study, the questions of Councilman Friend, and the questions asked by the City County Observer’s publisher?…that if you want to see a current example of what happens when a company has limited intellectual property, is easily copied, and is reluctant to share information with investors look to Chicago’s Groupon that has seen its stock collapse by over 40% during 2012?

IS IT TRUE that the State of Indiana has taken Whirlpool to task and has gotten a check for $800,000 to make up for tax breaks that were granted in 2009 to keep 260 jobs in Evansville?…that the state’s economic development arm, the IEDC, took action on Whirlpool’s non-attainment and have been rewarded with $800,000 in damages?…that we wonder just how many damages could be awarded to the City of Evansville by Whirlpool for not living up to their end of a tax abatement bargain?…that deal after deal was made by City of Evansville officials over the years to retain 10,000, then 8,000, then 5,000, then 2,500, then 1,100, and now 260 jobs?…the despite handing Whirlpool the keys to the candy store of taxes and incentives that now in 2012 there are 230 people working there from a high of 10,000 in the early 1980’s?…that the people of Evansville should be getting a big check for all of the things that any company promised to get a tax break and did not do?…that this list is very long?…that we wonder just why our city leaders and economic development agencies have not felt a need to get some of that money back?

IS IT TRUE that former Mayor Weinzapfel has taken a job at the law firm long known as Baker Daniels?…that this firm prospered in Evansville under the Weinzapfel Administration getting legal work for multiple municipal projects and most recently as counsel to the City of Evansville on the soon to be started $51 Million Johnson Controls project?…that whatever number of jobs that credit was taken for creating by the Weinzapfel Administration that number needs to have one more added to it?


  1. Hey CCO! I never say the release of the details regarding the Johnson Controls project. Did that ever come about?


      • John’s Control,

        Look over to the right-hand side of the screen, under either the Bulli-Bone ad or the Joe Harrison ad is a search box. Enter “Johnson Controls” in there, hit enter, and you’ll get it. The reporting between 12/27/2011 and 1/1/2012 was the initial round.

        • Okay…thanks. I am requesting a copy of the signed 200 page contract for review. Is this sufficient or do I need to call or write you a letter for the requested material?


          No more John’s Control!

  2. That Dewey woman will never answer those questions unless someone of authority forces her to.


  3. Why don’t you file a FOIA on GAGE. They are nothing but an arm of the city now anyway.

  4. Regarding the recent vote by the Evansville City Council on voting in favor of Earthcare Engergy’s $ 5 million loan package, I think the Evansville City Council has really “stepped in it” this time. Main Gate “gate”, smoking ban and now this.

  5. It is not bad enough that Indianapolis law firm Baker&Daniels hired ex mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel, but he is coming back to Evansville to open and run his office here!

    * * * * * * * *

    “Weinzapfel said on Tuesday he will be based in Evansville and will lead businesses and cities around the state in navigating legal waters. Faegre Baker Daniels has offices across the globe and was started in Indianapolis.” (Sarkissian,C&P)

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    There is absolutely no way this should be allowed by law to take place, not on a State level, and certainly not at our local level.

    How disgraceful and disgusting can ones behavior get? Where are the men of moral fiber in this town? Men who know ethical behavior and know what happens when unethical behavior is not only allowed to happen, but is thrown in the face of citizens, along with the challenge of: “there, now see what you can do about it!”

    I can not fathom that State or Federal Statute would allow Jonathan Weinzapfel to set up his shadow government here in Evansville, but is there an intelligent individual out there at this time who does not see the hazard here and wonder who is really in charge of Evansville’s future?

    Lets send Boss Tweed packing before he is allowed to extend his tentacles any further into the community. We had an election and this fellow was rejected. What does he not understand about that?


  6. Pressanykey – that is the most awesome chunk of funny nuttiness I’ve read in a long time.

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