IS IT TRUE April 23, 2015


IS IT TRUE at last night’s Republican Lincoln Day Dinner, Republican Chairman Wayne Parke initially turned guest Cheryl Musgrave away at the door? …Chairman Parke told Musgrave he wanted her to leave and didn’t believe her to be a good enough Republican to be at an event with a light turnout, Musgrave questioned Parke as to the definition of a good Republican?….Parke was unable to specifically site an issue with Ms. Musgrave’s beliefs and ultimately relented in his bullying?  …Musgrave was directed back to the table to buy a ticket after Parke made a scene and then backed down?  …in a contest as to who is the better Republican, we would vote for Musgrave? …with allegiance to true fiscal conservatism, Musgrave easily wins? …with Winnecke’s overspending and Parke endorsing Mosby and Weaver, we suggest Parke reevaluate what it means to be a “True Republican”?

IS IT TRUE City Councilwoman Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley filmed Tri-State Voices last night to discuss the City’s finances? …Brinkerhoff-Riley brought graphs demonstrating the drop in the starting balances of the General Fund from 2012 ($4.4 million) to 2015 ($307,000)? …the Councilwoman also showed the drop in the Parks Fund starting balances for the same time period ($3.3 million to -$355,000)? …what was also alarming was the City’s debt for the end of 2012 ($395 million) compared to the end of 2014 ($515 million)? …the discussion was informative and included insight into the relationship between City Council and the Mayor’s office? …the show will air this Sunday at 11:30 am? …Tri-State Voices is a local cable television show hosted by well-known Democrat Mark Owen and Republican Cheryl Musgrave?  …the program runs every Sunday at 11:30 AM on WTSN WOW! 105, TWC 3- 14- 186, and over the air on 20.1?  The show can also be viewed on the Tri-State Voices Facebook page and YouTube channel and also on

IS IT TRUE in coming out of his political coma, Democratic Chairman Rob Faulkner has fired off three press releases criticizing the Winnecke Administration in the last two weeks?  …Faulkner went after Winnecke for failing to fight the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the repeal of the Common Construction Wage and most recently his inability to get full funding for the IU Medical Center? …the latest press release demands that Brian Bosma, while in town for the Republican Lincoln Day Dinner, and Winnecke explain their lack of support for full funding to the public? …Faulkner, who became Chairman of the Democrats in 2013, has been hibernating for nearly two years? …we’re not sure when the spell of alertness will wear off, but welcome to current political events Mr. Faulkner? …it should be fun while it lasts?

IS IT TRUE the amendment designed by Holli Sullivan, Cheryl Musgrave and Gail Riecken in a bipartisan effort is in trouble in the Senate? …the amendment would allow local government to deny permit applications to entities who owe property taxes on the relevant property or any other property? …Representatives Sullivan and Riecken have both reported that Brian Bosma is being pressured by realtors, developers and bankers to kill the measure? …with speculative investing, properties are often bought at tax sale unseen …if a buyer doesn’t see a profit, they can simply let the property go back to the County by not paying the taxes? …the process of giving a property back takes about 18 months, and this common practice results in millions of dollars in property taxes going uncollected each year? …realtors, developers and bankers don’t want to have to take responsibility for their speculative investing and think the County government should foot the bill for their mistakes? …it seems to us that there is no real policy issue with holding people to paying taxes on property they own? …it will interesting to see if special interests win out over the tax payers in this fight for accountability?

IS IT TRUE we hearing that that House Speaker Brian Bosma is considering  either a run for Governor or the US Senate?  …we hope not?

IS IT TRUE we are stunned that 2nd Ward candidate Steve Davis defeated Missy Mosby 125 to 30 margin in our recent Readers Poll?  …Mr. Davis garnered 81%  cast in our Readers Poll?  …our Readers Poll isn’t considered to be a scientific  but it is trendy?



  1. I don’t think it is true that CCO is “stun” by the voting by this site. Mosby’s record is “known” here, unlike out in the 2nd Ward where those votes count. IIT that her record needs to be brought to that wards attention?

    Is it true that Bosma may go back into the private sector? Rumor has it that a certain multi billionaire needs a
    another full time boot li****?

    It is true that obstruction to a law requirement of having taxes being current before a permit is issue is because the majority is of the current party in power? Wondering how much tax lost is in Vanderburgh County without this bill being on the books?

    It is not true that that from December 2013 to now is nearly 2 years. That would require at least 19 months on the job in which that would be June 2015?

    IIT that to be a true republican, you must:
    Treat the wage earners like beep beep beep beep beep?
    Constantly demanding to lower those beep beep beep beep taxes on the wealthy and business while putting the beep beep beep beep onto the middle class?
    Must be self centered beep beep beep beep beep?

        • Arm, You post with such anger sometimes. I thought you were one of the few on here that could be objective.

          • What anger? Speaking truth is anger? Did you knew exactly what each
            “beep” meant? If you had, then you knew the faults of the subject? My
            meaning of anger is not saying something that opposes your thinking
            which appears to be your definition of anger?

            I consider only once that I was in anger, but it was resolved with this site
            several months back. There are some on here that post 180 degree difference
            on every subject as I. There is no anger, because of the way it was presented.
            Now there are several names used that their presentation absolutely “anal”.

            So in conclusion, your definition of anger is my definition of irritation.
            My objective posting will always be that. The time of day of my posting/
            if at all, is my business.

  2. Wayne Parke is a true republican. The truth is they love government spending, as long as it is being funneled to rich white men. Parke is a true example of the modern republican hypocrite.

  3. I beat Al Lindsey in your readers poll and then got smoked in the general election so I would definitely agree your polls are not scientific. Shaun Short

  4. Parke continues to define himself with great clarity,–if the Local Republicans continue to let him define Their Party,–well then,– they are courting irrelevancy,–and contempt.

  5. Is Republican Parke’s real name or is it RINO? Musgrave is a shinning star in Evansville’s dark sky.

  6. It appears Ms. Musgrave became a good Republican after she purchased a ticket for the fundraiser like all the other Republicans had.

  7. I would never give a dime to the local Republican Party as long as Wayne Parke is Chairman. He is an embarrassment and a fool for thinking that his endorsement of democrat candidates will have no personal consequences. He was also a big financial supporter of Evan Bayh. Mr. Parke should have received his walking papers a long time ago. He is part and parcel of the network that enables the local cabal to keep a stranglehold on the city of Evansville. Mike Duckworth is cut from the same cloth. They are two peas in a pod.

  8. ITT “….the process of giving a property back takes about 18 months, and this common practice results in millions of dollars in property taxes going uncollected each year? …realtors, developers and bankers don’t want to have to take responsibility for their speculative investing and think the [County government] should foot the bill for their mistakes?”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Substitute [local taxpayers] for [county government] for a clearer picture of who gets, who pays, which is the number one question you should ALWAYS ask when dealing with government legislation: who gets, who pays.

    • Follow the money. It appears there is an interesting trail to the Clinton Foundation. Millions from foreign governments during her tenure as SOS. Very interesting indeed.

  9. Never vote for a realtor, or a banker…….. make used car salesmen seem honest.

  10. IMHO: Mr Parke personifies the seamy fabric of “behind the scenes” local politics. He is ruthlessly pragmatic and the fact that he operates in plain view causes one to doubt his judgement – if not his very humanity. His “not so subtle” and heavy handed tactics are unflattering and tend to bring down all who willingly associate themselves with him.

    SBR continues to chop wood for the people. Her willingness to give her talents – time and hard work for us – in order that the truth about Evansville’s finances and ultimate survival can be seen – is admirable and will be sorely missed. It is quite sad to witness what happens to good people – when they wander into the dark realm of Evansville politics.

    • There really is not much of “politics” in the traditional sense going on in Evansville. Just one very well oiled machine that transcends party. The battles can only be won with moral and ethical appeals. If the present government here is truly representative of the people, we are in big trouble.

      • I would add that I do not believe that it IS “representative” of the local people. In simple terms, money has this town locked up tighter than a drum, and it will take an exceptionally intelligent and active individual to free it. That person would not necessarily be a politician, but they could be.

      • Press
        Agreed –
        it’s like a man has an elephant puppet on one hand and a donkey puppet on the other. The puppets are then articulated into what might appear to be great battles and heated debates over this – that and the other. Doesn’t really matter who we vote for – the man wins either way.
        Result: Everyone but the machine loses. Sometimes I wonder if my vote might only serve to legitimize
        what would (without our votes) qualify as an illegitimate process. …

  11. A major problem with both parties is the de facto litmus test you have to pass to be considered a ‘true believer’.

    I can’t be a true republican, because I don’t hate gays…
    I can’t be a true democrat, because I don’t think more hand-outs are the answer…
    I can’t be a true republican, because I think environmental and business regulations are needed…
    I can’t be a true democrat, because I think an armed citizenry is an important thing for our republic…
    I can’t be a true republican, because I think the rich shouldn’t be allowed rampant tax evasion opportunities…
    I can’t be a true democrat because I don’t think police officers spend their days cruising around looking for unarmed minority toddlers to gun down for no reason…
    I can’t be a true republican, because organized religion reminds me of a bad fairytale…
    I can’t be true democrat, because wholesale legalization of drugs strikes me as a bad idea…

    Ugh. Political parties beholden to wingnuts suck.

    • DB:

      You are absolutely correct in your assertion that there have been abuses by both parties. You have to put your own house in order before taking on additional responsibilities, and neither party seems motivated to do that. Moral codes are built on a foundation. Trying to separate that foundation from political governance only brings about devolution in a society.

    • There are always shades of grey. Few people have a rigid set of core beliefs and values… except maybe Ghost and MoveOn but. I suspects their beliefs are more of the anti type – anti anything traditional or conservative.

  12. The word you were looking for in the first paragraph is CITE, not site. Do not rely on a spell-checker to correct a word that is spelled correctly, but is just the wrong word.

  13. OK, so let me see if I understand you…..

    Cheryl Musgrave, one of the most successful, intelligent, and loyal Republicans was almost turned away from the premiere Republican event (Lincoln Day Dinner) by Wayne Park, somebody who is not qualified to run for dog catcher, let alone still manages to remain the Republican chair for Vanderburgh County.

    Considering that Wayne Parke (who I am so thankful no longer “blesses” us with his insanity on the CCO anymore) has the audacity and balls to question Cheryl if she is a “good enough Republican” is not laughable, it is a travesty and an insult.

    Cheryl has always been a servant leader in local Republican efforts, and for Parke to make this sort of statement in public just shows what a contemptible and ignorant twerp that he is, and he proves again (for the zillionth time) that he should not be in the position he is.

    What am I missing here?

    • My first question when I read this story was, is it true? Seems a little fishy to me.

      • Common, Surely you don’t think this site would not tell the whole story do you ? They are so impartial.

      • I agree, heard Brian Williams was the new editor. I believe Cheryl is a real social conservative republican. The local D and R leadership appear to have merged and offer us the 2 candidates they want us to vote for. I think the communist party used to do that. Until I hear it from Cheryl it will be a made up story.

    • There is no such creature called “successful republican”. They all died off or were vote out by the loonies and the entitled white privileged christian RW. Everett Dirksen and Charles Percy are gone.

      She’s as mean spirited and condescending as the rest of modern day white privilege republican.

      • The meanest people I know are the white liberal elite democrats that still run the plantations. Chicago, Detroit, Memphis etc. Liberals want 2 classes, the working class and the ruling class, naturally the liberal elite wants to be the ruling class. The liberals always play that class envy card and how the top 1% need to pay more tax, Obama started office with a majority in both houses and failed to produce any meaningful changes. The democrats would like to tax the top 1% to the max but can’t figure out how to tax the conservative 1% and not tax the liberal democrat 1%. Obama had a chance to be remembered as one of our best and most successful president but the white liberal elite democrats made him look like a fool and a liar. Pelosi, Reid and others literally ruined his presidency.

  14. After 7+ years of complete and total mismanagement by the City of Evansville, the historic McCurdy Hotel is now put in the “10 most endangered list” by the Indiana Landmarks:


    Evansville’s McCurdy Hotel, or McCurdy building, has been named one of Indiana’s most endangered landmarks.

    The building was included in Indiana Landmarks’ annual “Top 10″ list of Hoosier landmarks in jeopardy.

    Circumstances that land properties on among the 10 Most Endangered generally involve one or more of the following factors: demolition threat, abandonment, neglectful owner, dilapidation, obsolete use, lack of money for repairs, unreasonable above-market sale price, out-of-the-way location, or encroaching sprawl.”

    Read more:

    • JB, We put that up on the off topic menagerie earlier, one can likely count on the old river house kissing the wrecking ball as well. The Owen block money pit, wild life habitat, should be dropped to the dirt. Its shot, as well as toxic. It has its fan base, some are sincere in the save commitment , however the building is a certifiable toxic waste zone all by itself. The bricks that are falling might take one out before the toxicity, but either way its no place to sport anyone’s working balance. The place is nasty, and crumbling as well. It should go first.
      There is no local master plan to prevent such events. Its always about which real estate crony can suck the federal grant buck up. Having sustainability throughout the entire recovery of certain structures is an art. No Evansville based developer can touch that. However a master of balanced sustainability can. As always looking in while analyzing the conditional’s . We could help, only if revenue bases transparency rides the first horse in the line of attack. We’ll predict the McCurdy , or McCrudy is demolished within the next three years spanning. Its in the downtown cronies ongoing crystal ball, poof the magic BS plan.

      • If it can not be restored as an upscale theme hotel, then it might as well be razed.

      • V, I fear you nailed it. The wrecking ball first hits the McCurdy and in 2-3 more years to Mesker Amphitheater. Planned death by neglect and decay.

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