Indiana FFA Students competing on the national stage


INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 25, 2023) —Indiana has 100 students from across the state competing at the National FFA Convention next week in a variety of Career Development Events and Leadership Development Events.

“I am incredibly proud of these hardworking students,” said Lt. Gov. Crouch, Indiana’s Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development. “Being able to showcase their talents and skills at the 96th National FFA Convention right here in their home state is extraordinary and I know they will make our Hoosier hearts proud.”

Students will be competing in career leadership events such as Environment and Natural Resources, Forestry, Veterinary Science and Floriculture. Others will be competing in leadership development events such as Extemporaneous Public Speaking, Agricultural Issues Forum and Creed Speaking.

“I know how stressful these events can be and how much preparation goes into making it to the national level- I am so proud of each of these students,” said Don Lamb, Indiana State Department of Agriculture Director. “I also want to highlight each FFA advisor, mentor and parent that helped these students along the way; I also know how hard you work as well and how much you deeply care for these students, thank you.”

The following students will be competing at the 96th National FFA Convention.

Chapter name
Student name, event

Adams Central FFA
Lindsey Gilbert, Prepared Public Speaking

Argos FFA Chapter
Ellie Bollenbacher, Milk Quality & Products
Zayne Ruby, Milk Quality & Products
Hunter Davis, Milk Quality & Products
Whitlee Singleton, Milk Quality & Products

Bellmont FFA
Emma Howell, Poultry Evaluation
Tessa Melcher, Poultry Evaluation
Keven Loshe, Poultry Evaluation
Abby Werling, Poultry Evaluation

Blue River Valley FFA
Gabe Sayre, Agricultural Technology & Mechanical Systems
Eli Sayre, Agricultural Technology & Mechanical Systems
Tyler Flynn, Agricultural Technology & Mechanical Systems
Samuel Morton, Agricultural Technology & Mechanical Systems
Stella Freuchtel, Veterinary Science
Maddie Denton, Veterinary Science
Faith Martin, Veterinary Science
Morgan Jones, Veterinary Science
Stella Freuchtel, AgriScience Research-Animal Systems & Food Products Division 5

Cascade FFA
James Searcy, Diverse Crop Production Placement

Columbia City FFA
Sarah Landers, Floriculture
Makenzie Hoskins, Floriculture
Caden Poling, Floriculture
Carly Linnemeier, Floriculture
Karaline Schuman, Creed Speaking

Connersville FFA
Cora Nobbe, Food Products, Division 1
Emma Ruf, Plant Systems, Division 3
Christina Caldwell, Social Systems, Division 5

DeKalb FFA
Owen Long, Forestry
Hannah Garrison, Forestry
Abigail Paulsen, Forestry
Bridget Dunn, Forestry
Logen Brand, Farm & Agribusiness Management
Matthias Hefty, Farm & Agribusiness Management
Issac Schweitzer, Farm & Agribusiness Management
Cord Akey, Farm & Agribusiness Management
Stephanie Harig, Food Science & Technology
Olivia Rigby, Food Science & Technology
Layla Cuautle, Food Science & Technology
Natalie Schultis, Food Science & Technology
Mathias Hefty, Animal Systems, Division 5
Olivia Rigby, Plant Systems, Division 5

Eastern Hancock FFA
Madison Engleking, Dairy Handlers Activity

East Central FFA
Bryson Dossenback, Environment & Natural Resources
Isabelle Leurck, Environment & Natural Resources
Alayna Workman, Environment & Natural Resources
Shelby Dawson, Environment & Natural Resources
Kody Schilling, Nursery/Landscape
Aidan Roberts, Nursery/Landscape
Josilyn Tidwell, Nursery/Landscape
Johnathan Kathman, Nursery/Landscape

Fountain Central FFA
Jaylin Payne, Agronomy
Jessie Frazee, Agronomy
Erin Sillery, Agronomy
Anothony Lopez, Agronomy

Gibson Southern FFA 
Isaac Pohl, Nursery Operations

Hamilton Southeastern FFA
Ellie Taylor, Marketing Plan
Meghan Haws, Marketing Plan
Eliza Uliczny, Marketing Plan
Audrey Hostrawser, Equine Production Placement

Indiana Ag & Tech FFA 
Hunter Hendricks, Ag Mechanics Design & Fabrication

John Glenn FFA
Alisha Smith, Dairy Cattle Evaluation & Management
Adin Daren, Dairy Cattle Evaluation & Management
Grace Wade, Dairy Cattle Evaluation & Management
Nora Guseilla, Dairy Cattle Evaluation & Management

Lebanon FFA
Lauren Argotte, Agricultural Communications
Aaliyah Carlisle, Employment Skills
Ava Susong, Agricultural Communications
Breanna Stratton, Agricultural Communications
Thomas Thompson, Agricultural Communications

North Putnam FFA
Heath Livingston, Conduct of Chapter Meetings
James Thomas, Conduct of Chapter Meetings
Atticus South, Conduct of Chapter Meetings
Sydney Williams, Conduct of Chapter Meetings
Allison Skirvin, Conduct of Chapter Meetings
Gavin Simonson, Conduct of Chapter Meetings
Chase Abdon, Conduct of Chapter Meetings
Jayden Simpson, Beef Production Entrepreneurship

Prairie Heights FFA
Kat Walker, Outdoor Recreation

Rossville FFA
Hannah Newbauer, Horse Evaluation
Allie Newbauer, Horse Evaluation
Bailey Schluttenhofer, Horse Evaluation
Natalee Richey, Horse Evaluation

Rushville FFA
Kelby Roberts, Parliamentary Procedure
Jenna Lawler, Parliamentary Procedure
Andi Berkemeier, Parliamentary Procedure
Cate Neuman, Parliamentary Procedure
Eliza Snow, Parliamentary Procedure
Harleigh Weber, Parliamentary Procedure
Jenna Lawler, Agriculture Power, Agriculture Power, Structure & Tech System, Division 3

Shenandoah FFA
Micha Rhoads, Agricultural Issues Forum
Ava Garrett, Agricultural Issues Forum
Montana Holman, Agricultural Issues Forum
Autumn Hensley, Agricultural Issues Forum
Madelyn Shelton, Agricultural Issues Forum
Dawson Woerner, Turfgrass Management

South Putnam FFA
Megan Arnold, Agriculture Power, Structure, and Technical Systems, Division 6
Madison Newby, Agriculture Power, Structure, and Technical Systems, Division 6

Sullivan FFA
Sarah Francis, Extemporaneous Public Speaking

Westfield FFA
Ava Lee, Agricultural Sales
Ella Carlson, Agricultural Sales
Benjamin Wiggins, Agricultural Sales
Aiden Cox, Agricultural Sales

Whitko FFA
Carle Sroufe, Meats Evaluation & Technology
Amy Brown, Meats Evaluation & Technology
Hannah Thomas, Meats Evaluation & Technology
Jordyn Leininger, Meats Evaluation & Technology