Indiana State Police Will Conduct Sobriety Checkpoint This Upcoming Weekend


 Indiana State Police will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint somewhere in Warrick County this upcoming weekend. The exact location, date and time will not be released. Motorists that are not impaired can expect only short delays of 2-3 minutes while passing through the checkpoint. 

Troopers encourage all motorists to call 911 or the closest Indiana State Police Post when they observe another motorist that may be impaired. Be prepared to give a description of the vehicle, location and direction of travel.

The Indiana State Police are committed to traffic safety and will continue to conduct saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints to apprehend impaired drivers and to deter others from drinking and driving.


  1. These checkpoints are exactly the kinds of things school teachers would point to when trying to show how unfree Russia was. Now we have them and the aren’t going away. They started as ‘sobriety checkpoints’ and have morphed into a general scan of your vehicle w/flashlight and possibly a dog. A demand to see ‘your papers’ is also included.

    America fell fast.

  2. If I’m speeding, pull me over. If I have a taillight out, pull me over. If I’m weaving or cross the center line, pull me over. If my vehicle resembles one that has just been involved in a crime, pull me over.

    But don’t stop my happy free ass at a Putin type roadblock just because you can.

    Maybe one of these days when going on vacation to Florida will result in getting stopped at 8 different roadblocks, people will finally get fed up enough to put and end to this communist crap.

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