IS IT TRUE April 12, 2012

The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE April 12, 2012


that in today’s activity report of the Evansville Police Department there is an incident that happened is a neighborhood that just 5 years ago was a decent neighborhood that sounds like Fort Apache the Bronx or a barrio in Buenos Aires?…that one human being chopped another on with a machete on East Riverside Drive not far from the Zesto?…that this area is populated with children but has turned into a place full of prostitutes, drug trafficking, and violence in the last 5 years?…that if local government wants a clue as to why housing values and the assessments are dropping like rocks and robbing the local government of the tax revenue needed to run the town they can look no further than the degradation of some neighborhoods from okay to unacceptable?…that this is why Front Door Pride failed?…that rebranding will do nothing for these kinds of problems?

IS IT TRUE that City Councilman and Evansville Fire Captain Al Lindsey will get to keep his job but will be punished for grudgingly admitting to drinking alcohol at the Maingate with 5 other members of the Evansville City Council after a January City Council meeting and then returning to the firehouse?…that the CCO commends the Evansville Fire Merit Commission for taking the time to do the discovery required and to reach a FAIR and JUST punishment for Captain Lindsey’s lapse of judgment and then lying to cover it up?…that we wish Councilman Lindsey good fortune in taking his licks and getting on with life as an Evansville City Councilman and Evansville Fire Captain?…that the Fire Merit Commission’s judgment gives us some faith that everything is Evansville is not driven by political vendetta’s and sneakiness?

IS IT TRUE that if Councilwoman Missy Mosby who has an ongoing Hatfield and McCoys style feud going with Councilman Lindsey had not decided three days later to run to Mayor Winnecke and tell on Lindsey that this whole situation would have never happened?…that the three days that she took to do that tattling sort of negates the whole “I was just trying to protect my peeps” argument?…that Councilwoman Mosby did not take it upon herself to tattle on herself and her fellow members of the City Council and friends for knocking back over 40 drinks the very same night at the expense of an Indianapolis consultant?…that it was not important enough in the zenith of the BoozeFest to call the police on what was most certainly some driving under the influence by some of our esteemed elected officials and their friends?…that we are sure there have been other times when someone staggered to their car from the Maingate that the EPD was alerted but not that night?…that if not for the feud and the political rancidness between Councilwoman Mosby and Captain Lindsey that Mayor Winnecke’s office would have never been tattled to like a yard duty teacher?…that this incident should serve to all to put petty elementary school bickering and backbiting aside and see if our City Council can actually deliberate on the complicated decisions that it has been entrusted to pass judgment on?…that can start with reading and thinking before voting and eliminating the pettiness?

IS IT TRUE that one thing that came through loud and clear in this proceeding is that Scott Danks is one extremely good attorney?…that Danks left no stone unturned in defending his client from what started out as a political vendetta?…that the Evansville community owes Mr. Danks a bit of gratitude for keeping a well trained fire Captain on the job, for bringing justice and fairness to a situation that was ripe for political tampering, and for making our city look just at a time that it seems to be continuing the slide into the way of the old boy network?…that Councilman Lindsey will now be saddled with many thousands of dollars to pay for Danks’s brilliant defense work?…that this is money that Lindsey would have never had to spend were it not for politically driven tattling?…that the CCO would like to encourage each of our readers to consider making a donation to help Al deal with the unbudgeted expenses that he will have to bear from this overly publicize lapse of judgment on his part?…that we do not condone what Councilman Lindsey did and certainly do not condone his cover-up but we also realize that to get on with life he needs some financial help?…that if you would like to help please contact the CCO Publisher Tim Eckels by email at


  1. I totally agree Scott Danks did an admirable job in defending Mr. Lindsey, but soliciting funds on this public forum to help pay for Lindsey’s legal defense is tacky. Lindsey made his bed, now he can sleep in it. (I do agree with the punishment handed down).

  2. Your wanting to help a person pay for their legal bills who was found guilty. Thats what most news outlets do. What would you do if he was found innocent of the charges, pay the bill yourself.

    • Maybe Al can work off his debt by helping Danks put up all those little billboards for his Republican friend running for County Clerk.

  3. I believe this publication may have just jumped the shark. No matter how good the reporting and information is at times, there are times like these where I don’t understand how you ever expect to be taken seriously as a news publication. Mr. Lindsey did not deserve to lose his job, but the fact is that he consumed alcohol and returned to the line of duty. It doesn’t matter how he got caught. Petty political tattling, sure. But if he had the good sense to not drink before going back to work like 95% of employed people, there would have been nothing for Mosby to report.

    I generally enjoy reading the articles on here, but it seems that about 75% of the time it is good reporting and thoughtful questions that are representative of the online community newspaper that your tagline claims to be, while the other 25% is mistakenly spent spouting personal opinions and bias. Put the crazy requests for Al’s defense fund on your personal blog, not in the news.

    • I think it’s more a matter of the hyperbole used by the CCO editor, publisher, and writers that lowers the perception of the publication from a news outlet to a gossip blog instead. The use of grandiose, flowery, and superlative adjectives may for sure create an air of humor and elevate reader interest, but it does nothing to establish a semblence of objective journalism.

      But to represent oneself as a news outlet, and then solicit donations to help pay the attorney fees for a politician who regularly advertises in the same publication really seems a giant leap outside of journalistic integrity, especially after the CCO writers have frequently and repeatedly employed such flowery prose to support the defendant, while at the same time using negative superlatives to describe his accusers and detractors.

      • For the record, Al does not regularly advertise anything in the CCO. He did have an ad for 3 months during the 2011 democrat primary season.

        • For the record, if you are speaking of the ad with Al’s head shot and the American flag displayed backwards, I recall viewing that ad on CCO for far longer than 3 months. But the duration of advertising by a politician in the same publication that openly solicits donations for that politician is not the issue, is it?

  4. Where can I contribute to the “Document Every Move Missy Mosby Makes (Including Drunken Escapades on Boats)” fund?

    Actually, nevermind. I think the bill has already been covered on that one.


  5. we also need to remember that Mr. Lindsey also has legal fees incurred when the Mosby’s, David in this case, tried to deny him a place on the ballot in the primary. The Mosby clan has done their best to beat Mr. Lindsey down but he has won every round. I just wish his daughter Misty would move to the 2nd ward and run against Messy.

  6. When did they open this article for replies again. Never could understand why they shut down. Never make the guy with the code mad.

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