Invitation to Golden Shovel Event


Golden Shovel Invitation


  1. Check out the Springfield, Missouri construction company that is sponsoring this shindig. I guess no local company is good enough to do this job. Was there a bidding process while I was hibernating?

    Watch for a donation to the Winnecke campaign from Killian Construction of Springfield, Missouri soon.

    • Actually, the local companies that were previously picked bailed or couldn’t obtain financing. Remember the entire Kunkel debacle?

  2. I would say that Killian is involved because they’ve worked HCW in the past. The local workers will be union labor from our local offices. It’s in the PLA. Remember the pictures of the local union leaders siging the agreement?

  3. Mr. Davis why don’t you get life. Is all you have to do all day is trolling the Courier and CCO giving your misguided opinions?

  4. The hubris with Winnecke assuming people want group photos with him like he’s some kind of rock star. You’re the mayor of a little backwater hick town in the Midwest, good grief.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way about our city. Please feel free to move to any other city of your choice.

        • Let me guess
          – you had them pull the axles when they delivered your home & you find it too expensive to have it moved now. Right?

          • Nope, but you showed your true colors with that comment. Everyone who doesn’t think exactly like me must live in a trailer. Not that it matters, but most trailer dwellers I’ve ever met were in fact card carrying republicans.

    • I don’t know who added that into the promo, but you’d be surprised at the number of people in the community that want to take their picture with Mayor Winnecke. At the Voice session at Nativity Church, there were several people that asked him to take a picture with them.

    • I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed that. I’m thankful he didn’t show up at Willard to pull this kind of garbage.

      But of course, this is Winnecke, and this is picture day. Would anyone expect anything different?

  5. Winnecke’s a hot photo op. Get ’em while you can. The lines are long the payoff great. A city can go years and years without having an outright accidental mayor. Those lucky enough to pose with hizzoner are looking at a big eBay payoff down the line or at worst a priceless family heirloom.

  6. I will not allow winicke to have his photo taken with me .
    for I still have morals and a little class , winicke has neither
    And I will continue to use this screen name ,,who ever don’t like it can put it in their pipe and smoke it

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