IS IT TRUE April 23, 2012


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE April 23, 2012

IS IT TRUE that the Associated Press is reporting that 2012 is a horrible year for new college graduates to find employment in their field?…that the last 3 years have been no picnic either and that our nation and especially certain areas that do not have professional based economies are full of degreed waiter and waitresses?…that some of this has to do with students who chose to pursue degrees that have never had jobs waiting for them or who partied in school and are among the degreed who can’t fill out a job application or form a complete sentence?…that some of these unemployed or underemployed young people also fell for a pitch from an institution of higher learning that overstated the recruitment on campus or presented statistics from long ago as though they were current?…that this situation not only is wasting talent but the loans carried by many of these young people will not be capable of being repaid creating yet another bubble that will burst leaving the federal government to deal with the fallout?…that some kids graduate college with $50,000 or more in loans and no prospect of employment at more than the minimum wage?…that these numbers simply do not work?

IS IT TRUE that the latest set of polls for the office of President of the United States are all within the margin of error and are about equal with respect to whether President Obama or Governor Romney will win by a fraction of a percent?…that while interesting the popular vote really does not have any direct bearing on the outcome of the election?…that most of the Electoral College polls still have President Obama with a lead but no polls are now predicting that either candidate has strong enough numbers to be elected?…that much of the country is predictably either blue or red and that the battle for the White House will take place in a relatively small number of states that are still in play?…that it really looks like the keys to victory for either candidate are Ohio and Pennsylvania?…that either candidate that can take both of those will most likely win?…that if those states split then some combination of states with enough electors to add up to either Ohio or Pennsylvania will win?…that a combination of the “too close to call” states like any three of Virginia, Iowa, Nevada, Minnesota, and New Hampshire will make up for one big loss?…that unless a scandal breaks or someone commits a faux pas it really looks like less than 10 states will be getting all of the attention from our candidates for President?

IS IT TRUE that the CCO MOLES that have been invited to make predictions in the upcoming primaries are starting to send in their ballots?…that as soon as we have them all but not later than Friday we shall publish the MOLES PREDICTIONS?

IS IT TRUE that the Earthcare Energy VETTING may be out of the news but it is not out of the minds of the people who are mystified at how this happened the way it did?…that not a day goes by that the CCO is not contacted by someone that is completely confused as to how this City Council vote happened under duress without much information about any VETTING of the business model, the management team, the markets, or the other investors being considered?…that this pot is nearing a boil and that much information that was not made available to the City Council prior to the vote is becoming common knowledge?…that as more and more of this information finds its way into the halls of government and into the general population that the process that lead to the 5 – 4 vote will come under intense scrutiny?…that it looks like at some point in the very near future that there will be an old fashioned “coming to Jesus” meeting for the process of VETTING projects in the City of Evansville?…that we hope that such a meeting is open to the public and not hidden behind the doors of a surrogate that will not allow the media or the public inside?…that we think the places for such meetings are the Evansville City Council and the Vanderburgh County Commissioners who substantially fund GAGE’s operation?


  1. Could the CCO please publish a list of offices and both the Rep and Dem primary candidates that are in the running?

  2. Lots of kids take employably useless majors at college and complain they can’t find jobs and have huge student loans. Other kids take hard majors such as engineering, accounting, chemistry and business and they get jobs. Wonder why it always works that way?

  3. I would like to know how in the world Earthcare Energy LLC could get a contract with the Dept. of Defense when they have only been registered in Texas as an LLC since mid-December?

    Did they have big money to grease a lot of palms? Did the drunken pilot president know someone with buttons to push or strings to pull inside the DOD purchasing department?

    So far I can only find three people involved in Earthcare Energy LLC and they are the heads of several connected businesses, in TEXAS. Why weren’t they looking for big money loans in TEXAS instead of li’l ole Evansville?

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