IS IT TRUE April 19, 2012


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE April 19, 2012

IS IT TRUE that it was refreshing to learn yesterday that some people in control at the Secret Service have been fired from their positions over the recent WHOREGATE scandal that happened in Cartagena, Columbia?…that it still is shocking to accept the fact that the advance team whose job it is to protect the president of the United States got off the plane and headed straight to a whorehouse to drink top shelf whiskey and partake of the paid companionship of Columbia’s “best whores”?…that makes one think “Holy Puta Batman”?…that we expect that the Secret Service will quickly clean the sandbox and get right back to their long tradition of professional service to the United States?

IS IT TRUE that no such thing is occurring at the General Services Administration where smiling government bureaucrats were having their pictures taken in hot tubs and some taking over 100 trips per year to exotic locations?…that no heads have rolled there but that the top head has pleaded the 5th on everything from being in the town to what he had for dinner?…that there is now a hotline established for other GSA employees to report inappropriate spending without fear of retribution?…that several actually were afraid to turn in the wasters to save the taxpayer’s money and that veil of fear has now been lifted?…that the website for reporting waste crashed yesterday?…that we predict that what is now being promoted as a $1 Million self indulgent scandal will rapidly escalate to a Billion Dollar Plus scandal and will take down the entire GSA?…that this is truly an division gone wild and it needs to be reigned in?…that we are waiting to see if and when any real action will be taken as thus far the hearings have mostly been photo-ops for smug politicians (congressmen) to grandstand for the poor folks back home who did not get a government paid trip to Vegas?

IS IT TRUE that the City of Dixon, Illinois is scratching its head today and trying to figure out just how a city employee was able to steal $30 Million and live the life of a Rockefeller right in Dixon without anyone knowing it?…that such a thing tells you allot about the Controller’s office in Dixon, the Dixon City Council, and the Mayor of Dixon running a very loose ship?…that when a civil servant that does not come from wealth and earns an average salary starts collecting exotic things like horses and cars that someone should have enough sense to wonder why?…that only happens when people are engaged enough to have a competent sense of awareness?…that Dixon, IL is not the only city in America that seems to have gone to sleep at the wheel when it comes to oversight of public money?

IS IT TRUE that we would like to recommend those who are interested in the whole Earthcare Energy deal including the market and the competition should read the following report and pay particular attention to the section on harvesting energy from gas let down stations?