IS IT TRUE April 21, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE it was recently reported that the median wage of Hoosiers increased last year to a level just under $32,000 per year which equates to $15.38 per hour?…the median is the number that defines the point where half of the people earn more and half earn less and is not to be confused with the often reported average wage?…in a large statistical sample the median should be close to the average but it does not necessarily have to be?…the growth in earnings for Hoosiers last year while going in the right direction did not move that way at the same rate as the national averages putting Indiana a little bit further behind the national average as it has been for a long time now?

IS IT TRUE that the United States census reports that in 2012 the median household income for the City of Evansville was $35,947 while that number for the State of Indiana was $48,374?…for the entire nation the median household income in 2012 was $53,046 or a full 47% higher than the City of Evansville?…Vanderburgh County as a whole fared 21% better than the City of Evansville coming in at $43,645 but the numbers for the county include the City of Evansville?…when one backs out the numbers using the population data the median household earnings for the unincorporated county work out to $58,700 which is 63.5% more than the City of Evansville while exceeding both the Indiana and National medians by 21% and 11% respectively?

IS IT TRUE crunching numbers in this manner reveals that from a broad brush perspective the City of Evansville and unincorporated Vanderburgh County are two very different societies that happen to be sitting next to one another?…the unincorporated county households despite things like a low cost of living, right to work laws, and an economic atmosphere that allows for wage compression is doing better than the state and the nation when it comes to household earnings?…perhaps this is the key to understanding why the annexation effort by the City of Evansville failed?…it may also be a key to understanding the strength of the Ungenthiem campaign against incumbent city supporting Marsha Abell?…the only way that an annexation should ever be considered is when the strong annex the weak to lift them up or even teach them a few things about prosperity?…situations where the weak annex the strong to take their assets are simply preposterous?…this game has played out in Detroit where the State of Michigan came in an took the dying city over?…anyone who thinks that Detroit should take over the State of Michigan to bring its particular brand of excellence to the masses needs their head examined?

IS IT TRUE the CCO has it on fairly good authority that the new Director of the LST is not pleased with the Evansville location and wants very much to find another city to host the LST?…this is very new information and we have very few details but this is not the first time someone who came from somewhere else for their management expertise rather rapidly decided that Evansville is not the place for them?…as the details of this situation emerge we shall keep our readers updated on the discontentment that may drive the LST from our million dollar dock that sits in Kentucky waters?

IS IT TRUE there is no meeting of the Evansville City Council scheduled for tonight?…the next time there will be an opportunity for our elected leaders to rescind the loan approval granted to Earthcare Energy LLC will be April 28, 2014?…whomever wishes to sponsor a vote to rescind needs to get busy though because any resolution that is to be read next Monday needs to be written and submitted by mid week?…this raises the issue of just who on the Evansville City Council has the background and experience to be hired by an investment firm to VET any emerging technology as a viable technology with a reasonable expectation of commercial success?…such a person typically has an advanced degree in engineering, either an MBA or equivalent business experience, and even a history of investing in start-up enterprises?…we would like to know just who among the members of the City Council, the Evansville Redevelopment Commission, the ED Loan Committee, or the Mayor’s office could actually be hired by a venture capital firm to render an opinion on an enterprise like Earthcare Energy?


  1. If the LST can insist on a location w/ foot traffic then we can kiss it goodbye because w/ the bend of the river there is no available space for it unless w
    e dredge Pigeon Creek a few hundred feet.

    • Aaaa. “Bridges”. A better way does exist at an different Evansville site,that location could balance another project for that better,as well.

      • Which “load of cronies” have a “tollgate” planned for that? Amaze me………

        • V, you will be flat out amazed when you see the plan which I expect to be revealed in the next thirty days or less. I’ll say this, I think it will be enough to keep it here for now. I actually give it a hundred percent chance. But, I’m being generous in saying it’ll be fifty fifty if it stays in five years. There’s too many moving parts in this plan to rely on . I expect the city will boast about this plan before election year only to see there’s still work to be done afterwards.

          • RR: I’ll be waiting,I’d betcha the plan is something gleaned from one of these pages,or, one of those coloring books,they’re just not done stuffing the chair enough for it to sit near a given table yet.
            Hey,you ever find out how many one can seat under the top at Bosse Field yet? One of your Kleymeyer Ideas is about to burn a hole in my thoughts lately. Something really cool broke dawn on me,when I mentioned the concept to our team members the other day,they about flipped out. Seems now they all have a local place in their own communities to jump forward with the thing.
            Sure would push that Jacobsville/Diamond area up a couple of notches,way more field income revenues. Huge numbers,per event changes more “Bang for the Buck”. No kidding a real deal Visitor/tour draw.
            Actually something already available on site,just more evolved entertainment blending per actual events at the field.
            I think done right it actually can offer The Ford center an balanced tweak it needs,as well.
            I can kick my own butt for not thinking of this when they were covering up Roberts under the foo,foo,pile.

          • This if for v is to r
            This might help you with the seating of Bosse Field

   Seating Chart

          • 47,Well sir, Only thing the chart on the page says is 5,150 capacity,how much of that is under roof? how much more could one work in with say some workable structure from an viable sourcing like your local Anchor produces?
            One other question how many seats did they save from Roberts stadiums arrangements?
            What our group has in mind might very well triple the 5,150 spectator limits under roof.
            The technique is old stuff,however, has sold out beyond capacities on every field its been offered on that we know of in the past. Its never been even attempted in Evansville,which by all indicated studies has all the resources and the support in the travel radius to reach the numbers we see. The place [Bosse field] is the design model for others to reach for. Other regions adapt what they have to “strive to create just what Bosse field is.”
            I still can’t believe Someone hasn’t tried this there to date. If they have its never been recorded or broadcast.
            Man, its a sleeping giant,someones sitting on a honest to goodness real time “Diamond mine” and they don’t know it.

            You fellas have it,you just don’t see it anymore.

  2. dveatch:

    It’s not the BUDGET which SBOA will comment on–it’s the ACTUALS (i.e., financial reporting and bank reconciliations).

  3. The LST deserves a much more appealing dock situation that it currently has. It’s a shame that the City of its origin can’t do better by it, in my opinion.
    I recall seeing something about the cost-of-living in Indiana rising more than the income did on a statewide basis, but has anyone seen figures concerning that issue, just as it applies to Evansville, and/or Vanderburgh County?

    • We’ve looked in at that for a start-up,seems if one puts the bulls eye on Vanderburgh to 250mi/radius the “[ends meet] single family” should be about 21.38/hr with a benefit plan to sustain a doable living balance forward.
      Using a stepped tier plan to 38.12/hr non exempt. Salaried,similar scales per/resume,and job classification
      An Virginia Hr/logistical/planning contacts take on a regional due COL indexing +/- 2yrs timing.

      Business planning,Carbon Sequestration,Environmental Balance technologies. With required, Training OJT/plans,and assisted educational forward for tier advances.

      Your utilities transportation infrastructures don’t bode well per regional’s. When studied from outside.

      You can tilt it but you can’t hide it. Our goals and objectives anywhere are to improve the sustainability with balanced applications.

  4. The EarthCare operation was looked over by the critical and expert eyes of Debbie Dewey and pronounced good. How many more opinions do we need on this? Turn that 4.8 million loose to Haney if he can be found. If Dewey’s opinion is good enough for Winnecke it’s good enough for me.

  5. I really think the city vs county income situation is explained by the fact that, in this area, those who have the best incomes simply opt to live outside the city. I think it is a matter that those who make a better living move outside the city, and those who have a lower income remain inside the city.
    Let’s face it, the best jobs are in surrounding counties.

    • Also, very few city people can take advantage of the Farm Bill payouts, it takes county land for that. What was it the CP reported in that one feature article they did? $13 million in Farm Bill payouts to this area? I wonder if that counts as income, or just free welfare?

      Also, (this was a comment that disappeared from the land management grant (free $) program): I wonder why county landowners have to be paid to be “good stewards” of their own land?

      • As far as land mass of this county, 13 million dollars mention in farm land would equal roughly 2 million inside city limits. City residents receive “indirectly” many more times that from state and federal government.

    • Taking time to watch the traffic flow on the Veteran’s Parkway during the late afternoon gives great insight into where some of the money goes.

    • Has nothing to do with income. Most of people who move out of Evansville into the county are white flight racist. This is not a troll comment. I actually believe it to be true. When people say they moved because Evansville is too dangerous or has poor schools, it is the political correct way of avoiding the truth.

      • Seriously? So moving to where the better performing schools are and where crime is minimal is now racist? I moved to Evansville from the East Coast and did my research on the place. I chose McCutcheonville because of Scott School and nearly no crime in that area. I didn’t even think about the race makeup of the neighborhood. Actually I have a neighbor who is educated, professional, and black. They moved out there for the same reason. I guess you think they are racists too. Your post is about the most ignorant post I have ever seen anywhere. Since when is it racist to love your family and to raise them in the safest neighborhood possible with the best public school in the county a short drive away?

        • Amen.. I guess if anyone wants to move somewhere and avoid issues, such as living next to idiots that scream racism and then probably think themselves to be so sophisticated, they must be a racist.

          How does one explain when a African American moves to Newburgh, as if that never happens!!

    • Far too broad of a brush, LKB. There are numerous neighborhoods in Evansville with very high property values, just like there are large tracts of poorly built ‘Jagoes’ in the county. Most county homes have prices well within reach of anybody with a middle class income. It’s simply the willingness to spend a larger portion of your income on housing, and has very little to do with the ability to afford said housing.

      There IS some type of attitude in this area that ‘successful’ people live in a subdivision outside of the city, or that ‘rich’ people live in McCutchanville or Newburgh. I personally think it has to do more with local culture than with income. The race to vacate the city is deeply ingrained in many as a tag of ‘success’.

      • I live in a subdivision on the north side that has only 30 or so homes. Every one of us is a transplant from elsewhere. Seriously, there is not one homeowner that is native to Evansville. We all chose the neighborhood from afar based on schools (Scott), safety statistics, and a quiet lifestyle. If my only choices to live had been in the city limits I would have stayed in Connecticut. Downtown is okay to work in but I would never want to live there. As for the rest of the city limits, I simply say no thanks.

  6. Yes true however take a large employee base such at the TMMI location,what is the largest expense to the median employee their,per that persons actual residence? There you have the core of the problems you all face. Usable productive time spent/per cost due outdated poor infrastructures.
    The overall regional dailies and monthlies vs where you actually work vs that wage level availability.

    • I think the desire to live in a more rural setting is a thing that is part of the local culture. I once lived where I had a one-hour commute twice a day, five days a week, and I thought it was horrible. We lived in one of the closest safe neighborhoods to my job in downtown Indy, and the distance wasn’t that long, but the gridlock was amazing. I spent ten hours a week behind the wheel of my car, when I could have spent that time with my family.
      I was remarking to a friend not long ago about how it appears that many of the people who live in the country or very small towns in this part of the country seem to think nothing of driving seventy miles, one way, to work.
      I guess there’s just no accounting for people’s likes and dislikes, but “vive la difference”!

    • Which one?

      If it’s too far away administering the county’s new property could be daunting. Other counties that have tried it have had to deal with savage uprisings in their new properties that they were unaware of until it was too late to send in The Guardian. Lots of unforseen problems with your scenario.

      A plus would be ease of tax collection. We could simply have our subjects from the outlying cities trek to Vanderburgh (w/concubines, taxed at a rate complicated by many factors) for a head count and levy put. Vanderburgh must at that time spike its hotel and manger tax for the duration of the census. This is not a new idea, it works.

      If the court takes the case of Vanderburgh Co. IN v. Hopkinsville KY and rules in our favor we’ll be able to annex across state lines. As history shows we should be glad to take non-monetary goods to satisfy the weary traveler’s tax liability (see w/concubines…above). We’d be flush in moonshine and goats after one or two taxing cycles and no doubt extremely popular, Wayne thinks around 95%, with our vassal/annexees.

      • Bandana; We hear what your saying. An issue that’s beginning to cross my mind is just how easily those south of the river will clean Evansville’s clock further when the I-69 passage is completed.
        Looks kinda like what you see now. You all seeming must spend the brunt of your infrastructure money in the cities core as the project focuses makes that “painfully clear” now.
        Your leadership favors the core,which isn’t a bad thing,however has anyone besides us looking in visualized those southern neighbors have stepped up to the plate with some better east west throughput access.

        Just as Warrick has done,as well.

        Even the accesses to the Vanderburgh county enterprise zone along to the northeast corner are indeed in its footprint better served for direct access throughput due Warrick and Gibson,than vanderburgh itself. Makes one think, “what were they thinking”?

        Owensboro,Davies,and Henderson counties have pretty decent throughput to logistical location strategies already. Once the choke point bridge situation is addressed per interstate and national throughput needs due climate change any runs vanderburgh has on base just retired the inning standing,the batters all struck completely out.
        You really don’t need much altitude to see that. 2500 ft ought to be plenty. No vision standing in front of the dugout. To busy turning green with the chew they swallowed when they realized the pitcher on the mound has probably been sand bagging his hidden ability.

        Even a dang bunt,now,might score a run,if the guy on third has his eyes on the pitcher,and home.
        Also why I think that bridge should be in Warrick,due that pulls commerce throughput into real flow in all compass headings,then its a matter of intersection positioning and the whole metro wins.
        Jobs,careers,O’plenty to go around for combined growth and balance for sustainability with some elevation worthy of some real altitude to get everything in the “lens”.

        Evansville needs the east west access cleared forward for throughput commerce,pretty easy stuff,if,INDOT gets the right plan. The 41 Lloyd access work won’t solve the problems,we know what could,and that’s why the Downtown Med.complex already has some nasty strikes to address. Time out! Who’s the best pinch hitter you have standing?

        • Probably turn out like East and West St. Louis. Its been a few years since passing through there but my recollection was the west had a dumpy feeling and look… that would be Evansville.

  7. The ordinance rescinding the Earthcare loan approval was filed April 17th and is sponsored by council as a whole. It will have first reading on April 28th and the final vote on May 12th.

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