IS IT TRUE? April 25, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? April 25, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the City County Observer has no intention to endorse any candidate for any office as it is our policy to report the positions of the candidates and encourage the people of Evansville to think for themselves and make an informed choice in each race as individuals?

IS IT TRUE that we wonder why the Mayor of Evansville is pushing so hard to a have signed labor agreement between the City of Evansville and our outstanding fire fighters by April 29, 2011?…that it is our guess that this is because of “pure political reasons”?

IS IT TRUE that we wonder why the Mayor of Evansville never sends his internal office e-mail to City Councilman Don Walker?….that we have been told that Mayor Weinzapfel thinks Councilman Walker is a “City County Observer MOLE”? …..that Mr. Walker isn’t a CCO MOLE? ….that we can admit that the CCO has at least 132 well placed “MOLES” that are elected and non-elected individuals who provide services or are employed at the Vanderburgh/Evansville Civic Center?

IS IT TRUE that the Easter Parrots were squawking again about CREATING JOBS?…that the big jobs plan seems to have morphed into doing exactly what has been done in the past?…that it doesn’t take much thinking to come up with a “IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT” initiative?…that while the job creation engine of Evansville may not be broken but that it surely is in need of some repairs and a tune up?…that the Evansville Job Creation Engine is just like the Evansville Parks System when it comes to maintenance and creativity?…that beyond the platitudes there is nothing YET from the candidates for Mayor of Evansville when it comes to a JOBS PLAN?

IS IT TRUE that there is one department in which the City of Evansville has a very good track record of minimizing the unemployment rate?…that during the last decade that for every job that left Evansville at least one person left with it?…that the machine that drives the population from our fair city is actually providing a service in keeping the unemployment rate low as compared to growing cities that must add jobs to keep the rate the same?…that in a city that has 50,000 jobs and loses 5,000 of those jobs that the unemployment rate will increase by 10% UNLESS all 5,000 of those people and their families pack their bags and head to another city to live?…that if everyone that loses a job leaves town that we will statistically be able to claim that “we have better unemployment rates that other places”?…that is a technically correct statement but that it sends the wrong message about a faltering economy?

IS IT TRUE that in the first decade that the population of the City of Evansville shrunk by about 4,000 people?…that the labor force as reported by the US Census shrunk by 2,789?…that Evansville is keeping its unemployment rate down by driving people out?…that one of the features of a JOBS PLAN that hopefully one of our candidates will come up with needs to address BRAIN DRAIN, and population loss in general?

IS IT TRUE that there are now 1,543 absentee ballots out there for the 2011 City of Evansville primaries?…that nearly 80% of these absentee ballots will be casted in the Democratic Primary?…that the candidates that appeal to traditional absentee voters would seem to have a decided advantage in next Tuesday’s primary?