IS IT TRUE? April 2, 2011


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IS IT TRUE? April 2, 2011

IS IT TRUE that today is a win-win day for the basketball fans of Southwest Indiana?…that in the first game of tonight’s national semifinals the Butler Bulldogs will take on the Virginia Commonwealth Rams for the chance to return to the national championship?…that little Butler University seems to have taken over the leadership role as the number one team in the basketball crazed state of Indiana?…that IU, Purdue, Notre Dame, and the rest of the teams in the State of Indiana must have the mixed emotions of pride over Butler’s accomplishments while scratching their heads about why it is Butler and not them in the Final Four AGAIN?

IS IT TRUE that the second game pits the University of Kentucky Wildcats against the UCONN Huskies?…that there will most certainly be a multitude of Kentucky Wildcat sweatshirts, hats, belts, etc. roaming the aisles of the retail establishments in Evansville today?…that Kentucky (our you-kay) as some like to call them enjoys as much fan support in Evansville as it does in many parts of the State of Kentucky?…that Evansville is often referred to as being the third largest city in both Indiana and Kentucky?…that on occasion Evansville has even been referred to as the “Capital of Western Kentucky”?

IS IT TRUE that choosing sides in both of today’s games for Tri-Staters should be very easy?…that a Kentucky vs. Butler national final would be the first time that an Indiana team and a Kentucky team have faced off for a national championship?…that for most of our lives people of this area have dreamed of such a match up?…that we always expected that it would be Crimson against Blue?…that if we are treated to a cross border matchup Monday night it will be Blue against Darker Blue?…that the City County Observer wishes good luck but better planning and execution to both Butler and Kentucky tonight?

IS IT TRUE that the Kunkel Group in a rather surprise move has become the proud new owner of the Whirlpool facility on North 41?…that Whirlpool will be their first tenant and has signed a 5 year lease to keep their 300 person design and engineering group on site and on the payroll?…that this is a welcome thing but the whole idea of using that big blue building for some other commercial purpose than a giant manufacturing facility is intriguing?…that one of the age old questions regarding that building has been just how extensive any environmental remediation would be required if the building was ever to be demolished?…that maybe with this deal the whole clean-up can has been kicked down the road for another 20 or more years and we will never know exactly what secrets the special concrete floor is hiding?…that we wish Kunkel prosperity with whatever they are planning for the big blue building?

IS IT TRUE that this meth lab a day routine is tearing the Evansville region to pieces?…that while it is positive to see a meth lab shut down whether by police intervention, voluntary shut-down, or by explosion, that the publicity is just crushing?…that our law enforcement professionals are doing a fine and increasingly dangerous job in fighting the meth epidemic?…that searching out the reasons why Evansville seems to be to meth what Hershey, PA is to chocolate would be something worth doing?…that turning to meth or suicide (the other thing we lead in) are desperate and hopeless acts and that we wish for positive progress to me made this year in fighting against both of these things?


  1. The only reservation I have with this deal is if there is any local tax dollars involved that would benefit the Kunkel Group Inc. or the Kunkel Group.

    Until Kunkel becomes current on their own property tax obligations, I do not feel we should be offering them any local taxpayer dollars.


  2. VERY excited about Kunkel buying the old Whirlpool building. Sure hope they keep it standing. I’m really impressed with Kunkels work and I strongly support them.

    • I figured you were working with Kunkel to make that rail line run people down to the stadium and back!


      • 🙂 If anyone can do it Kunkel can.

        I gaurantee you that if Kunkel continues their success with renovating condos we will be seeing a strong push for light rail downtown, especially if the parking situation with the arena gets out of hand!

        • mass transit in evansville is definitely something I support…. love the idea!

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