Intersection At Vann Avenue and East Walnut Street Now Partially Open To Traffic


(September 11, 2023) — The City Engineer’s Office announced today that the intersection at Vann Avenue and East Walnut Street is now partially open to traffic, with access available via the inside lanes.

A speed table has recently been installed, and motorists are urged to approach with caution. The outside lanes remain closed as drivers adjust to this new traffic feature.

This speed table — a raised section of roadway — has been introduced to remind motorists that Walnut Street is a shared space, enhancing safety for both pedestrians and bicyclists.

Motorists who attempt to navigate the raised section at high speeds risk damaging both their vehicle and the roadway.

We appreciate patience and cooperation as we continue to prioritize the safety of all road users.


  1. When the state closes left turns at Lloyd and Vann…..lookout neighborhoods west of Vann to Hwy 41. Those folks will be looking for routes to the westside. Walnut. Boeke, Weinbach Lincoln, Bellemeade will be packed. Im guessing Lincoln to Hwy 41 will be the route of choice. Then north to Lloyd. People living east of 41 have many options. The state should build a “flyover” for Vann westbound traffic onto Lloyd. Evansville is not Indy so that idea won’t fly.


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