IS IT TRUE that the following three pages of the September 23, 2013 minutes of the City Council reveals that select members of City Council (John Friend,  Dr. Dan Adams, Conor O’Daniel, Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley, Al Lindsey and Connie Robinson) were all correct in their recent assumptions that the County was responsible for $3 1/2 million dollars of the $20 million bonds for the new Downtown Hotel?

IS IT TRUE we encourage you to read the attached minutes of the City Council meeting dated September 23, 2013 and see if you draw the same conclusions?

IS IT TRUE it looks like City Council should have approved $16 1/2 million dollars for the Hotel bond instead of $20 million dollars?

IS IT TRUE we are amazed that the Mayor, his Legal Counsel, ERC and the City Controller kept insisting that the City share to help finance the Hotel was $20 million instead of $16 1/2 million dollars? …if our assumptions are correct, all we can say is “shame on you Mayor Winnecke and staff” for making a $3 1/2  million mistake on behalf of the taxpayers of this great city?

IS IT TRUE we would like to congratulate City Council members John Friend, Dr. Dan Adams, Conor O’Daniels,  Al Lindsey and Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley for reexamining the exact terms for the bonding of the Hotel project?  …we are disappointed that the remaining members of City Council ( Mosby, Weaver and Dan McGinn) just rubber stamped everything the Mayor requested without question?

IS IT TRUE it was spot on when ERC Commissioner Musgrave, Councilman Brinkerhoff-Riley and Dr. Dan Adams earlier this week requested that the ERC  board to table any action on the Hotel for a week?  …instead the majority of the ERC board followed 2nd Ward City Councilwoman Missy Mosby’s suggestion to approve the project without delay?  …it looks like Ms. Mosby suggestion to the ERC Board may have cost the taxpayers an extra $3 1/2 million for this project?  …we hope Ms. Mosby primary competitor will make this a campaign issue starting tomorrow?

IS IY TRUE we also would like to know what Mayor Winnnecke has spent on legal, engineering, costs of acquiring land, bond costs, project drawings, consulting fees and other related expenses on this the Hotel project since day one?  …we are told that the taxpayers of this city would be stunned to hear the overall costs of this project beginning day one?

IS IT TRUE its time that City Council resend the city $20 million dollar commitment for the downtown Hotel back to $16 1/2 million dollar loan level?

SEPTEMBER 23, 2013 City Council Minutes.

These minutes are not intended to be a verbatim transcript. Audiotapes of this meeting are on file in the City Clerk’s Office.


Ordinance G-2013-14                                    FINANCE                                                       FRIEND

An Ordinance of the Evansville Common Council authorizing the City of Evansville, Indiana, to issue one or more series of its “Economic Development Revenue Bonds, Series 2013 (Downtown Convention Hotel Project)”, in an agreement principal amount not to exceed $38,500,000, and approving and authorizing other actions in respect thereto

Chairman Friend: Okay, we are gonna move into Ordinance G-2013-14. This is the issuance of revenue bonds Series 2013, specifically the downtown hotel. We we’re going…l’m gonna open it

up and there’s been amendments in place of my committee and what I would like to do is I’d like for our Mayor to come forward and I think you’d like to make some comments and we welcome

you and Mayor Lloyd, thank you for coming out tonight.


Mayor Winnecke:

Chairman Friend: Mayor Winnecke:

Chairman Friend: Mayor Winnecke:

Chairman Friend:

Thank you.

Mayor, Mayor, let me, before we get started…


Obviously we’re gonna allow you to do your statements as long you like but… It’s about 60 minutes, that’s alright.

That’ll be fine, that’ll be fine. You know you’ll be Hennity tonight, I’ll tell

you that. What…what we gonna do, once we get by your…we’re gonna do this, hold this to three minutes for everybody so when we get into it, I’ll hold up a…l’ll hold up my finger, two fingers, that means one minute, two minutes gone by; you got a minute to go. Try to keep this speeding this along, if that’s okay. But with you Mayor, you have all the time in the world.

Mayor Winnecke: Thank you. It’s great to be the Mayor.


Mr. Chairman, Madam President, fellow members of the Council, thank you for allowing us to come back to you to present our latest proposal on the downtown convention hotel.

Councilwoman Brinkerhoff-Riley: But there would be a return on their investment if the hotel was successful.

HCW CEO Huffman: There would be.

Councilwoman Brinkerhoff-Riley: And if the hotel were sold in five years, they would be reimbursed to whatever their percentage of ownership was off of the sale price?

HCW CEO Huffman: I don’t know that but it depends on what it would sell for.

Councilwoman Brinkerhoff-Riley: But my point is that they would get a return in a sale based on whatever percentage of ownership they had and…

HCW CEO Huffman: We would hope so but it’s highly likely they could not also.

Councilwoman Brinkerhoff-Riley: No, no, I understand. I mean it’s an investment that there is risk for. I was just curious of in the event it was sold at a profit that they would get a return on their investment that way. Okay.

Chairman Friend: Mr. Huffman, do you see this being an owner of common stock or is it gonna be convertible debentures? Have you…l mean, do we know what the structure of that will be?

HCW CEO Huffman: We don’t at this time.

Councilman O’DanieI: If I could ask, it may be for Ted or the Mayor, the part of the 20 million includes two million dollars that’s been pledged from the Convention and Visitors Bureau as well

as a million and a half from the County government. Is their portion going toward infrastructure or going towards that 7 1/2 million of subsidizing the hotel?

Mayor Winnecke: It has always been contemplated that the County’s portion of 3 1/2 million dollars, of which we included the CVB piece, would go toward the ancillary projects and part of

that is some improvements the County owed Centre, to which they have the ability to approve whatever improvements they’d want to make there.

Councilman O’Daniel: Okay so the citizens of Evansville are actually then subsidizing the entire amount in that not having the ownership of the ancillary projects to that extent. Well…

Mayor Winnecke: Rephrase that.

Councilman O’Daniel: Well it’s maybe semantics but it’s who has skin in the game, correct? So the…ifthe County puts 3.5 in it…

Mayor Winnecke: May I…may I…

Councilman O’Daniel:…that’s going to things that actually improve something as opposed to maybe putting in a million and a half, we pick up the other half and they put two towards the hotel subsidy and we pick up 5 1/2.

Mayor Winnecke: It’s always, again it’s always been contemplated that the County’s 3 1/2 million dollars would go toward the ancillary projects and right now that figure stands about 12 h million dollars…

Councilman O’Daniel: Correct.

Mayor Winnecke:…so if that holds true then the City’s piece would be nine million on the ancillary; the County’s 3%.

Councilman O’DanieI: And is…has that been reduced to any sort of agreement?

Mayor Winnecke: No but based on conversations from the weekend, we’ll ask the County to do that and I doubt that there would be any problem.

Councilman O’DanieI: I know a lot of things have happened in the last 72 hours, correct?

Mayor Winnecke: Well I think that’s a pretty ask.

Councilman O’DanieI: Yes.

Mayor Winnecke: In fact I could vwite it out right now. I’m sure somebody would happy to sign


Councilman Adams: (Off Mic) There is one constant that all of my constituents are (Inaudible) (Mic On) There is one constant that all of my constituents are both City and County residents.

Mayor Winnecke: Excuse me?

Councilman Adams: That the money that the County’s giving is coming from my constituents and the money that we’re giving in some way is a revenue stream that should be used for my constituents.

Mayor Winnecke: Well I’m not exactly sure how I am supposed to answer that but let me try it this way. We’ve asked the County to be financial partners with up in this…

Councilman Adams: Uh-hem.

Mayor Winnecke:…and so as a result of the structure of County government, they’re revenue sources come from County-wide.

Councilman Adams: That’s correct.

Mayor Winnecke: So they have identified two million dollars of the 3 1,4 million dollars to come from the innkeeper’s tax. They’ve identified a little over a million dollars, I think a million two

or three, that would come as a result of refinancing bonds at the Centre so their other two or three, whatever that balance is, would come from whatever sources they have access to. Does that help?

Councilman O’Daniel: What is the repayment time and what are the terms of that as it relates to our bond. If we were to approve a 20 million dollar bond, how are they repaying that?

Mayor Winnecke: The County?

Councilman (YDanieI: Uh-hem.

Mayor Winnecke: In terms of the CVB commitment, it’s been…like the commitment was $200,000 for two years, we, you know, we can arrange, I’m sure however the County wants to figure out the other 1.5 million dollars they can, if they’re willing and able, they already have bond refinancing money in hand so they could probably do, again it’s up to them, the entire 3.5 over ten years if they so choose.

Councilman O’Daniel: Or they could pay it all up front, right?

Mayor Winnecke: That’d be their option.

Councilman O’Daniel: Why is it their option? But…l’mjust…l’m asking.

Mayor Winnecke: I don’t know I’m just…

Councilman O’DanieI: I mean if they’ve got the money…

Mayor Winnecke: I’m not trying to be argumentative.

Councilman (YDanieI: No, no.

Mayor Winnecke: I don’t know.

Councilman O’DanieI: Well I think these are things, and it gets to the later point, but because there’s been a lot of moving parts and we don’t really some of those answers, that additional time may be necessary to look into these things.

Positive and Negative Comments from Audience

But, you know, I mean this a major commitment on the part of the citizens of Evansville and from my standpoint, you know, there were a lot of folks that were ready to, my word, give away as much as 37 1/2 million dollars for this development and in 72 hours that was pared in half and, you know, I think that while great movement has been made, that I think we need a little bit of time to digest all this to see whether or not it makes some sense.


  1. Every time someone (who isn’t Winnecke’s pet) gets tarred and feathered, you have to wonder what they’re covering up-I think they had Atty Brinkerhoff Riley flying around on a broom at that point in time, having just burned Al Lindsey at the stake not long prior to that.
    Now if you want transparency? That maneuver is clearer than your average fishtank, and the only clarity you will get.

    • If you have to wonder what they’re covering up you must be a Weinzapfel fan. This is really simple, the democrat controlled CC during the Weinzapfel regime over extended the financial stability of this city and county with the Ford Center to the tune of somewhere between 160-200 million dollars, took us to the brink of being insolvent. In the process the Centre lost the Executive Inn which effectively shut it down for conventions and now we have a walkway to nowhere. Weinzapfel and the democrat controlled CC claimed hoteliers would be standing in line to build us a new hotel free of charge. We’re going to get a new hotel, the hold up at this point is which cronies will build it. The only short term benefits coming out of this will go to union construction workers and the debt will rest on the backs of the common citizen. The only real question here is, do we build the hotel, yes/no? The important question is, do we need it, can we afford it and will we be happy with it? The CCO gets all giddy over Weinzapfel and his future as a democrat politician, hope he doesn’t do to IVY Tech what he did to the city of Evansville.

      • Weinzapfel fan? Wither your tongue! This little pal-sy group has long conspired to cash in on our demise.

  2. So is the taxpayer on the hook for 20 mil or 23.5 mil? A thief will take what’s available.

    • 20 million from the city and 3.5 million from the County Government and that does add up to 23.5 million dollars of tax payers money given away to a private developer from OUT OF TOWN and OUT OF STATE with no city or county equity in this hotel. Ludacris.

    • The transcript provided at the top of this page does not include a motion made by a council member, and voted upon by the majority, along with the wording of that motion, so we cannot tell from this information what the exact words were in the motion, and the excerpts reflect a rather incomplete and wishy washy conversation, that we cannot clearly determine the intent of the council member who may have made the motion.

      This is not unusual considering the format and recording processes of the council meeting. Much of the discussion and decisions as to how to present ordinances are made in committee, and to my knowledge no verbatim minutes are published of the committee meetings. Then when the committees report in open chambers prior to the full council meeting, much more discussion takes place without the publishing of full verbatim minutes … only tape recordings.

      Not a lot of discussion takes place in the full council meeting from which verbatim minutes are taken unless the issue becomes contentious or there is a lot of public comment.

      This is a system of city council meetings allowed by state law, compared to county commissioner meetings or area plan commission meetings, and other municipal meetings where every word spoken is required to be transcribed into verbatim minutes of those meetings.

      But back to the current issue: Without the editor having provided the exact wording of the motion that was made to approve the $20 million bond, we are not given enough information here upon which to say for sure what the true intent upon which the majority of the council members voted.

      The vote count and who voted yay or nay also would be helpful.

      • Furthermore, if there was a motion made to approve the $20 million bond for the hotel, and you have to assume such a motion was made and passed, and the motion did not include specific language as to the county payback or a breakdown of what the county’s contribution is and what aspects of construction that contribution is to cover, then we only have the language of the bond ordinance or bond issue documents upon which to rely. Right?

        So, what is it?

  3. C’MON MAN?!
    Think back to the last large financial transaction you were involved in. Buying a Home – making an investment? Was the financial officer clear about details? Were the terms and figures on a page? Did you have a chance to examine those terms and figures? Did both you and that officer sign a completed contractual agreement?
    Were there formalities that had to be attended to – witnesses and the like?
    Did you give your OK – with the understanding that the terms and figures would be filled in later?
    Did the object of the loan then materially change/devalue without your approval?
    If so – were you asked to approve the changes and rethink loan amounts?

    The City Council’s purpose and responsibility is to transact city business and it has complete authority over all administrative affairs in the city. There can be no excuse for the sloppy – fumbling mumbling – unprofessional and unadvised transaction that is laid out in the Council minutes above.

    Thankfully – whatever deal was struck – has changed and therefore – has died. May it Rest in Peace
    A re-thinking of value – viability and financial commitment is in order and imperative to the responsible handling
    of Public funds. Expediency does not trump responsibility. …


    “Under the new initiative the administration has rebranded the official name it originally assigned to the droves of illegal immigrant minors who continue sneaking into the U.S. They’re no longer known as Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC), a term that evidently was offensive and not politically correct enough for the powerful open borders movement. The new arrivals will be officially known as Central American Minors (CAM) and they will be eligible for a special refugee/parole that offers a free one-way flight to the U.S. from El Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras. The project is a joint venture between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the State Department.

    Specifically, the “program provides certain children in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras with a safe, legal, and orderly alternative to the dangerous journey that some children are undertaking to the United States,” according to a DHS memo obtained by JW this week. The document goes on to say that the CAM program has started accepting applications from “qualifying parents” to bring their offspring under the age of 21 from El Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras. The candidates will then be granted a special refugee parole, which includes many taxpayer-funded perks and benefits. Among them is a free education, food stamps, medical care and living expenses.

    During a special teleconference this week officials from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the State Department explained how CAM will work. Only “friendly” groups and individuals invited by the government were allowed to participate and the event was not open to the media. Judicial Watch attended as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with interest in the matter. Obama administration officials offered an overview of the new CAM initiative and confirmed that the U.S. has deployed staff to the region to handle the influx of applicants. A State Department official promoted CAM as a “family reunification” program that will be completely funded by American taxpayers, though the official claimed to have no idea what the cost will be.”

    The Community Organizer is now flying in the children of illegal Central Americans to the US where they are reunited with their parents and then they receive “many taxpayer-funded perks and benefits. Among them is a free education, food stamps, medical care and living expenses.”

    • Joe. Good info.Where’s the outrage? Oh, I know. It’s being directed toward supporting the effort to deny religious freedom to Indiana citizens.

    • Dear Editors

      As usual, JoeBoredumb is blathering and posting crap that is not related to a SINGLE portion of the IIT.

      You promised that posting stuff that was not on-topic or related to the subject matter was not allowed.

      Would you please email this clown and stop this.

      • I second that “classy”. If I want to hear joe’s material I would listen to one of those political
        blabbing talk shows on those AM radio stations! If on TV, Dish Network channel 205!

      • Amen. Please put an end to Joe Blow’s cut and paste off topic BS about President Obama. Only a few GOP anti Obama haters read his crap anyway.

        • Classy – stretch -moveon
          Joe’s cut and paste comments serve as a soft – dull background upon which your original – insightful posts shine. Our differences enable the dynamics of this forum.
          VIVA EVERYONE! …

        • Moveon, please show us what part of the post was untrue. None of it? I certainly understand why you don’t want anyone to shine light on what leftist and perhaps unconstitutional policies our President is implementing to the detriment of our Country. But, in case you missed it, the CCO stands for good governance. Local, State and National. Please feel free to try to defend Obama’s policies. But, it is always interesting that the liberal left is the first to try to censor opposing conservative views. Now, go back to your specialty of complaining about Mike Pence, church going conservatives and the free enterprise system. Sorry, almost forgot President Bush, big oil and climate change.

          • Joe – Unfortunately you are a voice crying in the wilderness. They do pick and choose reasons for outrage. NOTHING Obama does ever raises an eyebrow.

        • Moveon, posted without comment:

          “Muslim immigration from dangerous nations is dramatically higher in recent years, and government assurances that immigrants are being properly screened is “a farce,” according to accomplished author and columnist Paul Sperry.

          “It’s a huge surge under Obama. In the last three years, he’s averaged 100,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations a year. That is very alarming. It’s more than we’re importing both from Central America and Mexico combined.

          “They admit, under oath, that they have no idea who these people are, and they can’t find out what type of backgrounds they have, criminal, terrorism or otherwise, because there is no vetting opportunities,” Sperry said. “You can’t vet somebody if you don’t have documentation, police records, etc.”

          He said, “Of course, Iraq and Syria are now failed states and the police. There are no police records, so we are not vetting these folks.”

          Sperry said it’s a huge gamble to let people from hostile nations enter the U.S. without any meaningful background check.

          “We have no idea if they’re going to come into this country to escape terrorism or to carry out terrorism. We have no idea, and they admit as much. For all we know, they could be joining a sleeper cell here,” said Sperry, who noted that Obama has also greatly increased the number of Saudis in the U.S. on student visas.

          If the lack of solid background information were not enough, Sperry said the FBI is hopelessly overwhelmed in trying to vet immigrants already in the country, so opening the doors to hundreds of thousands more makes the nation even more vulnerable.

          “Our FBI doesn’t even have the resources to get a handle on all of the ISIS/jihadist threat in the Muslim community,” he said. “Now we’re going to lay on top of that all of these new immigrants who are even potentially more radical on top of that threat matrix. I mean that’s just ridiculous.”


      • There are more than him posting off topic. That is good though. Today is a good example of what shows up daily. “City administration bad, anyone who doesn’t like them is good”

        • So you are implying that the City Administration is without any faults? Ha good one Cowboy. I bet you still believe in the Easter Bunny too.

  5. Amateur hour at City Council ! Not smart enough to prepare a schedule of the approved outlay and make that a part of the minutes ? Including any conditions on the money ? Fast and loose with $ 20 Million bucks, where the hell was the Council Attorney on this ?

    Also, I’m not seeing the problem, CCO. Looking at the bold print, Conor O’Daniel made a statement that part of the $ 20 Million included the $ 3.5 Million. The Mayor responded that the $ 3.5 Million was for ancillary projects. Mayor did not affirm the statement that the $ 20 Million included the $ 3.5 Million, he just said said the $ 3.5 Million was for ancillary projects.

    CCO: look at all the slice-and-dice the politicians dream up. The reelection councilmen want to always make sure their approved money goes for “infrastructure” and not for ” subsidy to the developer”. Keep looking, there had to be other discussions of the slice-and-dice, a clear description of the content of the $ 20 Million, and maybe that truly confirms the ADDITIONAL $ 3.5 Million which is now being claimed.

    • A council member can say anything during a meeting, and it may or may not represent intent. It may or may not reflect his continuing support or nonsupport of an issue. It’s just commentary and nothing more until he makes a motion.

      What matters is the wording of his motion, if the motion passes, and his signature on the documents that authorize the bond, and the specific language in those bond documents.

  6. Should one be surprise by any of the loose dealings on this hotel, after past several years of loose audits,
    and the loose general fund cash movement? Confusion allows the fox within to continue without detection!

    • Well said. Not even State CPA’s can figure out what’s happening to the Evansville, IN tax payers money. Anyone with any smarts would move out of that city ASAP.

    • Ha. I saw that in the news yesterday. I’m glad that you brought that up in the discussion. I was going to post that in yesterdays IIT comments.

    • Nobody said the RFRA was all bad. If it rolls into something positive … who knows? Verily, such a budding religion, a startup, should be afforded room to grow. With ample light. Admittedly it could become a sticky situation.

  7. If Gail by chance happens to get elected the 20 million will be greased with a 9-0 vote. Probably even more. Pure politics. This is the same CC that voted to give Earthcare 5 million dollars, this is the same CC that gave a 50 million dollar sweetheart deal to JCI and local unions that is having the most negative effects on the least of our community. Good chance Gail will not get elected, she has taken a stand against the rights of Christians to practice their faith in peace. For 2000 years liberals/Nazi’s/socialist/communist/ have persecuted Christians and now the democrat party has joined the fight.

    • When Gail takes over the mayor position’s in January, your current mayor will have your $20 million worry resolved! Unless you know something that this recent development tanks as the last one did?

      Is it not true that Weinzapfel set the motion on these water meters? Was it not that the contract was signed on the current mayor’s watch after it was pared down?

      Your normal posting convince me that you love the flavor of “republician boots”!

      • Republicans even the playing field. I know you love the boost that democrats give to unions and it is ego busting when union members dependent on democrats find there are people who make good livings unassisted by politicians. When union members are paid greater than the going rate for that job, it can best be defined as welfare for the able bodied. States and cities could have better streets, parks and services if unions were not involved. If the thousands of people we have in the local criminal justice system were put to work our city could be a show place. Unions won’t let that happen. As for the water meters, the democrat controlled CC abandoned the people of Evansville and voted 9-0 for the water meters after they were taken to task by union leader Jack McNeely. We have thousands of able bodied people in this city that could be put to work if they were not protected by liberal democrats. Just look at the states and cities with long time democrat control, all I ask is for you to do 3 things, look at your record, look at your record, look at your record, look at jobs go overseas.

        • So you think having criminals working in shackles is the key to your city?
          That would be a site to see for out of town visitors!
          May I suggest taking a “time capsule” to the deep south to a bye gone
          era which would fit your liken?

          As you champion sending jobs over seas, those able bodies become dependent
          on government assistance. Good trade off! Business/Stock market get’s added
          money by manufacturing overseas, and the government goes into debt by filling that hole left by business to keep it’s unemployed residents living!

    • Your blatant Lies about Gail should come back to haunt you in your sleep some day. No way has Gail taken a stand against Christians or their right to practice their faith in peace. Unless that faith includes breaking the law then they all should be thrown in jail for breaking the law.

      Example: The new Faith Church of the WEED. If these church member’s faith included smoking weed in violation of IN law in their church then they should be jailed for breaking the drug law just as anyone else would.

      There is a definite separation between Church and State in this Country and that was one of the best things that our Founding Fathers put into the laws of this new country when it was formed. Religious zealots are not to be put in charge of our government. It’s bad enough to have Pence as our Governor as he has demonstrated over the past few weeks.

      • Move, Your first sentence, Are you threatening POV ? Good thing the editor doesn’t read the comments.

        • Cowboy, the way I read that first sentence it was as in ones dreams.
          But in the end, it is not what that person meant to say, but how it is
          interpret by the receiver. Your political leaning, as I do also, do post to
          help the cause. It is all good, for we do have common ground on other
          subjects which in general makes good post at/to each other!

          • Arm, Why would ones comment come back to haunt them in their dreams In the awake world maybe.

          • So you never dreamt of something that was talked of, or a action of
            that you recall? A nightmare maybe? Not a physical action, but a
            mental action?

            I’ll give you a example. Several years back I was chatting with some
            friends that were talking politics and how they was going to vote.
            Lucky for me, I woke up from the nightmare just before casting for
            all/any of the republicans candidates! It was “haunting”!

          • Arm, You should have went with your dreams. You would have been a changed person and the world would be all sunshine, flowers and 400 bushel per acre corn.

        • Cowboy no one is threating anyone. Do you always ask stupid misleading questions in here. Is that all you are good for?

  8. It is good to see the slight of hand grab for $3.5 Million more subsidy dollars exposed. The original agreement was clearly for $20 Million inclusive of the $3.5 Million from the county and CVB. This new deal is nothing but a SNEGAL (my word) aggressive move to see if the City Council will just roll over and let the deal change without opposition. My bet is they are already on their knees thanking the powers that be for rolling them again.

    The reality is that the people of Evansville are paying 3.5 Million more dollars for a lesser stick built product and it is apparent that the City Council does not have the cajones to bring accountability to this project.

    • Joe these city council members are pathetic. Are we that desperate in Evansville, IN that we have to bribe someone to come to town and build a new motel in the downtown area? That’s hopeless. This sends a message to anyone watching that this town is so desperate to replace the Executive Inn across the street from the Civic Center with a new hotel or motel if necessary that they will give away 20 million dollars of the tax payers money for FREE. No strings attached. And the city will even kick in tax abatements for the next ten years on top of the 20 million dollar give away. And then they still have the issue of the 26/29 million dollars that were plugged by the current City Controller. Pathetic is right. Desperate is a good adjective to use in this case as well.

      • Wonder how the new restaurant at 4th & Main is coming? It too resulted from a bribe. When private money won’t step forward, something is wrong. Likely several things.

        De-elect Winnecke.

      • Logistics and the crumbling infrastructure in that downtown destroys any real geographic locational valuation for the “bait n switch” two footprint tree high motel. That CC should pull out of the present deal. The property should be re bid at a honest appraised valuation.
        ONB knows this so do their shareholders. This cruddy deal has the smell of CSO all over it.
        The Common Council should resend the stinker. Get the infrastructure in so as one does have enough logistical valuation to support what’s already there profitably. Maybe then the town could sell enough private investment to class the thing as a possible profitability asset. Once built on that location with the conditionals the way they stand now the motel will fail miserably like every other pariah project the morons have tried to stuff into the outdated infrastructure in and around downtown Evansville’s zombie property downtown. Seems in other news the Flunkel group had a building fire at the old Whirlpool factory yesterday as well. The mainstream article said the fire suppression system actually operated, given the track record on their other properties with building code problems our consortiums majority were pleasantly surprised that the sprinklers could even hold water in the pipes. From the parking lot eyesores outside the building one really must wonder how well its maintained inside. Can’t believe how ugly that mess looks on your cities northern gateway. Deplorable.

        Makes one wonder about the old “McCrudy” McCurdy hotel building as well.

          • Those people have no conception with how to create, maintain, or grow sectioned throughput commerce. Historically once the place did , however then came the first mayor MacDonald clown act administration and you’ve all been screwed into the tank ever since. We keep hearing they need an hotel in that hand me down mess, Idiots what’s in the building across the street from the casino? What was the McCurdy before the last twenty years of depredation and neglect? What about the river house venue? Downtown Evansville needs another motel downtown like they need a head shot kick in the face. You can’t provide the throughput infrastructure to even support what you already have under profitable conditions, period.
            That’s what smears the projected valuation of any new construction in that throughput and utilities cost nightmare.
            The old historical legacies had the throughput connections right, and that’s why that flourished as it once did. The present load “O” fools have the entire concept exactly backwards for profitable logistically balanced commerce. Its 180 degrees off the fix. Our consortium has the input advantage with some mighty successful global locations, once really studied those are real simple common valuation through convenient human touch point management. Evansville has completely blown that advantage out into the unrecoverable situation they’ve cronies fueled themselves into today. Its outright pitiful to observe the daily failures there, when, actually the fix is so darned simple.

            Accommodare ad Climatico

      • There will be no tax phase-in for the hotel project. HCW does get to use the parking garage for $1.00 the first year and then $72,000 per year after that

  9. Someone was up very early this morning and now I’m very tired. As I was getting ready to get back to bed I decided to log into the CCO and review yesterdays IIT column. Low and behold I saw todays (April 2nd) IIT already published. I didn’t read it then because I was too tired after working on a plumbing job. What was suppose to be a quick wash my face before bed turned into a trip to the all night store (Walmart) to buy some Liquid Plumber. The sink in the bath room and the kitchen were not draining fast enough for my pleasure. So an hour later after using the slow action Orange Liquid Plumber in the garbage disposal sink and 4 cups of the Liquid plumber for fully stopped up drains I was able to get to sleep. Man that bed never felt so good after I had to not only unplug the disposal drain but get down on the floor and find the reset button on the bottom of the disposal and then try to find the hole to unjam the disposal with a 1/4″ allen wrench. I could not get the blades to spin so today I may have to take the disposal out of the sink and see what’s stopping the blades from spinning. At least I got the yard all cleaned up and the gutter’s cleaned before the maple tree seed pods start to fall on plug up the gutters again.

    And back on topic, I see that Governor Pence GOP IN and his GOP Senate and House leaders are trying desperately to undo the damage they did this past week to the Great State of Indiana. A little too late.

    Why do we need to restore religious freedoms when they were never taken away from us in the first place. That never did make any sense to me. We have always had the right to freely go to church and practice religion in this State. The only thing that the IN religious freedom restoration act changed was to give a loop hole in the law so that people could discriminate against GLBT and not get into trouble with the law. Now that loop hole is going to be closed hopefully. One never knows what the details of the changes might be and if the indeed close the loop hole that was opened by this new law in the first place. Only time and seeing what the changes in language will be can tell the tail.

    • moveon
      “The sink in the bath room and the kitchen were not draining fast enough for my pleasure.” Garbage disposal will not spin, …even after resetting.
      ~b~ CALL THE MAN! (tell him about the Liquid Plumber)

      “And back on topic, I see that Governor Pence GOP IN and his GOP Senate and House leaders are trying desperately to undo the damage they did this past week to the Great State of Indiana. A little too late.”
      ~b~ I agree it is too late to fix this RFRA fiasco. Irreparable damage has been done to Indiana and every one of us who are associated with her. We are now officially a National Pariah. …

      • Hey I only got 4 hours sleep last night. That’s my story and I’m sticking too it. But the sinks are now draining properly. So at least that’s a good thing. I don’t actually use the garbage disposal as the house has a field bed and it just added to the organic loading. I compost all the organic waste and put it in the garden.

        Back on topic. Governor Pence needs to learn a lesson or two about religious freedoms and their limitations with the laws of the country.

        And the motel deal is a sham. IIT that the city council members are getting something out of this other than bad press? How else could one explain the giving away of so much money to a out of state developer? Tell me why the City Council Members and the Mayor and his cronies want this hotel so badly that they are willing to practically pay for 1/3 to 1/2 of the project cost and get nothing back in return other than some taxes? Are there some unseen back door KICKBACKS? Is someone other than the Mayor and his cronies getting money in return for doing favors to people outside of city government?

      • Like wise to you. And you adding what to the discussion? all you do is ask stupid misleading questions and very seldom do you have any thing constructive to say in here. IMHO.

    • move. Even though today’s IIT was thrice as long as usual I can find no mention of Pres—- er, Governor Pence or RFRA. How about practice what you preach.

    • Moveon, need to get something moving? Call Saul.

      So the RFRA changes are in, and to be honest, I can’t make sense of them. If you can’t decline services, does that now mean one must be involved in a same sex wedding against one’s religious convictions? If so then we are back to square one and this whole adventure accomplished nothing but hit counts for web pages. Your time was much better spent dealing with the drains that refused you service.

      I never underestimate a republican’s ability to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. They so messed up the law defining marriage that I contacted our legislators and minister friends and advised them that they should not support the bill. Of course I knew that the current law would not stand review either.

      But to answer your question, when the SCOTUS ruled that the federal RFRA could not be applied to states,that left it states to enact RFRA laws. Every state will eventually have one.

      • I hope you are watching history in the making as the public outcry has forced Governor Pence to change his position on the Religious freedom fake named legislation.

      • enoch. Slight disagreement here. Possibly, we are not back to square one. We are farther back THAN square one. You have no choice but to participate. And could possibly be criminally liable if you do not. The mob got everything they wanted and more, and dems still voted against it.

  10. I find it hard to believe that the “educated idiots” on the city council cannot speak any more lucidly than is written in the minutes shown above. Just think, attorneys, a CPA, a surgeon and others who are unable to communicate their thought any better than this group are making financial decisions that will affect our children and grandchildren. Shameful.

    The way i read the minutes, it appears that Pooh is not aware that city taxpayers are also county taxpayers. And he is a former county executive.

    If NOTA (none of the above) would be on the primary election ballot, NOTA would probably be a run-away winner.

    • Do you really think your mayor was communicating better then the rest in there?
      Seem “tit for tat” to me!

      • When you’re talking double talk with a forked tongue it is hard to speak clearly, but is that not the point.

      • Chef : Feed their minds and leave those pockets to their own invention. What ever happens under the sheets stays in the sheets, not on the streets. If its a true dark web feature, considering the popular visual references, that little squirt needs some eye surgery or should lay off the liquid blinders a tad.

        ˈdalēəns,ˈdalyəns/ noun
        a casual romantic or sexual relationship.
        brief or casual involvement with “something”.

  11. Could it be true that those screaming loudest about giving away 16.5 or 20 million and getting nothing tangible in return will joyously indebt future taxpayers for 60+ million for an I.U. med school downtown that, by law, is required to be built at U.S.I., and receive nothing tangible in return?

  12. Joe I’m sorry but I don’t read your posts as they are nothing more than cut and paste stuff from right wing leaning web sites and blogs. If I wanted to read that stuff I’d go watch Faux Noise on Channel 60. However I routinely scan right though channel 60 on my way to better TV channels on Wow cable TV.

    • moveon, if you don’t read my posts, why are you earlier asking the CCO Editor to ban them? Leftists like you and the Community Organizer are a funny bunch. First to try to censor the opposition (main stream to conservative) and then demanding extra-rights to make up for some past ill treatment. My posts have the source article linked. Please do the same. In the meantime I worry about the damage President Obama is doing to the US (United States of America) with his accelerated import of Muslim “refugees” from countries overrun with radical jihadists.

      “Muslim immigration from dangerous nations is dramatically higher in recent years, and government assurances that immigrants are being properly screened is “a farce,” according to accomplished author and columnist Paul Sperry.

      “It’s a huge surge under Obama. In the last three years, he’s averaged 100,000 new immigrants from Muslim nations a year. That is very alarming. It’s more than we’re importing both from Central America and Mexico combined. …”

      “It’s really insane what we’re doing. No one’s really talking about it, but this mass immigration from Muslim countries poses a serious national security threat,” said Sperry, who is also a Hoover Institution media fellow and former Washington bureau chief of WND. Sperry frequently writes for the New York Post and Investor’s Business Daily.”

      ““Our FBI doesn’t even have the resources to get a handle on all of the ISIS/jihadist threat in the Muslim community,” he said. “Now we’re going to lay on top of that all of these new immigrants who are even potentially more radical on top of that threat matrix. I mean that’s just ridiculous.”

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