Indiana DCS celebrates families during Adoption Month


INDIANAPOLIS (Nov. 1, 2023) – During the month of November, the Indiana Adoption Program, the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) and Firefly Children and Family Alliance work together to highlight stories of children who have found permanent, loving homes.  

To celebrate National Adoption Month, these agencies work to spread the word about children waiting to find their forever families and share success stories of those who already have. This year, DCS will share photos and videos from adoption events around the state on InstagramTwitter and YouTube.

“Children do best when they’re placed in permanent homes where they’re loved and supported,” DCS Director Eric Miller said. “While child safety is our agency’s top priority, making sure that children are achieving permanency in a timely manner is our second most important goal – not just in November, but all year long.”

According to federal data, Indiana had the seventh-highest number of children adopted among all states in 2021, the most recent comparison available. This year, DCS has celebrated more than 1,300 adoptions, and that number will continue to rise throughout November. Across the state, many courthouses and DCS offices will hold special events during this month to celebrate and finalize newly formed families.

Currently, more than 200 Indiana children in DCS care are available for placement in an adoptive home. For more information about adoption and profiles of some of Indiana’s waiting children, click here.