IS IT TRUE April 1, 2013

The Mole #??
The Mole #??

IS IT TRUE April 1, 2013

IS IT TRUE after long two years of fumbling and bumbling around with the $1 million dollar MUNIS accounting software, the Winnecke Administration will finally be dispatching several city employees to the Tyler Technologies location in Texas to train on how to activate this computer systems program?… that we should also expect City Controller, Russ Lloyd, Jr. and Evansville Water and Sewer Fiscal Officer Jenny Collins to attend this most important educational experience?

IS IT TRUE that during the last City Council meeting, Finance Chairman John Friend, CPA and 5th Ward Councilman asked City Controller, Russ Lloyd, Jr. about the $5.2 million decline in the hospitalization fund from the first day Mayor Winnecke took the oath of office on January 1, 2012 and he did not have any explanation?…we wonder how the City of Evansville is going to restore this $5.2 million dollar shortfall to this account in the near future?

IS IT TRUE that Finance Chairman John Friend, CPA also asked City Controller Russ Lloyd, Jr. why the Park & Recreation fund for 2012 declined by a whopping $2.2 million dollars? …that Controller Lloyd responded he had no explanation?…now Mayor Winnecke wants to build another city park [Roberts Park] despite this $2.2 shortfall in the parks fund?

IS IT TRUE that City Councilman, Dr. Dan Adams, asked City Controller Russ Lloyd, Jr. at the same meeting why was City Council lead to believe that the Novia clinic would save the City of Evansville over $2.4 million dollars in 2012 and once again, Mr. Lloyd had no answer?…that is somewhat understandable since Lloyd was not the Controller when the sales pitch was crafted but he should do a bit of research as to what the assumptions were that lead to that conclusion and why the cost savings are not achieved?

IS IT TRUE this poor performance on cost savings from shifting the burden of healthcare to the government is playing itself out on a national level as well?…the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) that was advertised to save each family $2,500 per year on healthcare is now projected to cost each family $3,500 more than they were paying in 2009?…that $6,000 failure to perform represents more than 10% of the gross income of the average American family?…the ineptness of government is also about to be exposed because insiders say that the insurance exchanges necessary to sign people up for ObamaCare will not be ready in October just three months before the January 2014 start date?…we wonder how to enforce an insurance mandate when the government can’t even set up a registration system in 3 years?…the cold answer is that everyone has known from day one that without the mandate to purchase insurance that ObamaCare’s numbers do not come close to working?…government ineptness when it comes to execution of a registry may be the undoing of ObamaCare if they can’t get their act together and get this in place by October as planned?

IS IT TRUE that another unpublicized failure of the federal government to execute is in the area of crowdfunding that was one of the provisions of the much touted “JOBS ACT” of 2012?…crowdfunding is a mechanism for everyday people to be able invest in startup companies like Apple and Google once were in limited amounts so they can have access to the kind of rewards that “accredited” investors have always had?…we wonder how many of you knew that one has to make $200,000 per year or have a net worth of over $1 Million excluding their home to legally invest in start-up companies?…that is the law in these United States?…crowdfunding is supposed to be managed by the SEC and was supposed to launch on January 1, 2013?…the crafting of the details is not even started yet and the latest projections are that our government will be 2 years late on an 8 month project?…there is not a private company in existence that could survive with such abysmal performance?…it seems as though the US government is all flash and no substance these days when it comes to actually making things happen according to plan?…it makes you wonder if they even try?

IS IT TRUE we regret to share with you that we have been informed that a knife fight broke out over the Easter weekend down near the Art’s District (formerly known as Goosetown) and was followed up by a robbery of someone walking to and from a church service?…all of the public housing projects like Front Door Pride on earth will not clean up an area when the sort of people who fight in the street with knives and rob people walking to church contaminate that area?


  1. Inept and/or corrupt government is what Evansville has had for years and will continue until we vote out the cronyism and life long politians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is that all Finance Chairman John Friend, CPA and 5th Ward Councilman does is ask questions? Since he did not get any answers, what’s his next step? Just curious….

    • Good question. Can a Councilperson ask someone such as Russ Lloyd to re-appear at the next meeting with the answers to his questions? Surely, he is not off the hook simply by replying that he doesn’t know?

      • Surely they can! But it doesn’t seem like any Councilperson ever does that! Hopefully SOMEONE will answer our question..

    • Hi next step is to let the questions slide, approve next years budget with whatever the Administration wants,then run for Mayor himself and pretend like he actually put up some kind of opposition.

  3. They should send the State Board Auditors to Texas as well because according to Big Dan they are too incompetent to audit his fancy spreadsheets

  4. Anyone’s take on the on going fiasco called Evansville, has to include a high suspicion of criminality and collusion.

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