IS IT TRUE? April 13, 2011


The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE? April 13, 2011

IS IT TRUE that the Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana has allocated some federal grant money to pay for a study of the potential that this area has for growth?…that Garner Economics of Atlanta has been commissioned to do this study?…that there are those who will be critical of hiring an outside of Evansville firm to do this study?…that when searching for opportunities that seem to have eluded the local business community and local governance for many years an outside firm is usually the best choice?… that Greg Wathen is very well connected in the economic development industry and made the best choice that he could make with the funds that were available?

IS IT TRUE that SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis were done and published in 2000 and again in 2007?…that in both cases these efforts were locally lead and chose all local participants?…that the results of these analyses were strikingly similar?…that would indicate that little or no positive change occurred between 2000 and 2007 to change the results?…that as informative as these exercises were that in the end they were just exercises?…that in one case there was some “strategic editing” done in the areas of identified weaknesses and threats?…that the “strategic editing” was done so as not to perturb the powers that be?…that this locally driven “strategic editing” is why Mr. Wathen is doing the right thing by hiring an outside firm to do this study?

IS IT TRUE that it is certain that this region has some untapped resources and unknown opportunities that can and should be acknowledge and exploited for economic growth?…that there have been opportunities identified in the past that just do not seem to get the attention of people who pursue them?…that we expect that this study will identify resources and opportunities with positive potential?…that we are quite interested to see if these opportunities will be new or recantations of opportunities published in the past?…that we hope and encourage that any good opportunities be pursued?…that Evansville’s economic problems are not in place because of lack of opportunities?…that there have been many opportunities brought forward but that the initiative, the funding (as in venture capital), and the talent have not been mobilized to capitalize on them?…that maybe this time it will be different?

IS IT TRUE that “CCO “MOLE #3” has just predicted that Conor O’Daniel is on his way to be elected to the second position on the Democratic AT LARGE City Council seat?

IS IT TRUE the political battle lines have been drawn between Davis and Tornatta? ….that the Tornatta campaign is all about keeping things the same while preserving the programs of Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel and Davis is campaigning on the issue of “a new broom sweeps clean”?

IS IT TRUE that incumbent City Council Dan McGinn hasn’t spent one nickel on yard signs, TV, radio or newspaper ads? …. that we know the reason why? ….that Councilman McGinn has done an outstanding job in representing the needs of the citizens living in the 1st Ward? ….that the fact that he has publically taken Mayor Weinzapfel head on in many issues and won certainly helps enhance his popularity?


  1. He might be able to talk, the question is…

    Is Davis one of those little “brooms” that work best keeping the dust off of printers and copiers?

    It’s easy to say you’re a “new” whatever, but if you can’t make more substantial issue driven arguments… I’m inclined to believe it’s just that – talk.

  2. I would characterize what I have heard/read/seen of Troy’s campaign as more of “improving existing programs” vs. merely “preserving”.

    • Yes that is an accurate description of his commercial. The question that we asked and have not received an answer to is “what jobs plan”? We are waiting and anxious to publish any jobs plan that has been created for Evansville past, present, or future.

  3. Lord help us. A 4 year old could come up with more insightful thoughts. Its OBVIOUS why McGinn hasnt spent any campaign funds. HE has NO opponent and will not have one in the fall. Democrats don’t field a candidate often in the 1st ward, the same reason why the Republicans don’t field one in the 4th. Come on, put some effort into this, your just phoning it in.

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