Indiana Arts Homecoming Registration Now Open


    Indiana Arts Homecoming Registration Now Open

    Anna Tragesser
    Artist and Community Services Manager
    Indiana Arts Commission

    Registration for the 2021 Indiana Arts Homecoming is now open! The Indiana Arts Homecoming is a gathering of Indiana’s artists, arts providers, and creative communities who are doing work every day to create opportunities that are vibrant, engaging, and embedded in the lives of our citizens. The focus of this year’s conference is the intersection of creativity, learning, and community. Think community arts learning, audience engagement, arts education, art workshops, residencies, and educational performances.

    The conference will take place from October 13-15, will be completely virtual and is free to attend.

    Register for Homecoming here.

    Free Business Consulting for Artists

    Available in every region, Indiana Small Business Development Centers offer free individualized business consulting for artists and other creative entrepreneurs.

    What Does this Mean for Artists?

    • Branding and Marketing: Develop your personal brand and discover tangible ways to market your creative work to your targeted audience.
    • Industry Trends: Data to identify where your creative work might be popular soon.
    • Business Planning: Create budgets and discover potential investments to keep your creative business thriving.
    • Protection: Learn how to protect your work and services legally with contracts.
    • Export Assistance: Evaluate whether your work and services are marketable to another country for export.
    • Valuation: Discover the value of your creative work and services to make a profit.

    Access online trainings or talk to an ISBDC advisor in your region here.

    Developing a Year-Round Fundraising Strategy

    Excerpt from an article by Nina Berman, Fractured Atlas

    For many artists, fundraising is the way that you get your work financially supported. Through strategies like crowdfunding campaigns, grant applications, membership drives, and end-of-year appeals, fundraising can help you secure the financial resources to realize your creative vision. While fundraising isn’t the only way for artists to bring in funding, it can be an important part of your life as a working creative.

    But fundraising can be stressful for artists. It can feel overwhelming and time-consuming. One way to mitigate that stress is to plan ahead for your fundraising strategy, maybe even for the whole year. If you think about fundraising as something that you can plan for ahead of time, you’ll save yourself time and energy. It might seem like extra work to develop a year-round fundraising strategy but ultimately it will help you fundraise better so that you can spend more time on your art–which is the whole point of fundraising anyways!

    Read the full blog post here.

    Opportunities I’m excited to share:

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