IS IT TRUE? April 21, 2011


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IS IT TRUE? April 21, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the Evansville Housing Authority Board of Directors has or may have to return $2 Million to $3 Million dollars to the Federal Government because they didn’t put together a meaningful financial package to develop the “Crown Jewel” property located in the Center City?….that property was to have been known as “ERIE Housing” for low income families and is located on the corner of Governor and Lincoln Ave?….that if this property was properly developed, this could have been a major success story for the Weinzapfel Administration, the Evansville Housing Authority and the Evansville Department of Metropolitan Development and its Front Door Pride program? ….instead of being a political success story, this vacant property is now considered an example of “Bad Public Policy”?

IS IT TRUE that this is the same Weinzapfel Administration that recently announced plans to proceed with low income housing that is priced at nearly $240,000 per apartment that could be bought and refurbished in the private sector for less than $25,000 per unit?…that between the Vision 1505 project, the Cedar Trace Apartments III project, and the 40 new RENTAL HOUSES in the Front Door Pride area that commit to spend nearly $23 Million dollars to build only 120 dwelling units ($191,666 each) that could be done in the private sector for $8 Million or less that there will be an influx of $500 hammers, $200 sheets of drywall, and a fleet of Baghwan style Rolls Royce’s headed for Evansville?…that all tax money is our money and that just because it comes from the feds does not make it okay to overpay by 8 times what local markets will bear?…that the Evansville Housing Authority is the developer of record for the Vision 1505 project that is the most wasteful of the three recently announced projects?

IS IT TRUE that there is an apartment complex located at 1526 South Green River Road that has 320 dwelling units offered on Loopnet for $5.6 Million?…that this amounts to only $17,500 for each unit in this complex that offers 1, 2, and 3 bedroom models?…that anyone who can use a calculator and think has to just by mystified by the intention of the City of Evansville to spend $239,916 per unit for something that can be purchased on the open market for $17,500 each without haggling?…that this is a 1,271% premium over market value?…that with all due respect offered to government housing a premium like this is the equivalent of paying $137.10 for a hamburger and a beer at one of our local restaurants?…that this would be a certain way to go broke?

IS IT TRUE that Superintendent Dr. Vince Bertram has announced that he will be leaving his job at EVSC to become the CEO of Project Lead the Way for the entire United States?…that Project Lead the Way is recognized as the premier program for technology training at the high school level?…that one of the top schools in America in the Project Lead the Way group of schools is Pike Central High School in Petersburg, Indiana?…that the students at Pike Central have won several national championships and are working with the engineering team at Crane Naval Weapons center and Indy Power Systems on a truly high technology project?…that the Pike Central kids are so recognized for their accomplishments that they will be featured in FAST COMPANY MAGAZINE’s upcoming issue?…that Dr. Bertram has just been hooked up as the CEO of a program of national significance that is a rapidly rising star and that Pike Central and a few other Southwest Indiana schools are the fuel behind that star?…that the City County Observer wishes Dr. Bertram well in his desire to make a nationally significant contribution to the education of our young people?

IS IT TRUE we hear that at least two (2) incumbent Evansville City Council members up for re-election are very happy with City Council attorney John Hamilton’s on the job performance? ….they would like him to be retained by the soon to be elected City Council members? ….that the CCO completely agrees with them and find that that Mr. Hamilton is hard working, honest, knowledgeable, and has done an outstanding job and should be retained?