IS IT TRUE April 2, 2014

Mole #??
Mole #??

IS IT TRUE that Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke told the Courier and Press on Tuesday that the objection within the Hilton organization could cause a delay in final approval of private financing for the downtown convention hotel for HCW of Branson, Missouri?…Mayor Winnecke went on to say that loan approval for the developer is required to obtain a franchise license with Hilton?…that this pair of statements proves that the golden shovel moment when the executives of HCW pointed to an alleged group of bankers and said “they are financing the hotel”, may not be true?…that event happened well before Dunn Hospitality filed a complaint with the Hilton organization?…Mayor Winnecke, HCW management, ONB officials, and possibly the whole cast of golden shovel boys and girls staged a photo-op and claimed they were ready to go which implied both loan approval and a franchise agreement were in place when they knew full well that this may not be true?…what goes around just came around in the never ending web of delusion surrounding the downtown convention hotel?

IS IT TRUE to make matters worse the development agreement between the City of Evansville and HCW clearly states that loan approval had to be shown by March 31, 2014?…the reality in downtown Evansville is that there may not be a legally binding agreement in place for a hotel as of midnight last night?…all of this comes on the heels of alleged insider bullying of some City Council members to keep the Earthcare Energy loan approval alive until after Indiana University announces where the medical school will be going?…the powers that be in this little village were either bold enough to bluff the City Council into thinking that extending a loan to an unproven and untrustworthy non-entity could negatively affect the decision process of the University of Indiana Board of Regents or they are delusional enough to believe it themselves?…what these IU decision makers may well have second thought about is a City Administration that held a dog and pony show about the status of a downtown hotel that a medical school may well benefit from that sent a message that may not be accurate?…the fruits of the dog and pony show has come home to roost and it may be legally necessary for the Evansville Redevelopment Commission and/or some other alter ego of the Office of the Mayor to hold a public meeting and a vote to extend the agreement because ONCE AGAIN THE NECESSARY CONDITIONS TO MOVE FORWARD DID NOT HAPPEN ON TIME?

IS IT TRUE this is not the first time a photo op driven dog and pony show was held to transmit something that turned out not to be true to the voting public about a downtown convention hotel?…in the summer of 2008 former Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel held a press conference in the brand new media room at Innovation Pointe to do the same thing and stated that “if we build an arena Browning Investments will build a 4-Star hotel with their own money and without public subsidy?

IS IT TRUE that yesterday, rumors were floating around town that the City County Observer would be shutting down due to loss of advertising dollars caused by the political boycott set into motion in a Vanderburgh County Republican Central Committee meeting last Thursday because of an article we posted about Marsha Abell?…several people called and emailed us to confirm and we just went along with the story?…THAT WAS ONE BIG APRIL FOOL JOKE ON THE FOLKS WHO PERPETRATE NONSENSE ON A FEW PEOPLE OF THIS CITY WHO WERE CELEBRATING OUR DEMISE?…the truth of the matter is we have a very well placed MOLE that tells us that the great muzzler of freedom of speech and choice (Wayne Parke) has had a muzzle put on him by political higher ups?…if you haven’t seen Wayne posting comments on the CCO our Mole tells us it may because he has been told to cease doing so?…we have also replaced every ad that was yanked and some of the yanked ads have changed their mind?…since the Vanderburgh County Republican Central Committee had their tantrum, our readership traffic has increased?…we want to take this opportunity to thank Wayne Parke  and all of the other people in the meeting who decided to pull a political  advertising boycott on the CCO because of the article on Marsha Abell?  …we also would like to give special thanks to a couple of downtown historical district buddies of ours for pushing for our demise?…if any business thinks that they can affect our editorial positions by purchasing advertising with us we suggest they spend they’re advertising dollars elsewhere?

IS IT TRUE yesterday we were given the entire written transcript taken from the audio recording made during a recent speech Marsha Abell made to GOP Women’s Club?  …after reading this transcript all we can say is “WOW”?  …we believe Ms. Abells  comments had to be non thinking remarks or mis-statements?  …we still invite Ms Abell to send us  an  e-mail that clarifies her statements to the GOP gathering.  …we shall post her response without opinion, editing or editing?

IS IT TRUE if you want to see what the CCO readers think about the GOP advertising boycott please read the results in todays “Readers Poll” and you shall get your answer?


    • Yes he can, but he would in some cases only be anonymous to the readers, if he chooses to post from the same IP address (s) that he has posted before he runs the risk of being outed by the CCO. I doubt Wayne is savvy enough to use a proxy to hide himself.


      • I do not know that it would be a good idea for CCO to be “outing” anyones IP address. After all, Wayne has made such a big production about posting under his own name that going back on his words seems unlikely.


        • Not saying that at all, all I’m saying is that if Wayne posted from a known (to the CCO) IP address they (the CCO) would know it was his computer, they would not have to make know the IP but only the user ID Wayne was posting under.

          Of course anyone can go to a public access point like Mc Donalds and post under any name without fear in most cases.


      • What? Wayne not use his “real name?” He has way to much integrity than to do something that SNEGAl.

    • That’s a good question, maybe on a short leash since he is a party loyalist, I have no problem with Phyllip, I think his intentions are genuine though misguided at times, but I still maintain that we need vocal people like Phyllip, Brad and Jordan to effect any meaningful change, boots on the ground so to speak.

      No doubt he will return…. 😉


      • He’s (PD) already held forth on the subject of the Dunn group’s objection to the franchising in the C&P.
        I had always wondered why the GOP powers-that-be hadn’t stopped Wayne from making enemies here, since he couldn’t figure out on his own that he was doing harm, not good.
        It looks like my ex-husband’s observation of four decades ago still holds true. Democrats squabble over who GETS to be on their Central Committee, and Republicans apparently still squabble over who HAS to do that duty. Otherwise, I think they would have had a better spokesman on these forums.

        • I think in a lot of cases like the GOP and Wayne they probably have to be made aware of the situation to take action, but they might also just give him enough rope to hang himself first depending on the personalities involved.

          As you know arrogance takes many forms throw in a dash of righteousness and a superiority complex and you have pretty well defined most politicians or their handlers/promoters.

          Wayne certainly isn’t any exception, it’s one thing to vocal about the merits of your candidate but Wayne’s problem is the condescending nature of his remarks to any view point that is different/contrary to his.

          We are all entitled to our opinions, maybe Wayne could benefit from some of that newfangled diversity training.


  1. Curiosity has me, who are these “couple of our downtown historical district buddies”?

    • My question also, are we talking about the “Downtown Biggitys”, the “Downtown Prigerys”, or the “Downtown Elitist Pigs”? –I believe they are all one and the same,–and way too shallow of character to be anyone’s True friend.

      • Meah, Hey Crash,dveactch, That answer could very well be in the background of this video we’ve listed. I suspect that part of the historical district might be on board with the unique open minded comment section only owned in your town by the “likes” of the CCO.

        My ole Evansville Grandfather kept a daily journal,man,down in the Historical district that house had a Men’s parlor I guess his neighbors used to come in there and visit quite often and talk about the town,its growth, and how they could grow education and commerce in the place.
        That parlor had a smoking room label, as well. From the reading it sounds like good scotch,or brandy with a fine cigar either there,or the porch. Even walks about the places streets. I got the thing out last night and read a couple a pages referring to a guys vision for what could be a attractive and useble town promotional for that.
        Wow,the two fellas walking with him that night during the discussion were a guy named Gumbert,and a Guy Gramp’s liked allot but tried to never openly show that aspect in politics,out of respect,from what I gathered from the read.
        The walk eventually included another guy from a main street business who rushed to join them once he realized what they might be discussing,its down right hilarious how the guy leading the subject winked real fast and changed the subject of concern to smoke,without any mirrors needed.

        That neighbors name was Benjamin Bosse,the story in the journal is funny,as hell!

        Nihil sub sole novum,

        “Nothing new under the sun”

        Just watch it, Where you watch this,could be trouble…

        Well Dylan sorry….”at the Ford no more….” 😛

  2. Wayne is no doubt using his newly found free time busily gathering all his logistics, political buddies and wit to “help” the next Republican candidate.

    • Word on the street has it he’s gone into the “collections” business.

      He’s being seen late at night “collecting” Bruce Ungenthiem signs.

        • I do jest but if he would do a valid poll on the race, I believe my jest would come to fruition.

  3. Next-to-last line of this IIT: should be ‘affect’ (verb) “our editorial positions”.

  4. Winnecke has spoken DERP! Wayne Parke and Marsha Abell have not double DERP! The conmen,crooks and clowns have said stupid needs to shut up triple DERP!

  5. “if any business thinks that they can affect our editorial positions by purchasing advertising with us we suggest they spend they’re advertising dollars elsewhere?”

    Thank you, CCO, for holding to your principles. I am so glad we have a fair outlet for “public opinion” in this area. I have heard that “mainline” newspapers used to do that, but they don’t seem to anymore.

    • Here is a Reader Poll that I would love to see:

      * * * * * * *

      “Give light and the people will find their own way.”

      Do you think this logo more accurately describes the efforts of:

      1. The Evansville Courier&Press

      2. The City-County Observer

  6. IS IT TRUE that Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke told the Courier and Press on Tuesday that the objection within the Hilton organization could cause a delay in final approval of private financing for the downtown convention hotel for HCW of Branson, Missouri?…Mayor Winnecke went on to say that loan approval for the developer is required to obtain a franchise license with Hilton?…

    How convenient. The perfect deflection from the truth. If the CCO had not peeked behind the curtain this would sound plausible.

  7. Don’t you just the downtown historical district snobs. I would like to buy them for what they are worth and sell them for what they think they are worth. It’s my guess you’re making reference to the snobs living on S. E. First.

  8. Hi Marty I bet I could come close naming one of the power couple living in historical district who wanted to see CCO demise. They have Marsha Abell signs in their yard.

  9. If they are afraid City Council cancelling the EarthCare loan will affect IU’s decision, I’m puzzled why they didn’t stay mum about the hotel issues until after IU has announced their decision?

    • I expect they thought it would be better if they got out in front of it, rather than having it “leak” from another source, like CCO.
      I am really puzzled about the IU decision. Part of me thinks a downtown location is a “done deal” because of “politics as usual.” The better, less cynical part of me thinks the school will go to the most advantageous location, which would be any of the others, depending on one’s outlook. The most childish part of me just wants in in Vanderburgh county, regardless.

    • The City Council would demonstrate good governance to IU by cancelling EarthCare ASAP.

      • If this is as dirty as I think it may be, IU is not so interested in good governance as it is in political rewards going to the right people.

        • You’d like to think they’re smart and will do the right thing. That they’ll pick the site on its merits. But it’s not IU The Honorable Limestone making the decision it’s a committee of people. Probably none of the same folks but it is the same university that acquiesced without so much as a peep as its fine basketball program was dismantled. Their decisions and the reasons for them do deserve scrutiny.

          If they’re not suceptible to something they’re the first bunch who aren’t. They originally said they’d ignore any lobbying attempts, but do they? Probably no more or less trustworthy than any other group of university people charged with making an important decision.

          You’d have to think this hotel thing won’t get any more ridiculous, but it will. I wish someone would explain how ignoring something like what EarthCare did makes downtown a more attractive area for a medical school.

  10. It would have been nice if the CCO had been around 15-20 years ago when the politics were more criminal and dirty than they are currently. I remember when the country commissioners were republican controlled with plans to built a new jail for 28 million. An election changed the council make up to democrats and the cost of the jail went to 35 million. To top it all off a county commissioner took off with one of the jail contractors. I think the earthcare deal pretty well defines the direction of Vanderburgh county politics.

  11. I’m a member of a adjoining neighborhood association and must say I totally agree with comments posted on this site about the historical district S. E. First Street snobs. I hear they may have cut a back room deal with the Mayor to have taxpayers to pay for and install over $1 million dollars of historical light poles on S. E. First Street. All one has to do is drive a section of this street and see who political signs they have displayed in their front yards. Could this mean that Abell+The Mayor+new light poles paid by the taxpayers.

    • Weren’t the historical light posts put up when the other crook er I mean mayor was in office ?
      honestly tho I don’t trust either one of them,actually I think winnecke is just a puppet for weinzapfel .

      • I think there may be more lights on the way, but am not sure. As for the puppet comment, I think they are both puppets for much bigger interests.

  12. We need good people who love this community, and who are up to some rather daunting challenges, to consider running for public offices.

    1. SBOA Federal A-133 Financial Compliance Audit, City of Evansville…….unresolved

    2. Indiana Supreme Court decision on Contractors v EVSC….unresolved

    3. Earthcare Energy loan……unresolved

    4. McCurdy Hotel renovation……unresolved

    5. Downtown branded hotel…..unresolved

    6. Mesker Amphitheater renovation…..unresolved

    7. All publicly owned entertainment facilities requiring annual injections of taxpayer dollars, as opposed to operating at a profit…….unresolved

    8. High rate of property tax deliquency, City of Evanscille……unresolved

    9. Continued population decline within City of Evansville…..unresolved

    10. Lack of available local employment opportunities that pay a livable wage……..unresolved

    • This town is pretty sad. As soon as I have the means I will leave. With balooning costs to live here it’s more difficult to save for that move. I will say my property taxes were lowered and rightfully so. Utilities on the other hand….

    • Excellent point, press. I don’t care what their party affiliation is, or if they even have one.

  13. “the fruits of the dog and pony show has come home to roost and it may be legally necessary for the Evansville Redevelopment Commission and/or some other alter ego of the Office of the Mayor to hold a public meeting and a vote to extend the agreement because ONCE AGAIN THE NECESSARY CONDITIONS TO MOVE FORWARD DID NOT HAPPEN ON TIME?”

    The timing of the Dunn objection is rather unfortunate. It offers a novel excuse for the “extenstion”, instead of the usual “it’s all of the red tape” reason.

  14. Just listened to Marsha’s audio. She is right about one thing. We do need production jobs here, and every where in the US, but I don’t agree with he statements about retirees or “High tech Computer people”. Retirees pay property taxes, and spend money, paying sales taxes. Good paying tech jobs have higher wages, leading to higher Federal, State and Local income taxes paid.

    Evansville was once were Furniture was made, With World War 2 it shifted to a industrial wartime production economy, and became the Refrigerator Capital of the US. Yet we’ve managed to chase off all these industries, as recently as the 80s we still had DoD jobs here. Whirlpool WANTED to stay in Evansville, but our government ran them out of town, then sold the building to cronies for pocket change.

    But here is why Evansville cannot and will not attract tech jobs or retirees: The Cost of living is too high compared the rest of the region. My personal power bill for my home dropped $140 dollars between February and March, yet was STILL over $300 dollars. We are very power conscious in my home, and if it’s not in use, it’s off, and more often than not, unplugged. We use natural light whenever possible, and have a furnace less than 3 years old.

    We’ve been looking into sustainable self powering, but in addition to the cost of solar panels, and their installation, Vectren wants $12000 dollars to connect it to the grid. On top of that, even if we managed to produce more power than we use the law says Vectren DOESN’T have to pay us for the extra power we would put back into the grid. The State of Indiana is down right hostile toward Green energy, mainly due to Vectren’s influence.

    That coupled with the projected increases in the water utility bills, and property tax increases( both of which border on the absurd) make this a very unattractive place to move to regardless of the jobs outlook.

    Not to mention, and I say this will a great deal of personal shame: The city is ugly. Our main traffic corridors highlight, our Industrial heritage by being lined with decaying, often idled plants (The former Whirlpool facility being a main offender.), trash blowing across the roads, and hung up in the scrub that lines the road ways. Or out of town visitors can come to our City’s Jewel, Downtown, and drive right through the stink of our sewer plant via I-164.

    Now lets get to the roads… even our main ones suffer from potentially vehicle disabling potholes. 41 North bound near Past Diamond, and the Intersection of Lynch and 41 come immediately to mind. and Don’t even get me started on Downtown. That is supposed to be the main dollar draw for this town, according to our government, yet that can’t even make the roads comfortable to drive on down there. And I’m not even touching on convenience of travel.

    Having Lived in Indianapolis and San Diego, Ca, I can say I could more easily and quickly travel across those two sprawling metroplexes than I can across this city. On a recent trip to a city of comparable size, Chattanooga,TN, I had trouble realizing when when I’d gotten off the interstate and on to local highways. The Most Notable Difference? The locally maintained roads were in better condition, and wider. I didn’t encounter a single stop light until I was half way through the city, and down to Surface roads. Here, even Our main transit arteries are plugged with stop lights.

    In short, this city is doing things assbackwards. We don’t need an attraction hotel, that will likely fail in a few short years because no one wants to come here, we need our sewers updated,to avoid hefty fines from the EPA and a redesign and rebuilding of our roadways.

    The neglect the Infrastructure elements receive from our local government borders on criminal. But they’re fat and happy, paying their supporters out of our pockets with fluff projects that will have a minimal impact for the quality of life for most of the citizens of this city.

        • I’m a believer that us middle class tax payers are nothing more than funnels animal.

          Every time we receive the crumbs of a tax cut, seems Vectren rates, gasoline, pharmaceuticals, insurance etc. go up.

          If they would go up only as much as our tax cut, may not be so bad.

          It may be worth researching to see how soon after the politically rewarding tax cuts these necessities always increase.

          Just a thought………….

      • Also, Decaying infrastructure also presents a serious Local, State and National Security problem. The old rule of threes, 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, 3 minutes without air, all being fatal. Say our water system suffered a catastrophic failure. No clean water for the metro area until it could be fixed, how many would become sick, and/or die due to it.

        The same goes with the power grid. Vectren is pricing it’s customers out of a decentralized power grid. Say an accident, natural disaster, or act of war took out AB Brown, and it’s connections to the national grid. Whole city in the dark, food storage is a health hazard, medical facilities on on a finite generator resource, Alcoa MAY be able to provide minimal power to some of the Grid, if they are even connected to it, (I’m not sure on their in house power generation set up.) This is a potential problem that easily solved with wide spread use of self-powering sustainable solutions. It may wind up being “Emergency” power for a bit, but people could keep there fridge’s cold enough to safely store food, and have enough juice to power communication devices to call for help in the event of an emergency until the main power gird was restored.

        The same with the roads, if they’re impassible, due natural disaster, human error, etc, how many people would suffer for it. How much longer would it take for outside help to arrive?

        We take these things for granted, because they’ve always been there, and have always worked, but we’re allowing them to decay to the point where failure is increasingly more likely.

    • Good comments.

      Forget about Whirlpool. Between management, the unions, and our leaders, they grew employment from 10,000 to 1,000 before they left.

      If we would have used the money committed to the arena, hotel, and Earthcare to attract alternative energy companies (real ones)and to help our residents obtain alternative energy like solar, we could have become a growing mecca for energy.

        • Actually the iHub does not make any direct investments in client companies. We do have two active angel networks, a venture capital firm, and a large number of unaffiliated wealthy individuals that we act as an non commissioned broker for. We have facilitated roughly $4 Million of private investment into iHub companies to date and the current valuation of those investments is nearing $50 Million. I just advised a client on a $1 Million raise this morning that is likely to close in about 60 days. I have personally made 4 investments in iHub companies and some other staff have too. We pioneered the use of royalty agreements to allow lower net worth people to participate in high potential start-ups while the government continues to fumble the crowd funding ball. The iHub is pretty lean and mean and we coach our clients to be that way too. For the $150 Million that Evansville has either spent or committed on the three projects that indianaenoch mentioned, we could launch roughly 50 iHub/Accelerator Campus combinations.

          • Any start-ups concentrating on the monumental water problem the West is facing and going to face in the future?

            • Yes, we have one named SecoSys that has a smart water meter for internet based leak detection and notification. It has been piloted by a homeowner’s association, a city, and a golf course. They won the silver award last year at the World’s Best Technology conference and have a rebate approved by the local water company for installation. They just had a funding event last week so look for some news soon. One of their distributors will be American Leak Detection.

          • As Troy would say on Swamp People, ” Now tha wha I’m talkin abou!”

            Good Deal

    • You covered all the bases very well. You should run for office. We need people who aren’t blinded by the local political hocus-pocus.

      • I don’t recall the type of hocus-pocus used by the Mayor to get elected but said incantations are usually directed at an audience; us. So in that it could be said we allowed someone at our level use the age old magical trick of distraction. Unfortunately, we can never know with certainty what “one of us” would really do while on stage.

        Case in point. Would any of us had ever thought the Mayor and his crew would ever fall for the scam Earthcare and at this point with what they should already know have the appearances of forging on with their original decision?

  15. If only Evansville politicians were as susceptible to delays in making decisions as are the litany of decisions they have made, then maybe, just maybe they would not make so many stupid decisions.

  16. I have one SIMPLE question that the Hilton organization should ask MR. Dunn. ” MR. Dunn you say another Hilton 5 miles away will cut into your revenues? what about the other six hotels you own within a QTR mile of your Hilton that are NOT Hilton brands? Are they not cutting into the Hilton’s profits????” Give it a rest Johnny Dunn it’s over.

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