Introducing SNEGAL


Now there is a face to associate with our word Snegal meaning “Sneaky but Legal”

In the Lord of the Rings trilogy there was a creature that went by two names. One name was “gollum” and the other name was “Smegal” which rhymes with Snegal the word that we created to define the practice of being “sneaky but legal”. Smegal as Tolkien fans will recall existed for one singular purpose. That purpose was to get back the ring of power that he affectionately called HIS PRECIOUS. Smegal would have had no qualms at all about doing all things Snegal to get back HIS PRECIOUS. Today we introduce Smegal in a suit and christen him to be SNEGAL our sneaky but legal mascot. He will make random appearances in the City County Observer at appropriate times when we have uncovered more sneaky but legal activities in local government.

SNEGAL made his debut today in our IS IT TRUE Part 2 where we are asking just how all of the Skyboxes and Loge seats in the Arena could have been sold without any public record of ERC approval of pricing and/or contracts. We do need a home for SNEGAL as we think he is squatting in the bushes in and around the Civic Center hoping that Mole #3 will toss him a sandwich. Suggestions are appreciated.

For those of you who see something SNEGAL that you would like to talk about – visit us on Twitter, where we are starting to promote the new hashtag #snegal. Share your thoughts about things that are #snegal and we will post our favorites at the end of the week.

I made a #snegal turn through a gas station this morning to avoid that red light
America continues a #snegal engagement in Libya
Blagojevich – not so #snegal any more


  1. LOL….what a fitting character to depict Snegal, hopefully Tolkien wouldn’t be offended if he becomes a regular like “Is It True?” I can hear that whiny voice now “ahhh my precious!” 🙂

  2. Ron, I don’t think that using Smegal is a good idea in the context of the ERC, as he looks entirely too much like ERC president Bob Goldman. If you have never met Mr. Goldman you can visit with him at Goldman’s Pawn Shop, 107 SE 4th Street. The place is within walking distance of your house.

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