Indivisible Evansville Is Hosting A Healthcare Town Hall On September 21


Healthcare Townhall


Dear supporters of Dr. Richard Moss,

A progressive organization known as Indivisible Evansville is hosting a Healthcare Town hall. A proponent to the agenda of a single payer system Dr. Rob Stone will be on hand to  push that healthcare option to voters and legislators in the 8th district. Legislators and candidates  have been invited to provide opposing viewpoints. Dr. Richard Moss is more than willing to take up the mantle and promote repeal and replace as promised by the Republican party in the last election.

While Congressman Larry Bucshon hides out from the media and the left in his new home in Washington D.C., Dr. Richard Moss will stand up and speak out for the voters of the 8th district. It is more important than ever that you SHOW UP ! and support the legislation you voted for by attending this Town hall, Thursday, September 21, 2017
6 pm to 7:30 pm at Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library, McCullough Branch on 5115 Washington Avenue, Evansville, Indiana

If you have any questions regarding the event you may contact D.K. Smith at 812-661-2298 or  or


  1. In a letter of opinion published in the Dubois County Free Press on March 23rd, Dr. Moss called for repealing Obamacare, but there is nothing about replacing it in his letter. Rather, he derides the Republican Congress for attempting to make it worse and calls for letting the free market dictate, as it has until the liberals passed the ACA while spewing lies about what it contained. “Keep your doctor and lower costs” sound familiar? This press release might lead one to believe Dr. Moss is of like mind with Indivisible, might it not? Will he be there to expound on his agreement with them?

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