After two days trial, Ira Beumer is to plead guilty to C-Felony, Reckless Homicide.

The C Felony Reckless Homicide carries a potential sentence of 2-8 years. Judge David Kiely will sentence Beumer, likely within the next month.

The Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office will issue a statement today.

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Under Indiana law, all criminal defendants are considered to be innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.



Class Range

Murder 45-65 Years

Class A Felony 20-50 Years

Class B Felony 6-20 Years

Class C Felony 2-8 Years

Class D Felony ½ – 3 Years

Class A Misdemeanor 0-1 Year

Class B Misdemeanor 0-180 Days

Class C Misdemeanor 0-60 Days


  1. John Ford made the quintessential Westerns of our time cementing the idea of frontier justice being delivered by none other than John Wayne at the end of a gun.

    But Ford was no dummy. He made one of the best Westerns of all time,”The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance,” for a reason. America was becoming a civilized society, with Statehood, courts and the law taking over (“Pilgrim” Ransom Stoddard – Jimmy Stewart) delivering justice instead of a gun.

    While a dramatic way to explain why the Prosecutor’s office decided Ira has to be charged with a crime, the fact is he is being prosecuted because delivering justice by the Courts has taken over in a civilized society. Even John Wayne’s character in Liberty Valance knew that, which is why he helped the apron-wearing frontier lawyer stay alive.

  2. A vehicle chase has ceased to be home defense. At that point it becomes revenge. Vigilante justice is still illegal, or at least it was. This ain’t the wild west no matter how much you guys want it to be.

  3. IMHO: no guilty verdict on the murder, attempted murder or aggravated battery charge was forthcoming. Beumer should have trusted the jury.

    EVERYTHING that happened that night, arose out of the actions of the burglars. …

  4. You can torment, …even a good dog… until he bites.
    Who’s fault is the bite?

    These burglars taunted and tormented Mr Beumer, … beyond his limits… and he bit them.
    It is their fault. …

    • If my neighbor steals my paper, can I kill him? Why does it make a difference if he used his truck or a gun?

    • I’m still waiting. Who decides what crimes can be settled by vigilantism? You? Talk about a slippery slope.

      • Wait no longer, ghost of a multiple murderer! If your neighbor breaks into your house at night with a gang of murderous thugs and threatens you and your family’s lives with a gun while stealing your paper, then yes, you can kill him.

        • Like I said, who decides where that line is drawn? You don’t see how that could have some pretty bad consequences? We are now seeing it in Florida where murder is essentially legal.

  5. This is an absolute travesty. Judge Kiely is to perform the sentencing and I only hope that he truly thinks about the the statement his sentencing will make to future robbers. A harsh sentencing by Kiely would serve to create a safety net for future robbers knowing that if they can get in and get out of a house quickly, then they have the possibility of never being caught. In my opinion, this was all one big event up until the crash.

    Beumer’s family was still threatened. His firearms for defense had been STOLEN from his home and he had the ability to pursue these men and prevent them from doing any further harm to others. Who is to say these men would not revisit his home knowing that there was then a weakness after their first robbery. This is not revenge. This is a man safe-guarding his family from future invasion and doing whatever necessary to ensure their safety. Him premeditating and planning out an invasion of the robbers home and executing that would be revenge.

    I, knowing that there is a national average of an 11 minute response time by law enforcement, would have done exactly the same thing. Americans have gotten away from taking the responsibilities of life and handling these themselves, instead trusting the government to handle these responsibilities as a “civilized” country. Our local government cant even deal with trivial issues such at our sewer systems, road ways, or who to loan out money to. I have very little faith in our governments ability to tell me when I am in the right or wrong once my life has been threatened.

    I have faith in you Judge Kiely but i will certainly be watching this closely and i will be making a phone call down to his office.

  6. I feel my home is the only real sanctity I have left anymore.

    With satellites checking me out when I go outside to take a freedom leak, to drones, to cameras at intersections, to roadblocks, (just in case,) to laws trying to be passed where I would have to have my (papers) on me to go out and get the newspaper in the morning, etc…

    IMHO, any human being that would break into another person’s home has a mentality more of an animal than a human being.

    I probably wouldn’t have followed them like Beumer did that night because I would have been too busy changing my Depends.

    Out of some of the saddest things I’ve seen happen in my life, ( and this incident is extremely sad,) It seems there is always a glimmer of good that comes out of it.

    Anyone who believes these 5 individuals wouldn’t have committed another crime in the last two years and possibly inflicting harm on someone else, (possibly you,) needs to keep on believing that.

    I don’t.

    Over and out on this subject………….

    • Regulator; Your town county needs some federal intervention of higher authority. The constitutional bombard it seems to foster in that region,sometimes is flat out unbelievable.

      Someones looking in the mirror and seeing an ancient emperor.

      No,wait! Make that a variation of someones.

      However with that affect on those underfoot so to speak,they are giving the location a very repulsive appearance,to those Americans fortunate enough to reside outside the range of the uncalloused feet and fingers and hands.

      “experience hath shewn that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have in time,and by slow operations,perverted it into tyranny” (Thomas Jefferson)

  7. Right decision for all parties involved. Saves tax dollars and families going through a long and painful public court battle. Everybody loses here. It’s time to move on.

  8. Nick Hermann did a great job in forcing a plea agreement. This entire situation is extremely sad for all parties involved.

    • Imagine that. A guy whose supporters wore “Let ’em Go Levco” tshirts and ripped on Levco for his plea agreements did the same thing here. Typical political hypocrite!

      Sheriff Williams and Herman botched this big time.

  9. If this happened in Texas Ira would have received fame, acclamation, and a key to the city. This only gives the perps more reason to kill after the heist. Ira’s America is turning into Iran.

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