1. It’s so sad. COVID invaded the US, and it’s clear now our President was the WORST PERSON EVER we could have to at least TRY to manage it.

    His leadership would fail. There is NO other way to describe Trump. Failure.

    “Oh. It’s gonna stop at 15.” We should have known then. He has NO idea what he’s doing.

    It would go on to over 4,000,000 infected today, it would shut down our economy, and we would lose 33% of our GDP – the worst loss of revenue in the US in over 70 years.

    Even today. Real unemployment is at 18%, the highest we’ve seen in 60 years.

    Over a thousand people a day now die from COVID. 6 months later! Trump still failing.

    We will remember this the rest of our lives, our children will remember this, their children will hear of it, and History will be taught about Trump failing to take care of his country.

    God help the United States.


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