IS IT TRUE? April 14, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? April 14, 2011

IS IT TRUE that there is a questionnaire that has been sent to the candidates for the City of Evansville offices from Keep Evansville Beautiful?…that the questions are quite well thought out and give each candidate the opportunity to express positions on RECYCLING, the Evansville CITY PARKS, and QUALITY OF LIFE issues?…that under each of these headings there are some pointed questions that if answered honestly will reveal much about each candidate’s position on the issue of beauty, cleanliness, and green activity as quality of life and economic development influencers?…that we encourage every candidate to put their thinking caps on and answer these questions in an honest manner?…that we congratulate KEB for sending this out and encourage KEB to publish the candidates answers?

IS IT TRUE that one or our favorite and well posed questions issued by KEB is “How do you think quality of life or “curb appeal” affect economic development and employee recruitment for Evansville”?…that the answers to that simple but open ended question will be sufficient to gage whether or not a particular candidate is AWARE of or curb appeal problem, whether or not any THOUGHT has been given to just how much prosperity being drab and disheveled as a city is costing us, and even what they may think can be done to get Evansville into its SUNDAY BEST every day?

IS IT TRUE that the game of attraction whether it is birds in the springtime, young adults searching for a mate, or a city looking for investment always starts with a first impression?…that the birds all get it, the young adults mostly get it, and that some cities get it?…that the City of Evansville does not look like it understands the simple principle that beauty and cleanliness are an easy way to make a good first impression?…that that silly little country song by Cletus Judd called “I’m Going Ugly Early Tonight” (see song below if you like), may apply to one nighters but does not lead to anything that is going to last?…that the beauty and cleanliness in a city attract similar jobs?…that cities that do not make a good first impression may get lucky on occasion but will consistently only draw in jobs that don’t make a good first impression either?…that the next time that an elected official who does nothing about beauty and cleanliness uses the term “BIRDBRAIN”, they should remember that birds all know how to make a good springtime impression?

IS IT TRUE that that CCO “MOLE # 3 has just predicted that Michelle Mercer looks like she shall be one of the Republican City Council At Large primary winners? ….that the CCO “MOLE # 3” shall predict who shall be elected to one (1) of the two (2) remaining Republican primary seats in a couple of days?

IS IT TRUE that CCO “MOLE #3” is predicting that the 3rd seat in the At Large Democratic primary is really getting to become a political dog fight? ….the CCO “MOLE # 3” is predicting that the winner for the third (3rd) seat in the Democratic primary between Sonya Nixon, Steven Smith and Jonathan Weaver shall be decided by a 150 votes or less?

IS IT TRUE we are extremely pleased with the fine work that the newly hired Executive Director of the Evansville Koch Family Children’s Museum? …that Stephanie Terry is also beginning to have a positive impact in her other role as Vanderburgh County Council member?

IS IT TRUE we are pleased that our Vanderburgh County Commissioner Steve Melcher for taking a public stance on the proposed City-County Consolidation scheduled for a referendum later this year? …. that two (2) City of Evansville Mayoral candidates have also taken a public stance on this issue? …..that Rick Davis is against City-County consolidation and Lloyd Winnecke is for it? ….that County Commissioner Marsha Abell and Evansville Mayoral candidate Troy Tornatta are still on the political fence concerning this subject? …that as County Commissioners that Melcher, Tornatta, and Winnecke all voted in favor of eliminating the threshold rejection criteria from the process?…that only Commissioner Melcher has reversed that previous position and supports the rights of the county to offer CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED before consolidation can be approved?

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  1. LOL LOL LOL Yeah Sonya Nixon, wife of con-man and child-support scofflaw has about as much chance of being elected to office as does Ronald McDonald. City At Large will be as follows: Dan Adams, Jonathan Weaver, Conor O’Daniel, Steve Smith and then Sonia Nixon.

    • Greetings Curt,

      I thought I would enligthen you on your comments about me and my beloved husband David J. Nixon, who ran as a mayoral candidate in 2007, and won the primary.

      First of all, I am not married to a con-man, and second to clear up any confusion you may have regarding the case of child support in the State of Michigan, the case has been CLOSED.

      To learn more about me, please feel free to visit my Blogger site at

      Thank you,

      Sonya Kates Nixon
      Candidate for City Council At-Large
      Paid for by the Friends of Sonya Kates Nixon for City Council

    • I saw some Pete Swaim yard signs in the past few weeks. So, I know he’s running Republican at-large. There’s that other guy who advertises in the right margin of this page, but I can’t remember his name or if he’s running at-large or in a ward. You know, the guy who looks like he’s really, really honked off about something ——>

    • Jeremy Heath. I highly recommend voting for him. He’s a great guy with a good head on his shoulders. We need more Jeremy Heaths in this town!

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