Indiana House Approves $34.6 Billion Budget Plan

House lawmakers in Indiana sign off on a $34.6 billion two year budget. The budget, which passed 65-32, includes an additional $286 million for the Department of Child Services and increases for Medicaid.

The big focus is a 2.1 percent spending hike for the 2020 fiscal year and 2.2 percent in 2021. That makes the total budget a little more than $7 billion for the 2020 year.

The budget also calls for spending $150 million in surplus money to pay off teacher pension liability that schools have slowly been paying off for years.

Governor Eric Holcomb had asked for some of that money to be allocated to teacher pay increases only, but this version of the budget does not designate specific money for pay hikes.

Lawmakers say this budget plan leaves the state with a $63 million surplus for 2020 and $55 million the year after.

The budget now goes to the Senate where it will likely be amended before they take a vote.