Indiana Allocates The Highest-Ever Single Year Investment In School Safety


Indiana Allocates The Highest-Ever Single Year Investment In School Safety

Secured School Safety Grant has distributed $132.9 million since 2013

The Indiana Secured School Safety Board has approved more than $22.9 million in matching state grants, marking the fourth consecutive year of record-breaking school safety investments. The grants will be allocated to 425 schools, which is the largest number of schools to ever apply.

“We continue to prioritize investments in school safety to help students and staff succeed without the worry of violence in Hoosier schools,” Gov. Eric J. Holcomb said. “This funding allow schools to address their specific safety needs through additional personnel and programs designed to prepare for and prevent school violence.”

The General Assembly allocated $19 million the past two years for the Secured School Safety Grant (SSSG). Legislators will set future allocations during this year’s budget session. With the addition of $3.9 million in funds unspent from previous grant cycles, Indiana was able to fully fund all top priority, eligible requests from all schools that applied. Additionally, the funding will cover all eligible requests for additional training for School Resource Officers and staff.

With this funding, Indiana now has invested more than $132.9 million in school safety since 2013, when the SSSG program was initiated.

For FY23, the Board approved $22,911,714.45 in school safety funding. The performance period for the grant begins September 1.

The allocation of funds for FY23 includes:

Funding Category # of Eligible Projects Total Eligible Funding
SRO and LEO Personnel Costs 272 $15,567,558.92
Threat Assessments 1 $1,500.00
Equipment and Technology 133 $6,468,821.16
Active Event Warning System 1 $1,800.00
Training 12 $37,161.37
Student/Parent Support Services Program 18 $834,873.00
Total $22,911,714.45

“These grants allow Indiana to make a real and tangible impact on students, staff and administrators at schools across the state,” said Rusty Goodpaster, director of the Secured School Safety Board. “We’re proud to be able to help make these schools safer while Hoosier kids receive a world-class education.”

The Secured School Fund is administered by the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. Visit the IDHS website for a full breakdown of SSSG awards (schools and total award received).

The SSSG issues matching grants for eligible items and then schools match those funds at a certain level, either 25 percent, 50 percent or 100 percent. The match requirement is based on average daily membership of the school district, the total amount of the project or what the request covers.

Eligible items in the grant include funding for school resource officers (SROs) and law enforcement officers in schools; equipment and technology; active event warning systems (no matching requirement); firearms training for teachers and staff that choose to allow guns on school property; threat assessments and to implement a student and parent support services program. Common ineligible requests include vehicles, clothing/uniforms or vape detectors for schools.

The Indiana School Safety Hub also provides schools with a wealth of resources, training opportunities and other information designed to give schools the tools they need to keep students and staff safe.


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