Indiana Conservation Officer Keith Wildeman Transfers to Posey County


Indiana Conservation Officers District 7 is pleased to welcome Conservation Officer Keith Wildeman to his new assignment in Posey County.

Officer Wildeman grew up in Posey County, and graduated from Mater Dei High School in 1998.  He then pursued his bachelor’s degree in Forestry Natural Resources and Wildlife Management from Purdue University graduating in 2002.

Officer Wildeman began his career with Indiana DNR working for the Division of Fish and Wildlife at Kingsberry Fish and Wildlife Area (FWA).  He then took a position as the Assistant Property Manager at Lasalle FWA.

Officer Wildeman is a member of the 29th ICO recruit class that graduated in 2009.  His first assignment was Starke County in District 10, where he served for 8 years.  Officer Wildeman then transferred to his current assignment in Posey County.

Officer Wildeman is a Field Training Officer, NASP Trainer, Shotgun Armorer, Wildland Firefighter, and Boat Accident Investigator in addition to his other Conservation Officer duties.  Officer Wildeman is also very active at the ICO Karl E. Kelley Memorial Youth Camp.