Indiana State Police Release Clandestine Lab Results for 2013


The Indiana State Police Meth Suppression Section has released the state-wide law enforcement clandestine lab seizure incidents reported for 2013. To view the statistics for lab seizures, children affected, arrests, injuries, and lab types, go to the Indiana State Police meth website at and click on the “statistics” link on the left. The website provides information from 2000 through 2013, so a historical perspective is provided. Additionally, a map has been added to illustrate the total number of meth labs reported by law enforcement in each county from 2001 through 2013. The information includes ISP lab seizures as well as lab seizure incidents from other police agencies reported to ISP.

Eight Indiana State Police personnel were initially certified to begin processing meth lab crime scenes in 1991. The Indiana State Police began organizing and planning the Methamphetamine Suppression Section (MSS) in 2005 when the first restrictions were placed on the purchase of products containing pseudoephedrine (PSE) and ephedrine, which are precursor drugs used in the manufacture of methamphetamine found in over the counter cold remedies. Since that time, additional restrictions have been placed on the sale and purchase of PSE products. However, lab seizures have continued to rise to the point that based on information received from other states Indiana will be first in the country in clandestine lab incidents for 2013. Currently, MSS consists of nineteen sworn personnel who are tasked with the full-time responsibility to investigate, educate, and partner with other law enforcement agencies and stakeholders to assist all communities in Indiana with combating the growing epidemic of the local manufacture of methamphetamine.

Report suspected meth activity anonymously online at or by calling the Meth Tip Line at 1-800-453-4756.

For question about this release or to schedule an educational program for your group contact:
First Sergeant Niki Crawford
Indiana State Police Meth Suppression Section
1-877-MSS-METH (677-6384) Indiana only
Office: 317-234-4591