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Indiana State Police Announces Area Career Camp Location and Date


Like the Indiana State Police Academy, career camps give high school-age students an in-depth and hands-on law enforcement experience. This means that any child going into high school or who has graduated but not yet attended college is eligible to attend camps. These camps are co-ed camps that are directed by Troopers throughout the entire week. Our staff is comprised of male and female law enforcement personnel, utilizing many of the same experts that train our very own Troopers, as well as professionals from other walks of life that relate to the law enforcement field. Attending the camps, each camper will find out what it takes to be a police officer, experience some of the same things that officers do during their career, and get to see the other careers and specialties within the law enforcement field. Campers will participate in physical training, familiarization with police equipment, conduct their own crime scene investigations, hear from defense attorneys, judges, and other experts in the criminal justice field, and watch exciting police demonstrations! All career camps are held at universities to give participants an idea of college life while at the camp. All career camps start on Sunday and end that Friday. There is a graduation ceremony at the close of the camp that Friday afternoon that parents/family are invited to attend!