IS IT TRUE? April 17, 2011 Connecting some Value Dots


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IS IT TRUE? April 17, 2011 Connecting some Value Dots

IS IT TRUE that Ann Ennis of Keep Evansville Beautiful contributed a very well written and no holds barred call to the people of Evansville to do exactly what her organization exists to promote?…that talking the problems of litter, parks maintenance, and general appearances is picking up steam and gaining some awareness in Evansville for the first time in what seems like a long long time?…that when Ann writes things like “see a weed, pull a weed” and “see litter, pick up litter” that she is admonishing the citizens of Evansville to do exactly the most cost effective beautification lifestyle possible?…Cheers today to Ms. Ennis for going public in a big way to call upon the citizens of Evansville to do exactly as was admonished in the passage of Luke chapter 4 verse 23 where Jesus is quoted as saying “Physician, heal yourself’–meaning, ‘Do miracles here in your hometown like those you did in Capernaum.’

IS IT TRUE that connecting related articles and events is a very effective way to promote understanding?…that Mort Marcus in his weekly column addressed the topic of the cost of government?…that it is presumed by most of us that government does not make a profit and that we basically get all of our government services “at cost”?…that digging a little deeper into what it cost to actually pay the government to accomplish something is a worthy set of numbers to crunch?…that when a citizen of Evansville does what Ann Ennis says and pulls a weed or picks up litter that the cost to the taxpayers is exactly ZERO?…that when criminals in orange jumpsuits are out doing these sort of tasks that this service is not free?…that the Orange Jumpsuit Apparatus needs supervision, transportation, and food that is certainly paid for with tax money?…that these same tasks when done by the Evansville Parks and Recreation department are subject to a contract between the City of Evansville and the Teamster’s Union?…that the most expensive way possible for paper to be picked up or weeds to be pulled is to put that responsibility in the hands of local government that is shackled with a contract?

IS IT TRUE that Evansville can and should be litter free and have manicured parks?…that these things can be a collective effort and cost us ZERO in taxes?…that a simple exception added to the Teamster’s contract followed by good habits of the citizens will solve this problem?…that it is also unlikely that any grievance would ever be filed over citizen weed pulling patrols or citizen litter pick-ups?…that it would be interesting to see but that our bet is that the Teamsters are just as much of a part of the community as everyone else and that they would be glad to see the citizens of Evansville take these tasks on?

IS IT TRUE that an army of citizens cannot fix our sewers, should not risk life and limb tearing down dilapidated houses, and really can’t effectively recruit jobs to the area?…that those tasks are best left to professionals?…that the professionals will be better equipped to do their jobs if Evansville is clean and manicured?…that here is the formula to solve the litter problem in ONE YEAR?



IS IT TRUE that if all 178,000 people in Vanderburgh County would do this that we will never have our home referred to as a slovenly mess again?…that the City County Observer says “you go Ann, never get discouraged and don’t let them get you down”?…that a new day can dawn in Evansville and that it can start tomorrow?